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For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, I just spent a little while googling for images of David Hewlett. And eventually I found the screencaps index that [ profile] tarlanx maintains, where I discovered a) that David Hewlett is always having a bad hair day and b) that David Hewlett has been in some seriously hilarious films.

You should check all the screencaps out, they're awesome. BUT I wanted to share two with you in particular:

A shot from My Secret Identity, in which David Hewlett's secret identity appears to be ... motorcycle gang. Or, in my preferred interpretation, leatherboy.

And a shot from Survivor, which I have mentally subtitled Doctor Rodney's Science Corner.
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1. You guys, this is serious fandom BFF FAIL. Why did none of you tell me that Mira Furlan, Delenn on B5, is a recurring character on Lost? Why didn't you tell me that she plays a recurring character named Rousseau, who runs around the jungle in a tank-top being incredibly hot and competent? WHY? Because this is AWESOME.

I mean, Ivanova and Scully were totally my 90s TV girlfriends, but I loved Mira Furlan as Delenn with a desperate love. She's amazing; she was the only person who could deliver ten minutes of exposition and have me with her emotionally the whole way. When she cried, she ripped my heart out. And then she didn't get much work in North America after B5 -- wrong accent, too old, whatever.

AND NOW. She gets to play Rousseau. She gets to storm around a Hawaiian island being all crazy-with-gun, and determined, and, once again, managing to deliver ten minutes of solid exposition (about conspiracy theories, yet!) and have me entirely with her. MIRA FURLAN YOU GUYS. SHE IS HOT LIKE BURNING. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME.

I actually phoned up [ profile] thingswithwings, who I've been making watch B5, and who watched Lost for two seasons, all "how could you not knoooowwww?"

2. Um. This is the embarrassing part. I have now watched three episodes of Lost.

See, I was burned by the X-Files, so Lost looked entirely like "oh, sure you have a plan, Chris Carter" part II. And I didn't watch it.

Only yesterday? Yeah, yesterday I watched the first Rousseau episode. WITH MIRA FURLAN WHO IS HOT LIKE BURNING AND AMAZING AND DID I MENTION FIFTY-THREE YEARS OLD AND THEY'RE LETTING HER GO GRAY IN A SEXY WAY. Ahem. And then I watched a second episode, because [ profile] thingswithwings already had it and also because Mira Furlan, hello.

And then I was like, wait, maybe this would make more sense if I knew who these other characters are. Maybe I should do that before I watch all the Mira Furlan episodes. And I decided that, actually, it is now five and a half years after the series finale of the X-Files, and I've come to terms with it. So Lost doesn't have a plan: I won't expect one! No expectations, no faith. That's my motto.

I find it far more embarrassing to have just watched the series premiere of Lost, than to have watched two random episodes just for Mira Furlan.

3. Actually, I find watching the series premier of Lost more embarrassing than having recently watched the Hercules: TLJ episodes in which Michael Hurst (Iolaus) cross-dresses and plays the Widow Twanky, a dance instructor. No, really. They're awesome and amazing. Really. Really!

Actually, quite possibly the best vid I have seen lately is Mary Crawford's use of these episodes in Holding Out For a Hero -- no, REALLY -- to tell a story in which I occupy the queer male gaze really, really hard. Because she uses all the bits where Hercules is chased by women and naked and it's framed by the Widow Twanky-who-is-Iolaus, and it's amazing. Seriously, check it out.
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I just spent all day in the library reading a ridiculous number of articles, half of which were disgustingly boring. So that sucked. And then I came home at nine fucking pm on a fucking Sunday and ... watched the young David Hewlett play Mr Typo the Reporter on Shining Time Station.

My fannishness apparently knows no shame. WHATEVER. I refuse to be judged!

Link list:

[ profile] veejane tells us what to do when you can't win an argument in twenty fun and ridiculous rhetorical devices | Filk song, anyone? The Lurkers Support Me In Email. | What do you think the top ten most viewed pages are on Conservapedia? Check your guesses here. Hint: one of them is "gay bowel syndrome." | The first lengthy clips of Johnny Depp singing as Sweeney Todd in the Burton version. | Patricia Cornwell goes more than a little bit Anne Rice | America's most literate cities 2006, ranked by some dubious criteria -- but the criteria can all be looked at separately, which leads to some interesting results. | Over at blogstorm, take a look at the top ten worst websites, and they really mean worst. | We all knew David Hewlett will do ANYTHING for the show, but now we have proof: Doctor Rodney McKay's answering machine messages. No, really. With name options. | Article on the Literary Review's Bad Sex award. Winner to be announced November 27th. |

Aaaand probably other things that I've since forgotten.
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Look, y'all! She went after a paper for basically claiming that she wasn't really interested in healthy body weight, she just couldn't lose weight. And they settled. And she donated money to an eating disorder charity. Made of win.

