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2012-03-24 05:57 pm

vicodin and me

This is a post I started writing a while ago, and put off finishing for ages because describing bodies is hard. A lot of things have changed since I wrote this, but the basic premise hasn't.

The whole post is full of ableism (including internalized ableism). The fourth part also contains cultural appropriation + racist exoticizing.

1. My back aches )

2. The first thing my mom said to me when I mentioned vicodin )

3. It takes me thirty minutes to get into bed )

4. ... and I threw out all the narcotics )

5. I wake up the next morning and I feel a little bit better )

6. You need to tell me whenever you get a prescription for opiates! )

7. I'll take some tomorrow )

8. This clinic does not prescribe narcotics for any reason. )

9. I take vicodin. )