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So today I have injured myself in such a way that pressure hurts in TWO places. I managed to slice my finger on my nice sharp knife while doing dishes, which makes this the first time that I've done such a thing. So I have a bandaid on, but it still hurts and I keep trying to figure out how to type, and also it hurts in hot water. LOVELY. I didn't need that piece of flesh, apparently.

And then! I was going to bed last night and somehow stepped funny and suddenly... owww. I used to have this happen all the time when I was a kid, something in the ankle that's neither a twist or a sprain, and I'd shout and tear up and make awful faces like Rodney McKay and then gingerly limp around until all of a sudden, wham! It was better. Well, I haven't had the better yet. So I'm gingerly mincing around the unshovelled walked on campus, continually hoping that this next step will be the step. Also, it kept me from sleeping well, because I kept bumping it and waking up shouting.


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