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For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, I just spent a little while googling for images of David Hewlett. And eventually I found the screencaps index that [ profile] tarlanx maintains, where I discovered a) that David Hewlett is always having a bad hair day and b) that David Hewlett has been in some seriously hilarious films.

You should check all the screencaps out, they're awesome. BUT I wanted to share two with you in particular:

A shot from My Secret Identity, in which David Hewlett's secret identity appears to be ... motorcycle gang. Or, in my preferred interpretation, leatherboy.

And a shot from Survivor, which I have mentally subtitled Doctor Rodney's Science Corner.
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Okay y'all: I love all of you.

I love the people who are getting called "hysterical" -- and getting pissed off at being called hysterical, when we're a community of (mostly) women and hey, look, that phrase has been used to keep women down for more'n a hundred years.

I love the people making animated macros.

I love the people responding from their RP journals. In character. Oh, Neville!

And the people realizing that this is bringing HP fandom back together - must be the apocalypse.

I love the people with with plans and the people critiquing the plans.

I love the people quoting "Hoist the Colors" at length -- all eleventy-billion of you, in all the fonts you're using, no matter how much I'm like "wtf? what does that have to do with anything?"

Also I love the people making Les Miserable references, and asking if MooCards are like cake, and filking, and happily doing what they do with pop culture. And doing what they do with words and parsing statements to the press to figure out what people are really saying. I love the close readings.

I love the people posting and commenting on the news post, so much that I can't even keep up with the notifications by skimming. (Even if some of you are kinda trolling and making me wince.) I love the people making friends in the middle of the storm of comments.

For serious, you guys. Fandom = kinda awesome. 4,200 plus comments on that news post. People phoning and yelling and shouting and talking to the press and defending their friends and defending people they don't even know and making icons.
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Okay. So it's a big picture that's not behind a cut. But I just had to share the total AWESOMENESS that is this picture.

See, [ profile] ratcreature was doing a drawble meme again, where you comment and she does a drawing that combines two of your interests. Examples from last year are in her gallery, and many are totally fabulous. (For example, there's a horse playing Dance Dance Revolution. And an alien Sherlock Holmes. And a hobit curling. And a ferret Pharaoh.) But none of those are as awesome as mine, because [ profile] ratcreature drew me a Llama Jedi knight, reproduced below. LLAMA JEDI KNIGHT. Yes. *fangirls*

Jedi Llama by Ratcreature

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Right now, I *heart* [ profile] jacquez (admin of criticaledge) so, so much. She is unafraid to say things like this:

"I'm axing this on the grounds that it is (a) boring (b) repetitive (c) boring (d) repetitive (e) boring (f) repetitive (g) boring (h) repetitive."


"Anyone who continues responding to the thread after reasonable propagation of this message will be placed on moderated status for the high crime of boring me to death."

This is a goodness, as the discussion has involved the tinhat in one corner refusing to accept anything anyone else says (complete with thinly veiled insults), while half of the list explains things patiently to her at great length, and the other half insults her. Technically many (though not all) of the participants in the discussion have done nothing wrong. But really, it's all incredibly boring. And clearly no-one is going to convince anyone else. I'm glad that, for LauraJV, boring is a crime. Thank heavens.

Although now they'll probably move on to something else. Like whether or not kink (meaning BDSM) automatically makes a story bad, because of course a kink story is only written to get the author off, and doesn't have anything to do with characterization, that being the tinhat's other (current) bugaboo. Sigh.

(She also believes that "the author of a long story is more likely to actually have something to *say,* and to have taken time to develop it in all its complexities." Honestly. Most good authors can do a better story in 5k than most people do with 600k words. And most 600k stories seem to be, um, under-edited. To put it politely.)


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