I had this whole weird conversation with folks at this years' Oscar party, in which people insisted Jennifer Hudson "had to" be bigger than a size twelve. (Me: Um, she's standing next to Beyonce. And: that's how Hollywood makes women think normal-sized women are huge. One of them: no, that's got to be just her PR people trying to minimize her size, she's way bigger than a size twelve. OH MY GOD. Right. It's all about the PR people trying to make you seem skinnier, and that's normal for a woman that you just praised as being "one of the only big women in Hollywood.") And who had never heard the Kate Winslet Titanic story. And some of them insisted that she "couldn't possibly be big for Hollywood" (when she was standing on her own), and others that she was "way bigger than a size eight" and was "kind of huge in Titanic" (when she was standing next to other people).
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I am not a LotR fan at all, let alone an LotRPS fan, but I figured some of you lot would probably like to see this.

So I present: David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortenson just about to kiss. At Cannes. Just before the showing of History of Violence. And according to QueerDay, it was rather more than a friendly peck. (The actual article is in French, but is mostly blahblah vague plot of film blah.)

[ profile] friede: who, regardless of gender/orientation, does that in front of paparazzi?
[ profile] friede: man.
[ profile] eruthros: Um, David Cronenberg?
[ profile] friede: OK. point.
[ profile] eruthros: The first line there is "David Cronenberg loves to shock."
[ profile] friede: hee. point. and Viggo ain't above it either.

ETA: another link with a different image at
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After reading an article today about Bill Gates receiving an honorary knighthood (KBE) from the Queen explains finicky details of KBE as applied to foreigners ) I began to ponder the number of foreign citizens to receive honorary knighthoods. I mean, the news articles always just throw in two or three names so the readers won't think of the honor as unprecedented (Bill Gates, like Rudolph Giuliani and Alan Greenspan...).

And I googled, and found no complete lists. So I went to AskNow, the live reference librarian chat. I always feel vaguely as though it's Library Porn -- click here to chat with a live reference librarians! Live reference librarians available 24/7! Annnnnd the reference librarian in question was able to find me a few notes about the honorary KBE, but was not able to find me a comprehensive list online -- she's going to check the various Who's Who type books and get back to me. (It saddens me, because I'm sure Bunter could have found the answer in 20 seconds. Of course, at that point in history Debrett's and Burke's were still being published regularly, and if all else failed there was always the London Gazette.)

Regardless, we did turn up some partial lists. Piecing them together, I'd like to list some foreign recipients of honorary KBEs, with brief notes on the origin of their fame:

George H.W. Bush (president)
Wesley Clark (ex-General, Dem presidential candidate)
Placido Domingo (Spanish tenor)
Lawrence Eagleburger (SecState for Reagan)
Tom Foley (Democratic Speaker of the House, first sitting speaker to fail to win reelection, probably did other stuff)
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (actor, Gunga Din and Sinbad the Sailor)
Tommy Franks (also ex-General and ex-Commander-in-Chief of US Central Command during Iraq invasion)
Bill Gates (creator of Windows, into giving money to Cambridge)
Bob Geldof (Irish singer, organized Live Aid)
J. Paul Getty (inherited lots of Getty money)
Louis V. Gerstner (ex-CEO of IBM)
Rudy Giuliani (ex-mayor of New York)
Billy Graham (televangelist)
Alan Greenspan (blah blah Federal Reserve)
Bob Hope (entertainer, and a weird case, as he was born in England but wasn't a British citizen when he was given a KBE)
Yehudi Menuhin (violinist, conductor; also, renounced American citizenship and applied for British and for a transformation of his KBE, so he's now had both an honorary and a substantive KBE)
Lewis Mumford (historian)
Wayne Newton (musician? sorta-actor?)
Pelé (Brazilian footballer, but granted KBE for his work in the Brazilian government, verrrry coincidentally right before the World Cup)
Murray Perahi (pianist)
Sidney Poitier (definitely an actor. also a director.)
Colin Powell (also ex-General and SecState for Bush)
Andre Previn (also a pianist and a composer)
Ronald Reagan (president)
H. Norman Schwarzkopf (also ex-General, during first Gulf War)
Brent Scowcroft (National Security Adviser to the elder Pres Bush)
Steven Spielberg (director, E.T., Indiana Jones, Schindler's List, other stuff)
Simon Wiesenthal (famous hunter of Nazi war criminals)
James Wolfensohn (president of World Bank)

Pretty weird list, no? My personal favorite, by far, is Billy Graham, who won the award for (and I quote) "truly international contribution to civic and religious life." Whoa.
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omg johnny depp has the bestest forehead ever lol!!!!1!

(This post brought to you by a conversation about why people never seem to notice foreheads.)


May. 23rd, 2004 09:55 am
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Richard Biggs, who played Dr. Franklin on B5, died this morning. JMS has more information here.

