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Video of the steps outside the CA Supreme Court as the decision was announced: here.

Video of Mayor Gavin Newsom's press conference here. It's hard to hear, but look at that crowd, look at the reaction, man. (You remember him; he was the one who told the city of San Francisco to issue same-sex marriage licenses in 2004 -- the film crew that was around that day made a video called Pursuit of Equality, trailer available here; it also makes me sniffly.1)

There's a neat slideshow at the San Jose Mercury News here; picture 15 is the SF City Hall, filled with people.

And I dunno if you remember this, but this past winter New York ruled that all out of state marriages must be recognized in New York. Which means, if you're a New York resident, and you get married in Massachusetts or California or Canada, your employer here in NY has to give you benefits.

Dear San Francisco City Attorney, dear Lambda Legal, dear ACLU, dear NCLR, dear Equality California: thanks. You guys are awesome.

1. For maximum sniffles: Vienna Teng's City Hall (here), a narrative song about a couple getting married in San Francisco in 2004. And it's topical, because the 2004 marriage in SF led, over the last four years, to this: many of the couples who got married then brought the suit against the state that resulted in this overturn. Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, the very first couple to be married in San Francisco in 2004 (in the first picture under Thursday here), were part of the suit.
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