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So JKR retconned the DADA position, right? She was all "ever since Riddle asked for it, no-one's been able to keep it for more than a year." That's probably far before his return to England as Lord Voldemort in 1970. This means that there are tons of DADA teachers who only lasted a year. Tons! I want to see a list of how they all ended up, dead or kicked out or otherwise. Like:

'62: Professor Q. Snigglesbat, eaten by toads.
'63: Professor A. Waffling, inexplicably implodes. (Remains were discovered in Great Hall and used to fertilize the rosegarden.)
'64: Professor M. Peazepot, ate the wrong moss. (Drug habit, very sad story.)
'65: Professor R. Kettleridge, Crucio-induced hearing loss.

I was talking to [ profile] m_shell about this, and we decided that it should RHYME. And be illustrated Gorey-esque.

Or, you know, just be a list with parenthetical comments. Also one of them should just retire, because that would be funny -- you're reading along, all "fell from broom, turned into vampire, blahblah" and then you reach "'72: Professor A. Dumbledore, retired."

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*goes to look at Gorey pics for reference*

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And then you get to '73: died in a bizarre gardening accident.

Wait, that was one of the Spinal Tap drummers.... ;)

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(or whichever year it was supposed to have happened. y'know what I mean, in any case. :)

Date: 2005-08-04 03:09 am (UTC)
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You are too adorable for words. :)


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