Mar. 26th, 2008 12:37 pm
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You guys? It's nearly 1 pm and I just realized that today's my birthday. Not on my own, either. When my mom wished me happy birthday. No, really. I was like "happy birthday? But it's not my ... oh."

Um. I'm totally out of it. I seriously thought today was the 25th. MAN. I should've had a better breakfast! Instead of doing boring reading!

Also: I clearly need a facepalm icon, because when I type *f in the lj subject field it autofills the rest in by now.


Mar. 3rd, 2007 11:43 am
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[livejournal.com profile] m_shell, talking to me about "Get Together": "Well, there was a version by Darth Brooks..."

Me: instantly attempts to do the heee-cooo breathing and hollow-voiced version of Get Together.

It was practically one of those "gay marriage is just like yours. Only gayer" commercials, except our version would go "Fannish marriage is just like yours. Only... more fannish."
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So [livejournal.com profile] m_shell and I are talking about the new x-ray airport scanner thing, and how it's creepy for more reasons than that it can see through your clothes. After all, we can only take the word of the company about how it works, we agree.

I draw an analogy to computer voting machines: it's a big, sleek box with a bunch of stuff inside, a who-knows-what-it-does machine. Creepy opaqueness.

[livejournal.com profile] m_shell says, oh, yes, exactly! I don't trust things that won't show me where their brains are. Like Tom Riddle's diary.

I say, right, exactly, that's precisely what I mean.

Oh my god, we are such dorks.


In other dorkish news, I have discovered QI and want to know why none of y'all told me about this years ago. It's like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, except on television and featuring people like John Sessions (whose facial structure has changed incredibly in the last ten years) and Hugh Laurie and whoever all else. Talking about whether you would want a hug from a giant anteater, and what Caravaggio's real name was, and all that, and hosted by Stephen Fry who does voices and makes silly faces. AWESOME.


Oh! And. I collect songs that reference famous philosophers and academics, because why not?

My favorite recent addiction is the Prince Myshkin's Doctor Laura Polka, which references about everybody. There's a Freud and Jung and Lacan verse, for example. But the real reason I care is that they mention Walter Benjamin. And the "aura." As in:
Libertines and disco queens were mean to Doctor Laura
So she called up Walter Benjamin, who said to her: "Senora,
When they put you on that TV screen you signed away your aura,
You won't bore us anymore because you're going off the air."
And of course there's Mike Ladd's hip-hop/new jazz Field Work (The Ethnographer's Daughter) which is very non-linear, but also probably the only song to reference Malinowski and Michel Leiris. Also available free on the 'net, somewhere.

And, of course, continuing the academic daughter mode, Regina Spektor's Pavlov's Daughter. You know:
Pavlov's daughter woke up in the morning
Heard the bell ring
And something deep inside of her made her want to salivate
So she lay there drooling on her pillow
Other songs include:
The Weakerthan's "Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault In Paris, 1961)" which mentions Derrida but not Foucault (because we're talking to Foucault)
Misery Index's "My Untold Apocalypse" (Foucault is laughing / this tragedy that you created so young / yet rotting)
Googol Bordello's "Start Wearing Purple (So yeah, I know it all / from Diogenes to Foucault / from Lozgechkin to Paspartu)
Belle and Sebastian's "Marx and Engels" (If it couldn't see / that the girl just wants to be / left alone with Marx and Engels for a while)
John Lennon's ridiculous "Serve Yourself" (Well, you may believe in Jesus, and you may believe in Marx / And you may believe in Marks and Spencer's and you may believe in bloody Woolworths)
Neil Diamond's ridiculous "Done Too Soon," which is basically a list of famous people. Karl Marx! Poe! Rousseau! Buster Keaton! etc.

Anyway, if any of y'all can think of some fabulous songs referencing Lukacs or Judith Butler or obscure literary theorists or whatever, I would happily take their names, because I want a huge playlist. And because I am a dork.


Oh, and, just for fun, wordorigins on the word "dork." This may be a folk etymology, but it's still great.
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I went to the Farmer's Market today with three friends, and discovered a no-spray farmer selling half-bushels of tomatoes for $12. To recap: standard weight-per-bushel of tomatoes in the US is about fifty-four pounds. A half-bushel of tomatoes is about twenty-seven pounds. That means that I paid about forty-five cents per pound of tomatoes. Of course, now I have to roast them all for tomato sauce, but whatever. It'll be worth it.


Is there anyone who can see a recipe on this page? I can't see it at all, due to some sort of bug, and I know it was excellent, and I want to cook it tomorrow: woe! If anyone can see a recipe, please copy it and email it to me or something? Or, hey, maybe it's in one of her cookbooks, too. But I don't have Moosewood or Enchanted Broccoli Forest here.


