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For my birthday this past weekend, I got the flu. Now I am achey and tired and cranky and fever-and-chills-y and hard-to-focus-y and I can't read fic and I screwed up the decreases in my knitting like twelve times yesterday because I couldn't count.

So I thought it was time to post a guessing-fannish-stuff meme!

Some months ago, [personal profile] aria posted a bunch of post secret-style secrets from the POV of various characters, and asked people to guess who wrote which secret. At the time I thought it was a great idea, and wanted to turn it into a meme (again), but then it took me a long time to make any secrets, and also to come up with secrets, and anyway I'm bad at getting around to posting things, so I just stuck them over in posts-to-maybe-make-someday. But today is clearly a good day for it!

Behind the cut: forty-some secrets by characters from twenty-some fandoms; includes text descriptions )

One NSFW secret is here, under a separate cut )

I'd love to play in your versions, too! )

ETA: There are two secrets left unguessed (counting the ones where someone made an awesome guess, but nobody guessed what I'd originally intended): #7 and 41. So I thought I'd narrow down the fandoms somewhat; the remaining ones come from: Stargate SG-1 and Nintendo video games.
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Thanks for offering to write one of my tiny fandoms! These are all fandoms of my heart; I love them, and I love the characters I asked for, so I would pretty much be happy with anything about them. I want you to have fun writing, and not feel too stressed out by what you think I want -- I want you to be only as stressed as you'd like to be :)

If you're the kind of writer who wants more specifics in a request, I've put some things I like and don't like below this cut )

If you're having some yuletide-I-matched-on-what panic, here is an overview of my fandoms and how to get ahold of them )

And finally, because I'm the sort of person who loses important email, I reproduce the requests here )
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I was googling for images for something else last night when I came upon the following information: MYTHBUSTERS IS GOING TO TEST THE GORN CANNON FROM STAR TREK TOS. It totally deserves the allcaps, because this is going to be awesome. A) Kirk makes his own gunpowder and fires diamonds and b) Grant bought himself a Star Trek shirt. Yes. The build team is going to test it, and so Grant bought a TOS science-officer shirt and some Vulcan ear extension things and a communicator and a tribble and a yellow shirt for Tory and a red shirt for Buster. And then he took pictures of it all! For reals!

SO, as a consequence, I made an icon, because what can you do when faced with that much concentrated awesome?

And, while I'm posting icons, I thought I'd include some random ones I made in the last few days or found in my icon-making folder. Three more Mythbusters, three Dead Zone, two Sentinel, three of Martha Jones being awesome, one SG-1, one Batman comics, and a whole bunch of video game icons )
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1. I hurt two fingers doing PT this morning -- the nominally-strong fingers I use to provide resistance for my isometric strengthening exercises. Yes, seriously.

2. I can't for the life of me find Torchwood promo pictures from seasons one and two, pre-Children of Earth. My google-fu has failed, hard. Where the hell are they? Help plz fandom!

3. I am looking forward to yuletide lots and lots, but I can't figure out what I want to ask for! Last year I had this huge giant list of fandoms that I wished were yuletide fandoms (sometimes just because I wished they could go in the vid), and it was hard to narrow it down further, and it is only worse this year, as I have now realized a) that Pogo isn't a yuletide fandom and b) that I totally ship Pogo Possom and Porky Pine. Porky takes Pogo a flower every Christmas morning! He's only pretending to be a cynic! My heart is touched.

Also I want there to be more Bruce/Johnny Dead Zone fic, so there's that. And perhaps I want Steerswoman series Bel-fic, in which she is awesome and amazing. And perhaps I will ask again for Better Than Chocolate transfic (Judy/Frances!), though I am always concerned about whether it would be done well.

Other things that are not yuletide fandoms but should be )

What do you guys want for yuletide? I ask because I'm curious, though it will inevitably lead to more things to add to my list of possibilities this year.

4. I maaaaaybe have spent a little too much time looking at the list of yuletide fandoms in the last, oh, year or so.
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So, for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, because [personal profile] thingswithwings explained them so clearly here, I went looking for Bruce/Johnny (Dead Zone) fic today. And I was so excited! Yesterday I only looked at yuletide, but I found Dira Sudis's Sympathy for the Devil, which was really good, so what would today bring?

Well, here is what it brought. I quote below the opening of every story I looked at today:
    "I'm telling you, Johnny, you have to go with me or I'm going to commit Hari-Kari!" Bruce exclaimed. [what? seriously?]

    Bruce Lewis knew about the pain. He had seen Johnny rub his ribs, his neck, even his butt. He also rubbed his eyes a lot. [sadly this did not transition into "other places Bruce wished Johnny would rub," though it obviously should have]

    The glass was half-empty, definitely, which is why Johnny felt not the least bit guilty about abandoning his martini and ordering a beer to replace it. Now if the glass had been half-full, that would have been something else entirely. [deeeeep]

    It was a little pathetic that Tuesday Night Movie With Bruce was the social highlight of his week. It was like high school all over again, except there would be no making out with Sarah at the end of it, or in the middle of it, or before the movie even started. [Or at intermission, or while waiting in line for popcorn, or other times as well.]

    The sunlight shines brightly today. The warm rays streaming through the glass illuminate so many things, some beautiful and others mundane. Standing back in the shadows by the couch, I wait. Wishing that by simply moving into the sunlight that it could somehow illuminate the dark corners of my heart. [Awww, dark corners of my heart! I am nostalgic for bad Sentinel fic.]

    It should have been easy to hate Johnny Smith. Okay, so it wasn't such a good thing to hate someone just for waking up from a coma, but it should been easy despite the moral fuzziness of the situation. [Moral fuzziness!]

    I was pacing the waiting room, pretty much like your clicheed lion. I ran a nervou hand over my head-- Okay, a tiger, then-- no more mane. [Seriously. Bruce isn't a lion any more guys!]

    I didn't know quite what to tell him-- or if I should tell him-- about what I saw before waking. I know that I chose something, when I came out. I mean, the metaphor was pretty clear, wasn't it? All that was missing was a little path forking from where I stood. [Color me confused; I still don't know how this relates to the story.]
I am not even joking, guys, I went through ten tabs in a row, I didn't leave anything out, that is the Dead Zone fic I saw today. I am... kind of charmed. And also laughing a lot.


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