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Okay. So it's a big picture that's not behind a cut. But I just had to share the total AWESOMENESS that is this picture.

See, [ profile] ratcreature was doing a drawble meme again, where you comment and she does a drawing that combines two of your interests. Examples from last year are in her gallery, and many are totally fabulous. (For example, there's a horse playing Dance Dance Revolution. And an alien Sherlock Holmes. And a hobit curling. And a ferret Pharaoh.) But none of those are as awesome as mine, because [ profile] ratcreature drew me a Llama Jedi knight, reproduced below. LLAMA JEDI KNIGHT. Yes. *fangirls*

Jedi Llama by Ratcreature

eruthros: llamas! (llamas)
So. Here is one screencap of the llamas. In the plaza of Troy. For [ profile] mecurtin

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So. We were watching Troy, hoping it would be funny!bad, not just bad!bad. And I'm sorta half-paying attention as the Trojans all rush behind the city walls, and suddenly... llamas? And so I had to rewind it a bit, so [ profile] m_shell could confirm it for me, and she's going "nope, those are donkeys... oh. no, those ones now, those are llamas." Two llamas, crossing the plaza of Troy. How's that for anachronism? Or maybe the art directors just... really liked llamas, and thought it would be a neat joke?

Also, Ajax is way too cool to be killed by Hector. Thus say I. Especially since he's the only one of 'em without the blessings of a god, and the one to protect the bodies of both Patroclus and Achilles so that that their bones can be commingled in their grave. Awwww. Though, really, Achilles doesn't deserve it. (Really, they're all idiots.)

Actually, the best part of this movie is Hector's "WHY am I surrounded by IDIOTS?" expressions.


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