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This should be it for BEA books, thank heavens. Previous posts are here, here, and here; you can still claim anything in those posts, too. The rules are in part one, but the basics are: claim as much or as little as you want and don't worry about asking for too much. There are duplicates of some of these, so go ahead and ask even if someone else already has. Postage is free, too, but if you want to send us cookies we won't say no.

The Grays. Whitley Strieber. August 2006. Signed. X-Filesish fiction based on "a lifetime of research and his own experiences." Apparently Strieber was a NYT #1 for Communion, all about his own abduction? Or something? I was six at the time of said previous book, so I have a good excuse for never having heard of it. In any case, this is marketed as fiction for conspiracy theorists, basically, but it is actually a thriller. With subliminal memories and military factions and all that, true, but still a thriller.

Two manga samplers. There's Viz Media's Sneak Peak 2006 featuring bits from Law of Euki, Yakitate!! Japan, R.O.D.: Read or Die, Zatch Bell! and MAR. There's also Shojo Beat's Compilation Edition 2 featuring bits from Beauty is the Beast, Aishitenuze Baby, Skip Beat, Beauty Pop, Tail of the Moon, and Kamikaze Girls. (I thought about explaining shojo, and then I realized that anyone who wanted that book would already know what it was, though this is the Viz Media definition and thus a little unusual. Anyway, the included titles really do the explaining for me.)

Anne Freaks Volume 1. Yua Kotegawa. March 2006. Manga. This opens with Yuri burying his mom, whom he has just killed; then Anne Freaks shows up, tells him it's a bad place because someone will surely find the body, knocks him out, and does a better job of body disposal. Anne wants to kill her dad, who is, according to her, leading a terrorist group. You get the idea.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days Volume 1. Fumino Hayashi. May 2006. Manga. An alternate reality of the original Evangelion, with more high school romantic comedy and fewer robots.

Missouri Boy. Leland Myrick. September 2006. Graphic novel memoir, but nowhere near as cool as, say, Alison Bechdel's Fun Home. Missouri Boy is told in isolated incidents, and the episodic form doesn't really lend itself to really deeply-explored stories. Which isn't to say that there aren't good bits, just that I shouldn't have read it after Fun Home. I think the individual stories are intended to leave resonant images of small-town Missouri and of youth, but the artwork didn't appeal to me, so I didn't pause over the words or images enough to really get said images.

The Way of the Wilderking. Jonathan Rogers. May 2006. I haven't read this; extrapolation from back cover copy follows. This appears to be Biblical-ish fantasy fiction, possibly a la C.S. Lewis. It's set in the mythical country of Corenwald, which is ruled by the tyrant king Darrow in the Bible. Our hero, Aidan, has to overthrow the tyrant because no-one else will. My guesstimate is that this is designed for the young'uns, maybe third grade?

How I Lost 10 Pounds in 53 Years: A Memoir. Kaye Ballard with Jim Hesselman. September 2006. Hollywood Comedian's Memoir With Revealing Anecdotes. No, that's basically how this is being billed, because Ballard worked with just about everybody -- Brando! Judy Garland! Lucille Ball! Cary Grant! Gypsy Rose Lee! etc. I haven't read it; in glimpses, the style appears extraordinarily chatty, and the anecdotes are brief and mostly recollections without analysis. Could still be fun.

On Christmas Eve. Ann M. Martin. October 2006. Christmas book. Um, obviously. Tess believes so much in Santa and in Christmas that she has a wonderful Christmas Eve. And Santa shows up. Possibly other plot things happen; I haven't read it yet. I'm guessing third grade again.

SuperVariety Sudoku. James E. Riley, ed. No lj-cut necessary; it's a book of sudoku and dual sudoku and wordoku puzzles.

The following books are signed to one of us, or to some random person. (Some people don't follow directions well, don't take no for an answer, or refuse to just sign their books, for fear that they will turn up on EBay or something. The people most concerned about EBay are frequently the people who have least reason to be concerned.)

Memories of Empire. Django Wexler. September 2005. I haven't read it, so! The usually guessing. One of the Medallion imprints, so my guess is fantasy-romance. Girl is sold to slavers; slavers are attacked by amnesiac mercenary; girl must befriend amnesiac mercenary; together, they are pursued by demons and join with sketchy characters to destroy a "rogue sorcerer." I kid you not. A glance at it seems to indicate many plot twists and good-guys-no-bad-guys-no-good-guys. Oh, and a desperate need for a proofreader. If you want this, you get a blab of Wexler's second novel include at ... well, obviously at no extra cost. Just "included," I suppose.

An Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters, and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas. Diane Wilson. September 2005. Think Erin Brockovich, only with the county leading the nation in toxic emissions. Wilson tries to stop major polluter from expanding their plant until they agree to a zero-emissions policy, and there are hunger strikes, death threats, and plenty of other drama along the way. Simple prose, decently done.

The Water Prescription for Health Vitality and Rejuvenation. Christopher Vasey. This isn't someone who was confused about signing; this is someone who would not leave [ profile] m_shell alone until she agreed to take a copy. It's, um, a book about how drinking water will fix everything in your life. Vasey "discloses the qualities of different types of water and demonstrates which will best address certain conditions." So. You know. I rather suspect that the library book sale will be getting this one.

TV Guide: Celebrating an Icon. Stephen Hofer, ed. March 2006. For those interested in pop culture, this contains a color reproduction of every tv guide cover. Ever. Apparently it can help you "value" your collection of digests (TV guide was handing "collectible" tv guides with this book and, for example, the Boromir LotR one appears to be worth twelve whole dollars). Or you could just stare at it in awe at the history of television; the cumulative effect of the cover images is fairly impressive. Also, if anyone wants them, the TV guide folks were passing out "historic" editions, all of which are in plastic and everything. There's a Yugi-Oh limited edit, the aforementioned Boromir cover, 50 Funniest Moments of I Love Lucy (worth thirty-five dollars according to TV guide), and all six DS9 covers. If y'all know how to sell this stuff, more power to you; don't feel bad about asking for it to sell it, because I sure don't have the energy. Or the EBay account.

And sundries: temporary tattoos with the domiKNITrix logo; a set of twenty postcards by Brom, goth but cooler than anticipated from the images I'd previously seen; buttons and pins (I Lie for a Living, Kids Rule, The President's Nemesis, Mindful Politics: It's the Ego, Stupid, etc, good as bases for crafters); a guitar pick; a stretchy bracelet that says "anime wa inochi"; miscellaneous posters; and, for anyone who actually read this far, North-South Books' fab promotion: a Rainbow Fish t-shirt, sized Kids L (6-8). Said t-shirt is text-free; it's just the shiny rainbow fish from the book cover.

ETA: Also we have Arden Shakespeare Books of Quotations. These are cute mini books (with excellent paper) of themed Shakespeare quotes; we have two each of Love, Nature, and the Seven Ages of Man, and six each of Life and Death.
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