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I have been having trouble posting lately; I feel like I can't finish anything, or like I can't manage to write coherent sentences. So this is me saying fuck it, and possibly by the end of the post I'll be down to bullet points, but at least I'll be posting something.

So! The [community profile] kink_bingo arbitrary mod prizes are a sort of recs list, but they could never include include all the awesome fanworks that I wanted to give prizes to. So here are some other [community profile] kink_bingo fanworks that I enjoyed, in a wide range of fandoms. (A sad percentage of Mission Read/Listen To/Look At All the Things is spent crossreferencing headers with wikipedia before reading/looking at/listening to, actually. Now I have learned about The Losers! Maybe someday I will even watch it. It could happen.)

[personal profile] oper_1895's bingo. (White Collar, Peter/Neal and Peter/Neal/Elizabeth, all set in the same universe in which Neal is asexual.)

What I like: I really love hir bingo as a set of stories; I think they work best when they're read all together. And I like the way they all focus so much on the erotics of the kink, and on what Neal and Peter and Elizabeth each get out of the kink and how those can be all different things. And that leads to an interesting and unusual (in my reading of kink blogs/erotica) take on orgasm denial, in that story, that I quite like. Plus many of the stories have great predicament and endurance bondage, which I am always all for.

[personal profile] tristesses's bingo (Start Trek AOS Gaila/Uhura, Harry Potter Cho/Padma, Temeraire Laurence/Tharkay)

What I like: [personal profile] tristesses writes kink that is SRSLY HOT LIKE BURNING, but it ranges across all different types of kinks and relationships and situations, so there is something for any mood I'm in. So the brief version of these stories! The Temeraire one: okay listen figging! I can't help it! I am always pleased to see figging in a story, especially when it's chronologically appropriate. Also the way the Laurence/Tharkay story develops was a surprise to me, and an interesting take on kink for distraction. The Gaila/Uhura stories are HOT LIKE BURNING, one very sweet (tentacles!) and one very fearplay-y (blades, mirrorverse, all about play with fear and trust and consent). And the Cho/Padma is just a brilliant take on Cho's kinks; I thought at first that it was going to be Cho on a broomstick, but it's not, it's way cooler than that.

[personal profile] cypher's bingos; she wrote 15 stories this round, so if you're looking for a place to start how about Instinct (Eternal Poison, Rondemion/Logue) or Extra Strength (Last Remnant, Rush/David) or Whole New World (.hack//GU, Kuhn/Silabus). What I like:

I always have to go to wikipedia to figure out who the characters in [personal profile] cypher's stories are, but it's totally worth it. Like [personal profile] tristesses, [personal profile] cypher writes all different kinds of kink in all different situations and different kinds of relationships, so there are many kinds of kink practice and kinky play on offer. I love how she plays with game tropes and phrases, things like "are you proposing that we smoke our restorative items?" I love the rawness of the Eternal Poison watersports story, which also plays in interesting ways with aggression and humiliation and is also btw first-time sex in an alley, yes. And the Last Remnant drugs/aphrodisiacs story is basically everything I love best in a drugs/aphrodisiacs story. And the .hack/GU anonymity and gender play story does interesting things with MMORPGs.

[personal profile] busaikko's whole bingo (SGA, John/Rodney, John/Ronon; in the John/Rodney stories John is asexual, in the John/Ronon story Ronon is a trans man)

What I like: They make me go \o/! [personal profile] busaikko did such great things this year, I love them all to pieces. The mirrors story, in which John and Ronon play with mirroring sex acts and thus with voyeurism and exhibitionism, is hot like whoah, the caning one is a really interesting lifestyle-kink story in which John and Rodney want to play with caning for different reasons, and the plushie/furry kink one is basically 100% a true story that is true about John and Rodney.

[personal profile] gloss's We all got in tune (Middleman, Wendy/Lacey/Noser) and Motherfuckers, quick to kiss (DCU, Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, Nightwing/Robin/Superman)

What I like: It reads like a Middleman scene! Except with more double penetration. I love that it's double penetration with strap-ons, I love that it's sweet drunk art student kink, and I love how much Wendy and Lacey and Noser clearly care for each other. [personal profile] gloss also wrote a bunch of DCU stories, not all of which I've read yet, but I really liked "Motherfuckers, quick to kiss". It's a lot darker than the Middleman story, and more fucked up, but the Jason Todd pov is fascinating.

[ profile] blackfic's This is Our Love Story (White Collar, Peter/Elizabeth)

What I like: It's a look at the evolution of a kinky relationship, so it's partly about negotiation, and partly about the intimacy of sharing and talking about kink, and partly about the ways that kink play can change through time. And about Peter and Elizabeth doing all different kinds of piss play, so what's not to love?

[personal profile] pocketmouse's Quantum Equilibrium and Little Red Book (Doctor Who, Amy/Rory + Eleven)

What I like: These are two quiet, character-focused kink stories, both of which are about the ways in which the Doctor does and doesn't fit into Amy and Rory's relationship, and the ways in which he watches and they invite him to. I like "Little Red Book" a lot in part because it's a series of little written sex stories that are intentionally left out and available, so that it's doing the epistolary version of the phonesex square.

[ profile] the_deep_magic's multi-fandom writing on the body recs list (several fandoms)

What I like: This is a fun recs set, even though I share few of the fandoms, because it's focused on so many different kinds of writing on the body: the possessive, the humiliating, the sensation-play versions. I enjoyed reading it even though I didn't read any of the stories.

[personal profile] liodain's bingos (Watchmen, Dan/Rorschach fic and art)

What I like: I suspect that these are stories/art where a recent look at the canon would really help; I sometimes forget the names of characters in Watchmen. So these might be recs that are more for Watchmen-fans. But I enjoyed these stories as character pieces; they feel very true to my recollection of the canon. I enjoyed "Tantalus," which is a teasing story that does the back-and-forthness of teasing really well, and "Safe and Sound," which is a urethral sounding fic in which Rorschach assumes that sounding hurts, because that's just the kind of guy he is.

[ profile] igbc's Pierced Through the Heart (Starsky and Hutch, Starsky/Hutch)

What I like: It's older dude kink! A happy long-term relationship in which Hutch gets his nipples pierced at sixty, awwww.

Also if you're looking for even more fanworks, you could check out my kink bingo tag on delicious or thingswithwing's kink bingo tag. (We each only looked at half the things, actually, and then made short lists for each other, so there's a lot of non-overlapping stuff there.)

... in other news, guys, I am down to like eight open fic tabs, all of which are giant epic stories of giantness. Wow. Also I guess I might have to read some of those giant epic stories of giantness or something. Maybe I'll finally read The Hard Prayer! (Leftmost fic tab, open at least eight months. Someday I will read it.)
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