Oct. 15th, 2010

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I was clicking around through tags on the AO3, probably after following a link to a story from [community profile] white_collar's weekly roundup, and I discovered that the AO3 has a risk-aware consensual kink tag!

I clicked on it, and was taken to ... the safe sane and consensual tag, for which there are all of nine stories.

So first I sent off a message to the AO3 tag folks attempting to explain that although RACK and SSC are used sort of synonymously by some people, they are often considered really really different. I mean, okay, I got to that tag via hoosierbitch's i trust you (to make my darkest dreams come true), which is a story in which unconscious sex under here ) and the other stories marked RACK are a bloodplay/knifeplay/fearplay story involving blood-drinking and knifeplay on the genitals, and a gunplay story in which the top cocks the gun. Which, well tagged guys! that's RACK right there! But it might kind of startle someone searching for safe sane consensual. (And I haven't read these specific SSC stories, but I've sometimes found kinks I practice marked as outside the boundaries of "safe" or "sane" in SSC conversations, which I hate. And I really wouldn't be expecting that from stories tagged RACK.)

But after I did that, I was sad that there weren't more stories tagged RACK. I would love for that tag to be bigger, because I would totally use it to find new and interesting fic to read.


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