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Okay, y'all. I Netflixed Supernatural because so many of you seemed to be interested in it, and I watched the pilot, and you'd better swear to me a) that it gets better (and girls eventually have, like, characters, and sometimes horror cliches don't turn out the cliche way) and b) that people (by which I mean, Dean) stop mumbling.

If there are closed captions on the DVDs, I can't find them, and WinDVD can't find them. says it's got 'em, but where the hell are they? GOD. Like we've all got perfect hearing and won't be continually rewinding two seconds, all "what did he say?" Actually, I need a special skip-back-two seconds button.

On the other hand, I hear episode two has Callum Keith Rennie, so at least there's that.


In other, unrelated news, I turned on my shower tap to discover no cold water. Now, no cold water's an unusual problem, but one that you can usually work around -- the apartment in Philadelphia had such a meager amount of hot water, with the temperature set so low, that I could've run the water for a minute and then jumped in, probably. Here? Here, not so much. Here, I sometimes nearly scald myself washing dishes. If I run a bath set not even slightly above the middle of the dial, I can't get into it for a good ten minutes at least -- which is saying something, because I'm an avid hot-tubber.

So I turned it off and tried again. Still no luck. Tried the sink; it had cold water. Solution: I ran a hot bath -- and when I say hot, I mean hot -- wandered off for about a half an hour, and then went and took a still quite warm bath. But it seemed a problem, one I should call the landlord about, so I left a message.

And then I went downstairs to start some laundry, only to discover standing water on the floor and the washing machine full of water. So I mopped up the water, and left the landlord another message.

Turns out? That what I halfway suspected was true. Yes. Someone in the building left the door to the laundry room wide open (I suspect my doesn't-know-how-to-live-in-an-apartment upstairs neighbor), and since it is not directly heated -- it's a basement, heated by the hot water heater, and by the pipes running up to the radiators -- well, some of the cold water pipes froze.

I should've known, because I remember noticing that the floor was exceptionally cold recently; it's frequently cooler than I'd like, but I walked into the bathroom and went "fuck! Ow!" But I didn't think about it at the time, thought it was probably just me overreacting to the cold again after so many nice forty degree days.

So anyway, the landlord's coming out to check out the pipes and see if they're still frozen, or cracked, or what, and when I can expect to have cold water in the shower again or do laundry, and I'm seething at my upstairs neighbor -- who also is the person who started a load of laundry this morning and then left it. Pah.
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