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For my birthday this past weekend, I got the flu. Now I am achey and tired and cranky and fever-and-chills-y and hard-to-focus-y and I can't read fic and I screwed up the decreases in my knitting like twelve times yesterday because I couldn't count.

So I thought it was time to post a guessing-fannish-stuff meme!

Some months ago, [personal profile] aria posted a bunch of post secret-style secrets from the POV of various characters, and asked people to guess who wrote which secret. At the time I thought it was a great idea, and wanted to turn it into a meme (again), but then it took me a long time to make any secrets, and also to come up with secrets, and anyway I'm bad at getting around to posting things, so I just stuck them over in posts-to-maybe-make-someday. But today is clearly a good day for it!

Behind the cut: forty-some secrets by characters from twenty-some fandoms; includes text descriptions )

One NSFW secret is here, under a separate cut )

I'd love to play in your versions, too! )

ETA: There are two secrets left unguessed (counting the ones where someone made an awesome guess, but nobody guessed what I'd originally intended): #7 and 41. So I thought I'd narrow down the fandoms somewhat; the remaining ones come from: Stargate SG-1 and Nintendo video games.
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I was googling for images for something else last night when I came upon the following information: MYTHBUSTERS IS GOING TO TEST THE GORN CANNON FROM STAR TREK TOS. It totally deserves the allcaps, because this is going to be awesome. A) Kirk makes his own gunpowder and fires diamonds and b) Grant bought himself a Star Trek shirt. Yes. The build team is going to test it, and so Grant bought a TOS science-officer shirt and some Vulcan ear extension things and a communicator and a tribble and a yellow shirt for Tory and a red shirt for Buster. And then he took pictures of it all! For reals!

SO, as a consequence, I made an icon, because what can you do when faced with that much concentrated awesome?

And, while I'm posting icons, I thought I'd include some random ones I made in the last few days or found in my icon-making folder. Three more Mythbusters, three Dead Zone, two Sentinel, three of Martha Jones being awesome, one SG-1, one Batman comics, and a whole bunch of video game icons )
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SO, I woke up today with a cold and feeling all blech, so I have been drinking tea and watching TOS. Because I'd never seen "The Cage!" And because seeing the new movie reminded me of how much I enjoy old Trek, even (perhaps especially) when the aliens are dogs wearing horns. And thus, I would like to share with you a hilarious scene from "What Are Little Girls Made Of," aka "the one where Nurse Chapel gets to have snarky dialogue at her ex."

oh, Kirk )

And also, while I'm sharing random fannish pictures, I love Leverage a lot you guys. But at first, when I was watching it, I had a small problem with some Eliot-related double-vision. This is what I mean )
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In which [ profile] thingswithwings and I finally realize the TRUTH about the scifi channel's monster movies. The horrifying, Philip-K-Dickian truth.

frightening details behind the cut )
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When [ profile] thingswithwings and I were watching a recent Smallville vid, that I billed to her as "awesome but kind of weird because I don't recognize half the clips in it," I pointed to a scene where Lex and Clark were on either side of a stained glass door panel. "Look! Separated by stained glass!" "Ah-ha," said [ profile] thingswithwings, "on Smallville, slash is what happens when you take away the stained glass."* Then we agreed that this was a perfect description of the way the show works: just plain glass isn't enough. Then you can see what's on the other side!

(See, we're collecting Separated By Glass moments. These include, among others, the fabulous ice-wall in X2, and various people in hazmat suits, and things like that, but I also want to include Daniel in "Meridian." Because I think that Daniel/Death is really the SG1 OTP.** Daniel is separated from his death by glass! Daniel breaks through the glass trying to reach his desires! Daniel gazes longingly at ascension! He and ascension totally pass the broccoli test!)

Speaking of people who pass the broccoli test, we also watched a Once a Thief vid ("When I'm Up," by Lynn, Jill, and Kay, available here and determined that Vic and Mac have demonstrated on multiple occasions that they pass the broccoli test, but only when the broccoli is a gun. Or possibly a large knife, or a chainsaw.

Also, that vid made us want to go back and watch Once a Thief again, because seriously: trampoline fights. Chainsaw fencing. Stuck-on-top-of-a-just-married-car. Fighting with clowns. Moonwalking! Pop-up windows like we're in a VH1 music video! Two different endings to the series! Why Once a Thief is not in multi vids all the time for the hilarious visuals I don't know.

