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I declare that it is time for another post of famous people and animals, for it is fall here and it is raining and why not. As per usual, I can't recognize many of these people, and rely on the internets to identify them for me; if I'm wrong please let me know.

There are some mini themes to this post:
1) Famous people wearing pets (cats as shrugs, dogs in pockets)
2) Famous people with giant armfuls of pets (they're holding six kittens or large dogs or cats)
3) People who were in The Avengers with pets (Did you know Scarlett Johannson loves animals? Because she does. Did you know this post has been sitting unfinished for that many months? Because it has.)
4) Pictures that were in the same folder (a classic theme)

The first cut tag includes a bunch of domesticated animals (cats, dogs, bunnies, horses etc); the second cut tag includes wild animals.

lots of famous people and pets under the cut )

more pictures of people and wild animals )
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Yesterday was a no good day, and today is also a no good day, and my knees hurt, and it's a Monday. So: two hundred more pictures of famous people and animals. These are picked randomly, where by randomly I mean completely non-randomly - I took every tenth name in the folder.

Most of them are domesticated animals; there are also a few pictures of people and wild animals including snakes, which are separated at the end by a horizontal rule (starting at #196 after LeVar Burton).

As per usual, I am not actually very good at faces or famous people, and am taking the internet's word for it on who these folks are and what names they prefer - please let me know if I've misnamed someone!

two hundred pictures of famous people and animals )

(Post 1 with many puppies and Doctor Who actors)
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A while ago I had, like, ten pictures of famous people and dogs or cats in a single refresh of my tumblr dash. And I was amused and thought, hmm, I wonder how many more of those I could find!

The answer was ... kind of a lot. Okay, really a lot.

And I decided to save them all and wait to post them some day when folks needed some cheer. So today I picked a set that might amuse [personal profile] thingswithwings since she is sick today, and then threw in some more picked by a randomizer to make a giant post of famous people and animals.

So! Under the cut you will such seminal works of artistic genius as "Adele (and a dog)," "Alison Bechdel (and a cat)," "Bettie Davis (and a cat)," "Billie Holiday (and a dog)," "Gloria Estefan (and a box full of puppies)," "Esha Deol (and two puppies)," "Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas (and a dog)," "Ian McKellen (and a dog)," "Jessica Hsuan (and some dogs)," "Sigourney Weaver (and a cat)," and more. A lot more. Including playing the game "how many Doctor Who actors can [personal profile] eruthros find pictures of holding animals?"

This is just a random(ish) selection of pics - I'll post another swath some other time when I'm bored or need an emergency kitten infusion.

two hundred pictures of famous people and animals )
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a picture of Grant Imahara wearing a tenth doctor-esque trenchcoat, holding a sonic screwdriver, and standing in front of a TARDIS cutout

(from Grant Imahara's twitter)

I saw it and immediately went YES PLEASE. I don't even care what specifically, just yes for any and all options. Grant playing the Doctor! Grant busting Doctor Who-related myths! Grand trick-or-treating as the Doctor! Grant going to comiccon as the Doctor! All of the above!
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1. misdirected email:
Good Afternoon [name], Thank you for registering for Friday’s Anonymous Sexual Addictions workshop.
Hey, facilitator dude, how about checking the email addresses before you send them? OR here's a thought: don't put anyone's name in your email! Then if it gets misdirected, nobody will know who was supposed to get it! And nobody will have been inadvertently outed! Just a thought.

Anyway, I can't decide if that was the worst (in the sense of most embarrassing or potentially harmful) misdirected email I've ever received, so I have made a poll:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 30

Worst misdirected email story:

View Answers

The thirty emails in a day from Wells Fargo about someone's account overdrafting
5 (16.7%)

The email from a pastor with a ton of details of a couple's marriage counseling
23 (76.7%)

The email from google informing me that my email address had just been set as the account-recovery address for someone's professional hotel reservations account
5 (16.7%)

The, like, 200 messages from eHarmony users about someone's online dating profile
3 (10.0%)

The abovementioned email about the anonymous sexual addiction workshop
16 (53.3%)

Listen, my story is much worse than that! Let me tell you all about it in the comments.
2 (6.7%)

2. joy: someone linked to this photo on tumblr, and it made me go all happy and awww. Because it is adorable!

Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler grinning with their arms around each other. Also, Shemar Moore is wearing a really kick-ass hat.

That's Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer Reid) on the left, and Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) on the right. I have no idea where or when it was taken -- because, you know, tumblr -- so I sadly can't go and look for other pictures that might also include Kirsten Vangsness grinning. Criminal Minds turned into a different (worse) show in its last few seasons, but listen, Morgan still has my HEART. Okay, he and Garcia are sharing it. Anyway: just look at those grins, awwwwww.