*gets sniffly* But... Franklin! And he was also so nice and polite to fans and at conventions. And, and, how will they ever do more B5 now?
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What I hear most from people my age who are into Arnold for Governor is that "he'll kick the legislature's ass!" or that "he'll terminate the competition." When I say something, they say "but he's the Terminator!" That sort of thing. People seem to imagine him walking up to the capital dressed in black leather, kicking down the door, pulling a very big gun and Making Things Happen.

But this really doesn't make any sense at all, because Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't do his own stunts, so he couldn't kick down the door on his own.

Clearly, we need an actor who does his own stunts. So. Jackie Chan for Governor!

Never mind that he's not a California resident and has shown no interest in running (the whole thing is already so ridiculous I doubt anyone would notice) -- he actually could break through the glass dome above the capital building, rappel down to the floor, do a running slide down the stairs, break through the door feet first, and then leap up and kick State Senator Pete Knight in the stomach, sending him flying through a window. Surely that makes him more qualified than Arnold!

I've decided to start a write-in campaign. ::g::
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I came up with this game a while ago, and [ profile] antigone921, [ profile] sineala, [ profile] lysimache, and, of course, [ profile] m_shell have been playing it with me off and on.

Six Degrees of Your Fandoms. It's played like six degrees of Kevin Bacon: name an actor who was involved in both fandoms, and try to connect all of your fandoms together. Bonus points for connecting multiple fandoms with one actor.

For me, core fandoms are easy, since they're all Canadian tv shows. DS, TS, HL, XF, and SV. Watch:

DS to HL (twice) and XF (twice) (and Nikita, not my core fandom). Callum Keith Rennie: Ray K, Tyler King and Neal, a totally random groundskeeper and Tommy, and Gary Wellman.

HL to XF (and OaT and Sliders, of course, tho they're not my core fandoms). Nicholas Lea: Cory Raines, Alex Krycek, Vic Mansfield, Ryan Simms.

SV to XF. Sarah-Jane Redmond: Nell Potter and Karin Mathews.

SV to TS. Cameron Dye: Sam Phelan and Dan Freeman. Also, SV to TS, XF and HL (and Sliders). Hiro Kanagawa: Principal Kwan, Furukawa, Peter Tanaka, Akira Toshida, and Henry. Hiro Kanagawa is a very handy fellow.

And then the fandoms I sometimes read in, or participate in geekily but not in a slash-fannish manner (like B5). I'll just connect these to one of those Canadian tv shows, since we know they all connect really easily. Basically, the trick is to come back to Peter Wingfield, Callum Keith Rennie, Nicholas Lea, or Jason Carter.

B5 to HL. Tracy Scoggins: Captain Lochley and Cassandra. That seriously weirded me when I first saw her in the B5 context. Also, you can connect Lois and Clark (if you want), since she played Cat Grant. You can also B5 to TS: Jason Carter, Marcus and a MotW name McCarthy. And he also guest starred on Lois and Clark. Also, B5 to TS via Marjorie Monaghan. Number One and Elaine Walters. You can pull in QL (guest starred in 3rd season), Pretender (first season), and Law & Order (first season).

QaF to TS? No problem. Jason Carter again. Guest stared as Rollins.

Buffy and Angel to XF. Seth Green, Oz and Emil.

Any ST to any core fandom in three easy steps! Tracy Scoggins guest starred on an ep of Deep Space Nine. Marjorie Monaghan guest started on Voyager. I'll get to TOS and TNG later.

HP to DS. Much harder. Oddly, a movie filmed in Britain is hard to connect to Canadian TV. But watch the magic: Richard Harris (Dumbledore) starred in The Count of Monte Cristo as Abbe Faria with Guy Pearce as Fernand. Guy Pearce, as we all know, rocked in Memento as Leonard. And who had a bit part in Memento? Our Savior for this game, Callum Keith Rennie.

Velvet Goldmine or Star Wars to HL. Encompasses X-Men as well. [ profile] antigone921 figured the hard part of this one out. Well, hard to me. She came up with a key name: Christopher Lee. Now, why didn't I think of that? He's been in more movies than anyone. In the world. So. Ewan McGregor played Curt Wild on VG and Obi-Wan in SW. Christopher Lee was also in SW as Count Dooku and in LotR as Saruman (and The Last Unicorn as King Haggard and Discworld! as Death). Great resume, no? And Saruman interrogated Gandalf, Ian McKellen, who was also in X-Men and X2 as Magneto. And who else was in X2? Peter Wingfield. (Or, Ewan McGregor guest starred on ER, and so did George Murdock, was was on SV. But that skips the fun fandoms in the middle.)

Now, pre-fandoms. Pre-fandoms get hard. Mine were all 80s TV shows: Knight Rider, Probe, Battlestar Galactica, Remington Steele, Seaquest DSV. I'm fully aware that I should be ashamed of most of these.

Read more... )

Can you get from one to another faster and easier? Let me know! Play the game!


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