ALSO also, we were discussing what urban legends in Pegasus must be like. "Then he was passing by the gate, and three stones came through: tap, tap, tap" etc. And I said, okay, but the problem with an urban legends challenge is that there'll be a lot of stuff that's basically a direct translation of an urban legend into Pegasus. "Like," I said, "there's a serial killer in the backseat of the puddlejumper!" *pause* "It was John."

* This is also true of John Sheppard. For example, the stained glass door to the gym closing on John in "Hot Zone" -- Atlantis and the Ancients say "no, John, you can't have that, and you can't even see it." Just saying.

** Also, John/pain is totally the SGA OTP. And unlike other OTPs? This one is acknowledged by the camera and the writing all the time! (See [ profile] thingswithwings's proof in her vid here.)
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This is a brilliant story of Major Evan Lorne's tragic painterly life! Because he grew up painting only male nudes in his mom's studio, and now he is in the military! Woe.

Today, we went crazy )
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Things that will make me bail on an SGA story: killing off Jack O'Neill in a tossed-aside line. Or, really, any of the other SG1 folks. The author might only watch SGA, but she's got to know that some readers will have been SG1 fans first. That is Jack. That is Jack. Fucking. O'Neill. He gets more than "... and Jack O'Neill was dead, so we had to work with a new guy." NO. For one, Jack O'Neill isn't dead. He's never dead. Not really. If you want to get him out of the way, say he's stranded somewhere or missing or the building he was in exploded and we don't know what happened to him or having to do other work or off in the Asgard home galaxy. For another, I will resent it a lot of you kill of an SG1 character just to make the danger seem "real" to your SGA characters, and don't indicate that said SGA characters are impacted at all by his death. And yet people do it all the time.

I hate it just as much when authors make Sam Carter or other SG1 folks evil, especially since it's usually a clear sign that they haven't seen the source. But usually there are lots of other marks that a story like that will suck, so.


Interesting: apparently a French-Canadian publisher accidentally published Highlander fanfiction. Worse: he accidentally published plagiarized Highlander fanfiction. If you read French, you can read about it all here; if not, I'll summarize below.

1. A French fan, Frederic Jeorge, writes a HL story in 2001.
2. Marie-Pier Cote, a twelve-year-old fan rips it off. As La Presse says: "Same characters. Same sentences. Same commas."
3. A not-so-great editor, Michel Brule, publishes it as "Laura, the Immortal." (French-language book.) There's huge hoopla about a twelve-year-old girl writing fiction. So interesting! So precocious! Etc.
4. La Presse is all: um, isn't this kinda like Highlander? And then Frederic Jeorge says, wait, it's not just like Highlander, it's my story.
5. Michel Brule says: okay, I should have "taken precautions" before publishing a twelve-year-old's book. He says: but her mom told me she wrote it!
6. Frederic Jeorge says: um, shouldn't I be getting the royalties here?
7. Michel Brule says: dear Cotes, please give me all my money back. Also, pay me damages to repair my good name. After all, I shouldn't have to check a book before publishing it! I shouldn't even have to read a whole novel! (He didn't read the whole book.)

Interesting, no? Now, I have to say that I think the editor's more at fault here than he is claiming -- editors get lots of manuscripts, and they should be read by several people before they are published. Ideally, one of those several people would've noticed the whole heads-cut-off thing; after all, Highlander was a movie and you don't have to be fannish to know about it. But even so, there is google! It looks a lot like the editor was all "I will get publicity because the author is so young" and didn't even think about it seriously.
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SO. Comments indicated that that was, in fact, the kind of poll that pressured people into too few options -- after all, we agreed, Emancipation was awful and had no redeeming features, but other episodes were just... kinda bad. Or mediocre. So! Take two behind this here cut )

This is way more interesting than my reading. Which either says something about my attitude towards fandom (loosely summarized as "yes! let's talk about it more! in greater detail!") or about my current reading or both.

Anyway, do feel free to point folks thisaway -- gateworld and all them sorts have ranking systems, but their results are all messed up by Non-Media-Fans getting involved. People who don't know what I'm talking about when I joke about Rodney and dolphins! Or how Daniel should be singing "I've Got a Theory" from the Buffy musical, especially the end. How can they understand important character development?
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So I have convinced [ profile] graycastle that even if Emancipation and Broca Divide made her want to claw her eyes out, some of Stargate SG-1's first season is cool. And I was going to tell her what episodes to not watch, and which to definitely watch, and which to sort of go "whatever" about, but then I thought: hey! we're fandom! Let's do a poll instead. Let's have discussion! And consensus! And things!

So! A poll behind the cut. It's got a list of episodes, and I want y'all to tell me if they suck, or if they're awesome. Why do polls have a maximum of fifteen items per question? )


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