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Dear Festividder,

Hi! I am really excited about festivids, and I'm thrilled that you're making a vid in one of these tiny (or at least small) fandoms that we share! First and foremost, I want you to have fun and do festivids however you want to do it, and if that means totally ignoring this that is fine by me. If you want more information about me or what I like about the sources or music suggestions, read on, but don't take any of this letter as a strict guideline - I like all kinds of vids (including critiques) and I like surprises and I like these sources, so you're pretty sure to make something I'll like.

I'm fine with any rating - one of my requests is for a porn source, and a vid for that could be as porny as you want. And I'm fine with almost any content; the only exceptions are that I'm phobic about needles and sometimes bothered by lingering shots of needles in flesh and that I really hate celluloid closeting and dead queer people narratives (not that you're likely to hit those with these sources).

I listen to music in many genres and languages; I like vids that do cool mismatch things with music style and source, and vids that match the song and source style/time period, and vids that use cool lyrics, and vids that use cool musical tone, and vids to spoken words or sound effects or whatever, and vids to classics, and vids to stuff I've never heard of, and so on. For non-English media, I do have a particular fondness for vids that match the origin/language of the source and the origin/language of the song, but that's not the only thing I like, so if you don't know Mexican/Kenyan/Maori music don't worry about it. Use any music you want; my suggestions are just there in case you prefer to have something to use as a starting point for brainstorming.

The thing about music for me, though, is that I'm hard of hearing in a way that sometimes makes it difficult to parse lyrics that are mumbly or obscured by the instrumentation (but I hear volume and instruments just fine). I will happily watch vids even when I can't hear the lyrics very well, but it helps me a lot if I can follow along with them in text form - if the lyrics to the song you want to vid can't be googled easily, I'd really appreciate it if you included them in your post or offered subtitles.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes [TV]
Music: A vid for this source could go in basically any direction, so it's hard for me to make any particular suggestions - sorry!

Details: I really enjoyed watching this series for the lolz and the nostalgia and the characters and the teamness! My absolute favorite part of the series is the T'Challa pwns everyone especially Tony Stark show, but other highlights are the Janet van Dyne show and the Carol Danvers show and the Vision show and the Hulkeye show and the sadly too brief Luke Cage and Danny Rand show and the Nick Fury and Maria Hill show and ... uh, basically everybody? I would be down with team shenanigans or team sexytimes or character studies or anything like that. My least favorite is Hank Pym and (sometimes) Steve Rogers when he's doing his stern leader broad-shouldered stuff. (I posted about emh here if you're interested: http://eruthros.dreamwidth.org/329842.html )

Black Panther (2009) [TV]
Music: Wakanda is kind of a mess in terms of its location - way to keep moving it around the continent, Marvel - so if you wanted to do African music you could probably do any kind of northeastern / eastern African music? Kenyan/Somalian/etc. But really any region/genre of music is fine with me.

Details: I love T'Challa! I'm not very interested in any of the villains / their backstories; I'm in it for T'Challa and the other Wakandans. Any kind of character study or ass-kicking or funtimes vid would be grand, and so would more critical/political takes on the situations.

Crash Pad series [DVD]
Music: Any!

Details: I love the concept of this series - so many sexy people and diverse bodies and excellent makeouts and porn. I'm particularly a fan of kink - all kinds! - and of Jiz Lee, J-Bird, Lyric Seal, and Papi Coxx. But I have not seen anywhere near all of the eps and will not be at all bothered if you cherry-pick your favorite performers/episodes, though I would appreciate it if your vid preserved the diversity that the Crash Pad cast often has.

Pumzi [Movie]
Music: I don't know much about Kenyan music, but if you do I love that kind of match-up of musical origin and source origin. Or anything about water, or about scifi, or really whatever.

Details: This short film is *gorgeous* - I love the aesthetic and the framing. Gosh is it beautiful. And I love the way it combines a sf-y dystopic future with a magical-realistic or fable-ish sensibility. I don't really have a strong sense of anyone in Pumzi as a character, so it's hard for me to imagine character-centric vids (though I'm sure I'd like them); I just mostly focused on the visuals and the premise.

RuPaul's Drag Race [TV]
Music: Any! I am fine with RuPaul's music or the music that appears in the show, if you want to go that direction.

Details: I love so much of RPDR! The people and the dancing and the amazing drag. My favorites are Raja and Latrice Royale and Sharon Needles and Nina Flowers and Jujubee and Pandora Boxxx; I would love a vid about all of the contestants or a vid that followed one or two in particular or a vid about dancing or amazing outfits or a constructed reality zombie apocalypse AU or anything else.

Sleep Dealer (2008) [Movie]
Music: I never really have strong ideas about music, so feel free to ignore any suggestions - they're just here for brainstorming purposes. I 've been thinking about Mexican or Latin@-American border music recently, because of the way the film negotiates with borders - but other music, like political songs or songs about love or songs about water or whatever, would be fine by me.

Details: I think this is my favorite scifi film of the last decade, practically - it's just so smart about globalization and war and bodies and the future; I love the way it deals with a very contemporary set of scifi issues in the future it imagines. So I would love anything about the speculative fiction-ness of the future, the political ramifications of that specfic, or anything about the Luz/Rudy/Memo threesome and their relationships. Go in the direction of the political, or the character study, or the imagined-future, or the squee about the source, or whatever!

Whale Rider (2002) [Movie]
Music: Maori music? Music about oceans? (There is a lot of water in this set of requests, isn't there.) Music about whales ? Music about awesome people being awesome? Or anything really.

Details: Pai is amazing! I'd love a vid that's all about her. But the film is beautiful in so many ways - the visuals are great - so a vid about the plot, or about Pai's relationship with Koro, or something like that, would be great too.
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