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May. 26th, 2011 01:30 pm
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1. If you like silly flash games, I recommend Elephant Quest, in which you are a small blue elephant whose hat has been stolen by a wooly mammoth. Pros: charmingly ludicrous premise; similarly great leveling (find helium balloons and tie them to yourself to jump further); flash-styles platformer in which you can't die for reals; nice artwork. Cons: sometimes you have to do a bit of level-grinding; a couple of moments in the dialogue include really wince-worthy ableism. Basically I really enjoyed it except for the OCD elephant.

2. I just found a new awesome ginger beer! We just did a Reed's versus Maine Root brand taste-off, and omg the Maine Root ginger brew is kind of amazing. It's like the full flavor profile of ginger: it starts smooth and round, it ends up sharp, the flavor lasts a long time. A++ am drinking again right now.

3. Mineral sunscreen! I sunburn really easily, but I often react badly to the chemicals in most sunscreen (they burn my face off, which sort of ... renders the sunscreen part moot) and also there's been a lot of talk in the last few years about how the chemicals are bad for you, so I have been trying to transition to mineral sunscreen for maybe two-three years now. This is a mixed bag, mostly, but putting some on just now reminded me that I'd finally found a great one at the end of last summer. Here is my roundup from worst to best:

Burt's Bees Hemp Oil Sunscreen: This stuff is awful. The hemp oil smells really strong, the sunscreen itself is very tacky to the touch, the zinc in it doesn't blend in well so it really does lighten your skin, and also, worst of all, it doesn't work very well. Really really not recommended.

Kiss My Face Kid's Mineral Sunscreen: I bought this one when I accidentally ended up in California without sunscreen; it was the only mineral sunscreen they had at the Walgreens. Goes on clear is a complete and total lie, and it's pretty tacky. It worked okay and has a blue crocodile on the bottle, though, so. I think it would be my sunscreen of last resort - there's just no way I'm using the Burt's Bees anymore, but I might use this if I had to. All of the Kiss My Face adult sunscreens are chemical-styles, though, which is a pain.

Badger Sunscreen: This is okay. The texture is pretty tacky, but that's the only downside - it smell fine and isn't visible on skin and it works. It's a decent sunscreen for swimming, because it sticks really really well and keeps working underwater, but it's a shitty sunscreen for hiking on a humid day, because it never feels like it's sunk in. (Badger makes an unscented sunscreen, too, but they don't sell it anywhere around here, so I've never tried it.)

Alba Botanica mineral sunscreen: This is my favorite so far! It's barely tacky at all - it's a little sticky right after I put it on, but the feeling is gone inside of five minutes. It's similarly white when I put it on, but it spreads out well and is fine with just a bit of rubbing. And it works! I have the vanilla one right now, which smells quite strongly of vanilla, and I think I'm going to go for the unscented one next.

Brands I haven't tried: UV Natural (waaaaay too expensive), Desert Essence (not available at my local store), and Jason.

4. Someday I am going to start doing a diverse-bodies diverse-kinks kink tumblr. I can see it coming every time I scroll through a kink tumblr and see nothing but (apparently) young skinny cis white TAB women in bondage. Many of those pictures are very nice and all, but they just build up on each other to oh my god there are other kinds of people in the world.

But that day is not today, because I've got shit to do, so here are some recs instead: Ireen's Gaze is lovely - it's one of the "I post what I like best" tumblrs, so it's sort of like "diverse bodies doing diverse kinks! cool pictures of cool people! commentary about sex and gender and race and class! Jensen Ackles!" So if you're looking for a unified thing, this is not it, but I like it anyway. Pretty Kinky Things does okay, sometimes. Orlando of 333 images does diverse kinks, but not a lot of diverse bodies; he's sometimes interesting when he talks about kink and what images mean to him, but he's also sometimes a bit *facepalm* about cultural variations in kink. Also there are some tumblrs that do sex generally and have a bit of kink in there.

And if you know good tumblrs I'm not following let me know! I'm not really interested in sex, just in kink (though the kink can have sex in it).
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