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We've got really loud rain at the moment. Actually, I'd probably call it ... hail. The weather pages all say it's going to rain and rain some more, and none of them think it's hailing, but really, not so much.

Also, I share this SF Chron Culture Blog post about X3, largely because I am squeeful about the inclusion of Angel. And because he's staring out at Coit Tower!

Also, I have decided I need companion Sexier in Glasses icons. A whole fleet of 'em. Daniel (SG-1), Blair (The Sentinel), RayK (due South), Robert Sean Leonard (okay, tell me he wasn't way cuter than he's ever been before in those House press party pictures), and... probably other people as well. That I can't think of right now.

There should be an SGA icon, too, but who is there to icon? Zelenka, I suppose, but he wears his glasses all the time. I tell you, if John Sheppard ever wore glasses, I would be a happy girl. Because the writers are clearly trying to make him appeal to everyone, and he would appeal to me way more in glasses. Possibly with, you know, a grad degree in applied math, and a secret fascination with ... really, any given interesting speculative fiction author. Wouldn't it be faaaabulous if he really just totally dug Ursula K. LeGuin? Or Philip K. Dick? Or had a whole crate of Marvel comics as a kid and was really pissed that his dad threw them away? And then had long conversations about whether the Matrix really was cyberpunk with Rodney? But I get this feeling that the writers are just going to keep going in the direction of "but doesn't he bruise so pretty?" and "notice his gun! and his stride!" and "he loves his people and his city!" and blahblah whatever.

Date: 2006-01-18 04:28 am (UTC)
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Ah, but, see, Zelenka is *perfect*, because David Nykl, while charming and intelligent, is not as hot as Zelenka, and I'm convinced it's *because he doesn't wear glasses*.

Date: 2006-01-18 08:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am right there with you. I've seen interviews with him and stuff, and he's very charming and intelligent, but I don't find him hot at all when his hair is all neat and he's without glasses. But Zelenka is another story!


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