Also, I was ridiculously and dorkily excited today, when I could answer a flister's question about an lj problem. Involving IE, which I haven't opened in months. Apparently I do remember the things I read on [livejournal.com profile] lj_releases. I was all "ooh! me! I know that!" Yes, I am a dork.
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Yes, this is one of those posts that happens when your in-progress file gets too big, weird, and disconnected to do anything with. So why not just post the whole darn thing at once?

Weirdest BEA schwag:

Jelly Belly gummi rat from Coffee House Press. Nothing to do with anything, near's I can tell.
Magnetic Poetry's BEA-themed magnetic poetry, featuring words like schwag and tired and not and another and catalogue.
Red back massage thingy from Elloras Cave.
Inexplicable green alligator filled with water. I don't even remember where it's from. Or why anyone would advertise a book with a squishy water-filled alligator.


So I read Interpretation of Murder, which is... well, it features Freud, and I find the practice of Freudian psychology kinda funny, so it's hard for me to accept it as a thriller. I mean, totally ridiculous dialogue during psychiatric appointments, and Jung and Freud arguing about the supernatural, and Oedipal complexes in Shakespeare, and then at the same time, thriller. With standard death!porn -- you know, the bits where we see a murder from the murderer's pov, and don't give the victim a name, but call her "the young girl" or whatever. Bleh.

The basic problem is that this book doesn't fit in its genre, or even know what the genre is. (You have to know what the genre is to play with it.) I expected it to be a puzzle-thriller: the PR material was all about solving puzzles in Shakespeare and that sort of thing, so I figured it would be the da Vinci Code (which I, um, haven't read) except with Shakespeare and serial killers and Freud. I did not expect the puzzle to be "why does Hamlet act in some instances, and yet find himself incapable of acting on his uncle?" Especially since this puzzle is solved entirely without dialogue or investigation: it's a thought-puzzle in the mind of the narrator. Note to author: thought-puzzles do not make puzzle thrillers.

(Also, there's a bit where they talk about a psychiatrist sleeping with his patient, and there's already been a lot of dialogue about 19th century neurologists are just using sex as a cure, so. It's like the author's trying trying to do both the 19th and 20th century "nervous disorder" cures at once: The talking cure and orgasms. Ickitas.)

... they even made fandom_wank. Not that that takes much on slow wank days. Slow wank days. Heh. -- talking to friede about audiography


Totally disgusting discovery of the day: the Left Behind game. It's... I have no words. Since I have no words, I have attempted to share the horror with everyone I know. For example:
[livejournal.com profile] eruthros: Oh lordy. Have you seen the PR stuff about the Left Behind game?
[livejournal.com profile] friede: noooo
[livejournal.com profile] eruthros: Basically you wander the streets of New York with many large guns, trying to convert or kill Jews, pagans, Buddhists, gays, etc.
[livejournal.com profile] friede: ...
[livejournal.com profile] eruthros: And these people call themselves Christians!
[livejournal.com profile] friede: seriously. gar
[livejournal.com profile] eruthros: In fact, they protest against violent video games and how they make kids violent!
[livejournal.com profile] eruthros: And. Wah.
[livejournal.com profile] friede: *pets*
[livejournal.com profile] eruthros: posts link to Left Behind Games' website
[livejournal.com profile] eruthros: You can even play it MULTIPLAYER and try to take territory from other players!
[livejournal.com profile] friede: omg
[livejournal.com profile] eruthros: When presumably you're all trying to, you know, convert folks, apocolypse, blahblah etc. And yet.
[livejournal.com profile] eruthros: I AM SO HORRIFIED I HAVE RUN OUT OF WORDS.
[livejournal.com profile] friede: also AHHHHH
[livejournal.com profile] eruthros: Left Behind was creepy enough before it was, like, Grand Theft Soul.

Also? In this game the UN is a tool of the antichrist. Jesus Mary Mother of God. I ask you. And this, from the president of a Christian marketing organization: "I would assume, if there is violence, it's the cosmic struggle of good versus evil, not gratuitous violence." Right. Of course. It's not gratuitous! You're just killing all the Jews 'cause it's the end times! WAH. From the LA Times: "Ralph Bagley, a spokesman for the Christian Game Developers Foundation in San Diego, said he had seen demand for Christian games grow as parents rejected the escalating violence and explicit sex in mainstream games." And this is... not part of the escalating violence?

