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1. Over the course of the day, the national weather service report went from "9-11 inches snow accumulation in the next 24 hours" to "little or no snow accumulation expected" to "8-14 inches of snow accumulation possible." Weird.

2. Writing a recipe in my language class. It has to be "a complicated one" -- I'm not allowed to do a three-ingredient recipe like my pumpkin soup. This is surprisingly difficult, because cooking involves all sorts of specialized vocabulary, most of which I don't have. (I can say "remove from heat" but I don't have an "until" construction, so I don't know how to say "simmer over low heat until thick." Also, I have to continually look up words like simmer.)

3. The Warriors beat the Timberwolves and the fucking Sacramento Kings took the LA Clippers. Which means that the Warriors are currently in the eight playoff spot in the West... and will hold onto it if they beat the Mavs (or if the Clippers lose to the Phoenix Suns. Again.). Now, the Mavs are the top-ranked team in the entire NBA. BUT. The barely-eighth-seed Warriors have thumped them repeatedly. Oh my GOD, y'all. The Warriors haven't been the playoffs in twelve years. They hold the active record for longest playoff drought in the league. I had all but given up hope. Oh my GOD.
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