3. photo-spread misogyny: Apparently Vogue did a fashion editorial spread on a Spider-Man theme. It is like, here are the films (and a lot of the comics) in a nutshell: Mary Jane is menaced by various villains with phallic bits to their costumes while wearing designer dresses and looking beautiful and unconscious/threatened/withdrawn. It's all right, guys, Peter Parker will save her!

4. tv: Lately I have been watching The Sarah Jane Adventures? I started at the beginning after I watched the one with casting spoilers! ), which was awesome and made me go \o/. And mostly it is a great mood-improver and full of happiness. They save the world with hugs and talking about their feelings and hand-holding! Rani and Maria and Luke and Clyde are adorable! Sarah Jane is awesome and has issues and backstory! They are a FAMILY. That saves the world and talks about aliens and emotions and love. If only most of the villains weren't evil lady-types, and if only the good guys didn't do that awful Smallville-esque targeted amnesia shit, I would have basically my ideal show.

5. Avatar: The Last Airbender: You might've seen this already, but just in case, did you guys see [personal profile] such_heights's post in [community profile] white_lotus about an Avatar: The Last Airbender gift exchange? [personal profile] inkstone suggested the exchange + the lunar new year posting dates, and a bunch of people said they were interested, so it looks like it will happen! Fanfic, fanart, fanvids, etc all accepted. So if you have preferences for style/rules/etc, plz comment at that post; we're going to try to get rules up in a couple of days so that we can do signups before the end of November. \o/ ATLA exchange!
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SO, I woke up today with a cold and feeling all blech, so I have been drinking tea and watching TOS. Because I'd never seen "The Cage!" And because seeing the new movie reminded me of how much I enjoy old Trek, even (perhaps especially) when the aliens are dogs wearing horns. And thus, I would like to share with you a hilarious scene from "What Are Little Girls Made Of," aka "the one where Nurse Chapel gets to have snarky dialogue at her ex."

oh, Kirk )

And also, while I'm sharing random fannish pictures, I love Leverage a lot you guys. But at first, when I was watching it, I had a small problem with some Eliot-related double-vision. This is what I mean )
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I am not a LotR fan at all, let alone an LotRPS fan, but I figured some of you lot would probably like to see this.

So I present: David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortenson just about to kiss. At Cannes. Just before the showing of History of Violence. And according to QueerDay, it was rather more than a friendly peck. (The actual article is in French, but is mostly blahblah vague plot of film blah.)

[ profile] friede: who, regardless of gender/orientation, does that in front of paparazzi?
[ profile] friede: man.
[ profile] eruthros: Um, David Cronenberg?
[ profile] friede: OK. point.
[ profile] eruthros: The first line there is "David Cronenberg loves to shock."
[ profile] friede: hee. point. and Viggo ain't above it either.

ETA: another link with a different image at
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One of the neat things about the Chrysanthemum Festival at Longwood Gardens is the variety of chrysanthemum flowers. They're not just trained into curtains and funny shapes; they also have all different kinds of flowers, and they label them. That way you can call it educational. *g*

So this post contains: anemone, incurve, spider, spoon, and star (complex) chrysanthemums. Plus just a basic chrysanthemum.

This is a spider chrysanthemum. Yup, that's my hand, and yup, that's how big the flower is. A spider chrysanthemum has tubular petals that curve at the end.

+6 )
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A week ago, [ profile] m_shell and I checked out Longwood Gardens, a giant landscaped garden built by Pierre Du Pont. He may have been the father of modern corporations, but he was a conservationist about trees. They have deciduous conifers, and a female ginkgo*, and 150 foot male ginkgos, and a carillon tower, and a fifty foot waterfall, and Italian Water Gardens, and a topiary garden, and fountains choreographed to Souza, and all sorts of neat stuff. This time of year is their Chrysanthemum Festival, which features 20,000 chrysanthemums in a greenhouse, trained into spirals, and balls, and lamps, and curtains, and bonsai, and borders, and all sorts of stuff. One of the curtains is 150 sq ft of chrysanthemums. It's incredible. We're thinking of getting frequent visitor passes.

*Note for non-gardeners: female ginkgos produce fruit which most people think smells foul, like something rotting. Or some people say it smells like rancid parmesan. Thus, it is very rare to find female ginkgos. Anywhere.

Entryway into the Chrysanthemum Festival. The hanging globes are chrysanthemum lamps, the yellow flowers around the pillars are trained into stars, and the red against the far wall is chrysanthemum curtains. You can see some of the reflecting pool below the lamps.

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