Also? Also? Look at what Michael Pachter, an analyst for the investment bank WedbushMorgan, said about this game: "The reason that I think this game has a chance is that it's not particularly preachy. ... I will say some of the dialogue is pretty lame —people saying, 'Praise the Lord' after they blow away the bad guys. I think they're overdoing it a bit. But the message is OK." BUT THE MESSAGE IS OKAY? BUT THE MESSAGE IS OKAY? I swear, I'm going to have an aneurysm over here, if that's what people think is a reasonable message.
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Things That Make Me Say "Woe!":

1. Bonny Doon is apparently no longer making their Ca'Del Sol freisa frizzante. This saddens me: it was a lovely sparkling dessert wine, done with freisa grapes, which means an incredible strawberry aroma and taste. Also, it had the kickest-ass label ever. In searching for wine to take back to the east coast, it's gonna have to be their Muscato Vin de Glaciere instead. Pah.

2. Indian Springs' Moscato Bianco 2005 is not yet released, and they're no longer selling the 2004. Pah! This is not my favorite moscato in the world, but it is quite good. (And even I can taste the apricot notes.)

3. I am basically working every day I'm in the Bay Area; I haven't even made it to Thrifttown, which is walking distance from my parents' house. I got breakfast at the Ferry Building one day, which was exciting. Still, it's kinda silly to be here and do nothing home-towny. (I am, in fact, at work now. I am, to be more specific, in my second exam room of the day, having arrived at 7.30 and planning to leave by 6 pm by the grace of SofTest and Microsoft.)

3a. Natural conclusion of 3: Ded of tired. Nothing like twelve-hour workdays to really perk you up.

Things That Make Me Say "Yay!":

1. The Suns won last night without going into overtime, so I didn't have to make that irritating decision about getting enough sleep versus watching the end of the game. Even though Radmanovic made four three-pointers in a row, taking it near a tie, he missed his fifth. Thank heavens. (Also, the Suns won the game despite getting under 100 points and despite Steve Nash making only three shots in the whole game. Take that, people who say that Steve Nash needs to make baskets for them to win! He's a point guard! He just needs to get his teammates in position to make baskets! And take that, commentators! Who spend entire games claiming that if the Suns make less than thirty points in even one quarter, they're gonna lose the game!)

2. Doing crossword puzzles at dinner with the whole family. "Okay, 'a little lower,' cee-blank-ell-blank." "Calf." Et cetera. This is only yay if the crossword puzzles are fun; frankly, I often find the NYTimes one tries too hard to be clever, doing things like running some words off the edge of the puzzle, or starting every long clue with a Q, or whatever. (Also, in my years of doing crossword puzzles, I have discovered that "grand relative" or "upright relative" is always spinet, never harpsichord or virginal or clavichord. I mean, I can understand why it's never a clavicytherium, because it probably wouldn't fit, but surely "virginal" would be nice and confusing. Also, any imported car will be an Audi, for the three vowels, and any Middle Eastern grp OPEC, for the ending 'c.')

3. In response to 3a, above: iced coffee with soymilk from the place down the street. Iced coffee: making six am seem like a slightly less sucktastic idea since 1598!
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So. Here is one screencap of the llamas. In the plaza of Troy. For [livejournal.com profile] mecurtin

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So. We were watching Troy, hoping it would be funny!bad, not just bad!bad. And I'm sorta half-paying attention as the Trojans all rush behind the city walls, and suddenly... llamas? And so I had to rewind it a bit, so [livejournal.com profile] m_shell could confirm it for me, and she's going "nope, those are donkeys... oh. no, those ones now, those are llamas." Two llamas, crossing the plaza of Troy. How's that for anachronism? Or maybe the art directors just... really liked llamas, and thought it would be a neat joke?

Also, Ajax is way too cool to be killed by Hector. Thus say I. Especially since he's the only one of 'em without the blessings of a god, and the one to protect the bodies of both Patroclus and Achilles so that that their bones can be commingled in their grave. Awwww. Though, really, Achilles doesn't deserve it. (Really, they're all idiots.)

Actually, the best part of this movie is Hector's "WHY am I surrounded by IDIOTS?" expressions.
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After reading all the comments on this post by [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija, I've been thinking about cult tv that I watched as a kid. I saw a lot of these in reruns or syndication, obviously, since some of them were canceled before I was born.

Things I watched as a kid that I can't stand now:
Knight Rider. I saw ten minutes of a recent rerun. Good god is that some bad tv. On the other hand, the car is cool.

Automan. I mean, it's got some fun stuff going on, but in retrospect Automan is an ass. And where are the girls? On the other hand, the car is cool.

