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This is a post I started writing a while ago, and put off finishing for ages because describing bodies is hard. A lot of things have changed since I wrote this, but the basic premise hasn't.

The whole post is full of ableism (including internalized ableism). The fourth part also contains cultural appropriation + racist exoticizing.

1. My back aches )

2. The first thing my mom said to me when I mentioned vicodin )

3. It takes me thirty minutes to get into bed )

4. ... and I threw out all the narcotics )

5. I wake up the next morning and I feel a little bit better )

6. You need to tell me whenever you get a prescription for opiates! )

7. I'll take some tomorrow )

8. This clinic does not prescribe narcotics for any reason. )

9. I take vicodin. )

um, WHAT?

Sep. 20th, 2011 11:51 am
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I haven't been paying much attention to the new tv schedule, and I had mostly dismissed Alphas as soon as I saw ... anything about it (fyi it started airing in July). But the detention center in the show is in upstate New York, so I keep seeing links about it. Which is how I came across this interview with Zak Penn in which he talks about the premise and characters of Alphas:

disability fail, half of the tv tropes pages on disability especially disability superpowers, mostly about the autism spectrum )
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So I've been trying to find Avatar fanfiction, and finding the process ... kind of hilarious, in an awful sort of way. Like, here are some things I've learned from reading the first several paragraphs of a whole bunch of Avatar fanfiction: cut for descriptions of several spoilery and/or *ist story tropes )

Fannish things I have done recently:

1. Read a bunch of Avatar fic, as indicated above. And tagged some! I shall have to make a recs post for [community profile] white_lotus's post-series challenge.

2. Oh, also, started an Avatar com called [community profile] white_lotus (with [personal profile] such_heights) for discussion/flashwork challenges/noticeboard -- it bears a certain resemblance to [community profile] myth_confirmed in its "we can do this all in one place!" ness. So if you are interested in ATLA, I'd love to see you there! Also if you have recently or not-so-recently posted meta or squee or episode reviews or fic or vids or whatever, you could also announce them there, because we're encouraging reposts of older stuff as well.

3. Made a whole bunch of banners for Festibility. This was a kind of hilarious project that involved going through the comments to the Festibility announcement post, trying to find folks that I could find pictures of (and be confident I knew who they were) for banners, because I don't actually know a lot of those fandoms. So it involved a lot of googling, and sometimes confusing moments of not being sure which character folks meant. Like, I found the picture of Frank Pembleton without captions on a blog, and I had to turn the computer to T'wings to confirm that it was actually Pembleton -- I, uh, have only seen two episodes of H:LotS? And one of them was the movie because someone told me it was a great way to start watching the show and it wasn't spoilery. SUCH A LIE. Also, I found pictures of Cassandra Cain, and read about her on wikipedia, and she sounds awesome, but I still have no idea what kind of disability she has. (ETA: spoilers for Cassandra Cain's arc in the comments, now.)

4. Also I left some prompts over in the Festibility prompts post; the challenge doesn't require people to write to prompts, but encourages prompts for people who like that kind of thing.

5. Also I have banners I need to make for a different community-promotion project.

6. Also I keep wistfully thinking about this Avatar fic that I wish existed, so maybe I will give in and write it. It could happen.

7. Oh yeah, and I've been answering questions over at [community profile] kink_bingo and the [community profile] kink_wiki, except for the questions that I've forgotten to answer.

What I'm saying overall is, maybe I need to borrow t'wing's "why am I modding things now?" tag.


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