Nov. 3rd, 2004

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All stumbled across or sent to me in the last few days:

Story summaries:

Moony wants Padfoot, Remus wants Sirius but does Sirius feel the same?
(Because they're, um, different people?)

AU. Set during and after Buffy "Chosen" & HP "OotP" BTVSHP crossover. What if James and Lily didn’t die, but was sent forward in time? And landed beside a now destroyed hellmouth were they meet Buffy & CO?
(I ... don't even know where to start.)

Take five boys and a Sorting Hat, mix them up and bake in a moderate oven for six years. Warning, this is not a happy tale.
(Until golden brown; test with a clean fork before serving.)

Author's notes:

It might squeak you. On the other hand, I did some research and apparently what I wrote actually sometimes happen.
(I would so hate to be squeaked. It sounds undignified. And possibly painful.)

Disclaimers: I don't own anything HP, so don't please, don't sue! I own nothing except for my plot bunny of 'Bella' and my three OC's, Eathen Simone, Andre' DuPrea, and 'my' Bella.
(Because as we all know, Interesting and Innovative Doubled Vowels make any OC better! ... or possibly more Mary-Suey. One of the two.)

This is a short somewhat smutty little fic that started out with a question - is it possible to write a love scene between two people without divulging who they are, including their gender? This means that the chracters could be M/F, M/M or F/F. My question to you is – can you tell who the lovers are?
(My answer would be "no." To both questions. Especially if you're not using pronouns. Maybe it's in the third person neutral like in Turkish?)

In the meantime, I watch Stargate to distract me from reloading the Media Matters chart every ten seconds. La. The world will not end. La. If it does, I will still try to sleep tonight. La. I will not bitch out anyone for calling Florida for Bush while polls in Miami-Dade are still open. La. La. Ommmmmmmm.
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To be honest this is one of the things that's bothering me the most.

The article is about a specific set of three precincts, the smallest with c. 400 registered voters and the largest with thousands. And this:
Each precinct had two functioning voting machines. The largest precinct was supposed to have three machines. One was broken at the precinct's opening and later replaced with another machine that also did not function. It's not hard to do the math. Five minutes per voter means 12 voters per machine per hour. Ohio polls were open for 13 hours, for a maximum throughput of 156 voters per machine, or 312 voters per precinct. That's barely enough for a 75 percent turnout in the smallest precinct of the three. For the larger precincts, it was a joke -- on voters.
Now, let's think about that. I phoned people for this election. I wanted to get out the vote. I damn well got out the vote.

There were still lines in Cleveland at midnight last night when I went to bed. The polls closed at eight. They're required to let everyone in line vote, but how many people there can afford to stay until one am? Until two? Until three? Through the next day? Your employer is required in many states to let you take time off to vote -- but could you do it two days in a row? What if you take public transportation?

And I'm not joking about two days in a row. Getting sixty percent of that large precinct to vote would take at least fifty hours on two machines. And that is the most conservative estimate I can make with those numbers. Fifty hours. Fifty. The polls were open for twelve.

Why am I getting out the vote if we don't have the infrastructure for people to vote? What does "every vote counts" mean when there were lines miles long in Pennsylvania counties last night at ten pm because people were still waiting? What does "every vote counts" mean when they have to go home? What does "every vote counts" mean if we're making it that damn hard for people?

We were hoping for turnout around 118 or 120 mil. How horrible would it be if the difference between the turnout we hoped for and the turnout we got is the people who had to leave the line and go home?


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