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Oh look! It's another story about the relationship between fathers and sons! In which the mother is Lady Not Appearing In This Episode! *eyeroll*

Also, the opening scene of this really calls back to Rose, so I can't help noticing that if you're a black woman who stays behind in a clothing store after closing time, you'll be killed by a cyberman in a scene intercut with the white dude who lives. And if you're a white woman, you'll travel through space and time for two seasons plus occasional guest appearances.

And then they do it again later in the episode, with the black security guard. Just. Seriously? Seriously? The only two people who die in the episode are the two named black characters, and both of their deaths are intercut with the white folks who live.

And Amy Pond is now a ... model with a perfume line? For the girl who's tired of waiting? It's just so out of nowhere! She has previously expressed exactly no interest in either modeling or making perfume. And presumably she is involved with the perfume, because it's named Petrichor - the smell of dust after rain. It's not that there's anything wrong with Amy being involved with perfume and/or modeling, it's that there was never any sign that it's what she wanted to do. Which made me realize that there was never any sign of anything she wanted to do.

And ... Cybermen can't convert you if you fight back? If the Doctor ~believes~ in you? So ... all of those people who were converted to Cybermen over the course of the series just gave in too easily? And didn't have a baby - their gene-carrying baby - crying for them?

I would like to like this episode for its random hijinks and cyberrats and a baby named Stormageddon and the Doctor having an app for that and so on, but I just kept being distracted by all of the structural stuff. Geez.
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