Things I watched as a kid that I wish were out on DVD, if only for renting:
The Fantastic Journey. Okay, see, this was like 1977, and all these people from various times got stuck in the Bermuda Triangle and had to travel from zone to zone trying to get home. And Roddy McDowall plays a bored evil 1960s scientist, and there's a sorta proto-Troi half-Atlantean half-extraterrestrial telepathic princess, and there's a Doctor from the Future who is also, natch, telepathic, and cures people with a magical tuning fork. And there are all the Standard Sci-Fi Favorites: the city of children, and the city run by women, and so on. Wheee! I remember it as being kitsch and fun and ridiculous, rather than groan-worthy. Also I wrote drawerfic for it at the age of eight.

Probe. I've talked about Probe before. It rocked, and I'm really happy that I have it on tape now. And I showed it to other people, and they liked it too, so it's obviously not just my nostalgia talking.

The Phoenix. Giggle-worthy. Wosshisname who played Absalom on X-Files played an alien with a Quest who unfortunately had a touch of amnesia. Also he was being hunted by ... some government organization. Also he got his powers from the sun. Also he made motorcycles jump police roadblocks. Whee!

Galactica: 1980. So bad. So, so bad. Bad to the gazillionth power. So ridiculous. With the time-travel and the villain trying to make the Nazis win WWII and flying motorcycles and invisble vipers and the excessively soft-focus child-genius. So bad it deserves to be immortalized on DVD and laughed at in perpetuity. It has one mildly redeemable episode: a flashback with Starbuck, who crash-landed on a planet and made friends with a Cylon.

Things I'm astonished are out on DVD:
Buck Rogers. Okay, I watched it. Even unto its second season, yea, when a character who had feathers for hair showed up. The lead actress changed hair color halfway through the show -- no big, except that it was partway through filming an episode. She's blond! She's brunette! She's blond again! Villains spontaneously come back to life! I wouldn't mind seeing bits of it again, even, if I were feeling in need of a laugh. But I had no idea that it had enough of a fan base to end up on DVD. (Plus Battlestar Galactica was way better.)

Planet of the Apes. Again, I watched it. And Roddy McDowall delivered an excellent performance. Really, though, it was h/c fic without enough of the c. I mean, Character A is kidnapped! The apes plan non-FDA approved scientific experimentation! With evil drugs! Characters B and C must save him! Next Friday, Character B will be kidnapped! And tortured to reveal the Human Conspiracy! Woe! I'm not saying it was worse than the other sf/f tv I watched (see above re: Knight Rider), but why does it get a full release on DVD when some of my favorites don't?

And of course I watched the usual suspects: Quantum Leap, the reason I kept expecting every episode of Sliders to end "oh, boy." Red Dwarf. Battlestar Galactica. The Prisoner, the show so baffling it prompted a Straight Dope answer (which is, btw, completely spoilerific, if you can spoil the end of The Prisoner). Star Trek: TOS.

I saw at least a few episodes of: The Bionic Woman -- which apparently doesn't have enough of a cult following to be out on DVD. I didn't care for it much, but I thought other people did. Lost in Space (obviously in syndication). The Incredible Hulk -- eh.

I actually never saw: the 1987 Beauty and the Beast, which I wish was out on DVD -- people tell me it was great fun.

You know, with a background that included both PotA and Battlestar Galactica, a girl could be forgiven for writing total melodrama.
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I can have all the excitement I need right here at home.

We just baked a lemon cake that was possessed by Satan.

No, really. There's no other explanation. It's a perfectly normal recipe, nothing out of line -- only three eggs and a teaspoon and a half of baking soda, and nothing weird. And yet! We put it in the oven, set the timer and... it volcanoed up and over the sides of the pan in great and vast quantities, splashing down over the electric heating element (yes, we have a very bad oven). And suddenly we could smell smoke. (Should have been a Clue.) And then when I opened the oven to poke a skewer in and see if it was done, I let more oxygen in and... boom! nearly lost my eyebrows. Then there was smoke! (Oh boy, was there smoke!) And there was opening of windows and turning on of fans and leaping around with a towel by a smoke detector and attempting to put out the very exciting fire.

Despite all this ruckus, the half of the lemon cake over the fire turned out exactly perfect. The other half is a wee bit underdone.

This really caps up an exciting Friday evening, as we looked at the many uses of lichens over dinner. (What? It's interesting!) Fascinatingly, lichens removed from the belly of a caribou and then combined with mashed fish eggs seem to be a delicacy in some cultures. I think you have to grow up eating it. Also some of them are used to make beer in the place of hops, reputedly "incredibly intoxicating" or "very bitter." And folks in the Soviet Union during WWII made molases-like things out of others, as the other standard sources were being used by the government.

We sure do have fun of a Friday night, no?


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