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Best headlines of the day:

"Pomos wary of superfund."
My first take: postmodernists don't like superfund sites? Who huh wha ... Oh, oh! Pomo Indians. Right!"

"Study: Don't get divorced or fired."
Apparently they're bad for your mood, according to the subhead. Really? Whoda thunk?

"Developer condemns city." (In the Philadelphia Inquirer.)
Me: "the whole thing? Oh, wait. They mean city hall." Lo, I am slow on the first DST weekday.

Life goals:

One day, when I produce a TV show (I don't know how I'd get there from here, but that's irrelevant), I will commission an amnesia episode. You know, like the famous amnesia clip shows of yore (due South, I am so looking at you). Except that all the stories we frame as big, important stories... will be clips we've never seen before. It will be fabulous! It'll be the anti-clip show, with "flashbacks." You know you want to subvert the clip show, too! None of the "he was dreaming!" "he had amnesia!" "he was on trial!" "but it's not really a clip show, because we dubbed in new dialogue!" crap.


This is quite possibly the most hilarious quote regarding DADT ever. Regarding, of course, Matt Sanchez, the Marine Corps Times informs us that officials are "unable to confirm whether Sanchez had enlisted prior to the end of his film career or if Reserve Marines were prohibited from doing porn when not in a drilling status." These are important questions, yo! If you're a Reserve Marine, and you're not drilling, and you're in some gay porn: does that violate DADT?

Man, DADT: how are you so completely ridiculous? GOD.

But, on the other hand, think how useful this information might be to people who write in SGA.

Aside: Interestingly, while there are some homophobes, many of the commenters seem to feel that a) Matt Sanchez is misleadingly characterizing himself as a reserve marine and b) that the question of whether or not he is gay is irrelevant, because having a past in gay porn and then pretending to be heterosexual and pretending to be a reservist when he's really got some other kind of status is bad for unit moral. The marines who post are saying things like "while I do not agree with the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy I also do not agree with opportunists and liars" -- which really, is kind of awesome, because Matt Sanchez accuses the liberals of hypocrisy for attacking him for being gay (the "I'm a victim and you're hypocrites!" attempt at deflection), not understanding that they're really attacking him for being an ass and a liar and a hypocrite himself. So it's kinda awesome to see people saying more or less that same thing on the comments board -- that his homosexuality doesn't matter, but his hypocrisy and attention-seeking does.


And one last link for those of you who, like me, are bitter about this whole stupid thing where Daylight Savings starts earlier and ends later: a University of California study, based on the Australian case, that argues that pushing DST back into winter actually increases energy use. Rather than putting daylight hours when we use them, it puts dark hours when we wake up -- so we get up, turn on the heater, the lights all over the house, and so on. And this turns morning into a peak-load time, increasing the prices of electricity in the morning. Yeah, a nice "free" way to conserve energy? Bite me, Congress.

Date: 2007-03-12 06:23 pm (UTC)
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Re: clip show: Isn't that kind of like B5's "Deconstruction of Falling Stars" except the other way around? (Am I thinking of the right episode?) Like, how they showed you what was going to happen in the future and the exceedingly-near future included some telepath arc stuff from S5? So that when you get to S5 you're all "Hey! They showed us that!"

Date: 2007-03-12 11:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
And on the topic of your original anti-clip idea, I just remembered that one of the Starsky & Hutch 2-parters ("The Plague," I think, where the evil assassin infects Hutch with some unspecified plague and Starsky has to cuddle him in the hospital). Anyway. For maximum WTFness, they included in the Previouslies of the second part some scenes from the second part of the episode. So I was watching along and got to the previouslies and it was full of stuff I hadn't seen yet.

Also, new BSG has been known to put clips from deleted scenes in the previouslies.

Not as cool as a whole anti-clip show, but still pretty bizarre.

Date: 2007-03-13 12:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I still love your anti-clipshow idea! I will make you a tv producer, just as soon as I'm a studio exec.

and, for serious, is the Matt Sanchez case ever going to stop being ludicrous and awesome? my answer: not today.

Date: 2007-03-14 02:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

step one: play with television conventions and frustrate narrative expectation

step three: take over the world

step two: unknown



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