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... because we started watching it on Netflix while [personal profile] chagrined was here, and have kept watching it because it is lolz. It's right in that space of fluctuating nostalgia-sincerity-lolz-irony that some shows manage to hit - we laugh at it and we sing along and we predict the plot twists ([personal profile] thingswithwings likes to do Thor's dialogue a beat before he does, because he is very predictable) and we say "oh, that's not a bad idea at all" and we nostalgically go "awww, look, Ultron!" and we mock Tony Stark (not a hard task) and we hash out Ant Man's backstory ("no, seriously, Pym particles and biochemical wings. He does science!") and we pause the show and complain whenever Hawkeye appears to fly and we agree that Black Panther could totally take on the rest of the Avengers no problem (except maybe the Hulk) and we cheer on Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, and we roll around in the canon and basically have a good time.

So really, the credits sequence kind of encapsulates my whole Avengers: EMH nostalgia/lolz experience so far, so I thought I would embed it here. As you watch, imagine that you're sitting in a room with total dorks (us!) who are singing along in srs bzns rock music voices. Possibly one or more of us is headbanging, because why not.

Fight As One lyrics )

Fight As One not-at-all-neutral video description + lyrics )

So that is kind of the Avengers right there! Lolz/nostalgia/sincerity/irony/more lolz. But I do have more to say than that, so here are some more spoilery things about the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes from about halfway through season one )

The thing is, I'm actually not very interested in the movieverse canon, or in Tony/Steve, which is the big pairing, so mostly I just plan to watch the show and do lolz and nostalgia at the moment.
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I was thinking about hilarious plotting just now, and it occurred to me that I'd probably never shared my favorite seven minutes of Criminal Minds of pretty much all time. It is a) ridiculous plotting and b) Morgan looks super hot but c) it is a cop show and there is gun violence, a terrorism plot, and an explosion. So what has just happened here is that the team's in New York, a small car bomb just went off, and the team is trying to figure out where the second explosion is going to be:Criminal Minds clip of lolarity )

But really it just makes Morgan that much more awesome. Morgan/Garcia: dirty talk OTP, and like seventy percent of the crime-solving on the show.

I think my second favorite lolzy plotting moment is in the Sentinel episode "Cypher." And, I mean, picking a Sentinel episode is kind of a cheat, given that there's also an episode in which Jim Ellison has to borrow a racehorse to chase a man through an amusement park, an episode in which Jim Ellison is thrown out of a speeding train and ends up hanging under it for half an hour, and an episode in which Jim Ellison goes temporarily blind, learns to use echolocation, and then drives a car in a complicated chase scene. But this is just such a small ridiculous moment that underscores all the ridiculousness that was The Sentinel, because in "Cypher," inside of two minutes of fight scene, Jim Ellison drops two separate guns -- one of them, iirc, twice. That's right, his sentinel senses allow him to fire a shot into the barrel of somebody else's gun, but any time someone taps his arm he drops his gun. And he also falls down broken elevator shafts or whatever twice in the same two minutes. Once the elevator shaftish thing is blocked by a glass window so it can shatter satisfyingly. The writers of that show only had two tricks for ramping up the tension during a fight scene: Jim drops his gun, and Jim falls down. Okay, three: Blair is in trouble! Bless.

Do y'all have favorite plot moments like that?
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The other day when I was sad and cranky, [personal profile] happydork linked me to this amazing video of dogs catching treats in slow motion. It's an ad for Pedigree food, but not until the end, and the important part is that the dogs all look so happy and excited and they make adorable "nom" faces when they catch the treats. Seriously, it is amazingly adorable:

And then the related-videos on youtube led me to the realization that this is a whole genre. Yes. The slow-motion 300-fps or higher dog or cat video, sometimes set to no music at all and sometimes set to trance or classical. So far basically all of them are amazing and they have brightened my days tremendously. Want to see dogs shaking off or playing in the snow in slow-motion? Or cats leaping and cleaning their paws? )

This has been a cute youtube video PSA. And let me just say, there are like another hundred videos where those came from. Dogs drinking! Dogs leaping into streams! Cats doing backflips!
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So I was following various feedreeder links and I ended up at a post that was talking about a Rick Barber for Congress ad that's so awful that I can't get past ".. what?" Warning for images of American slavery, the Holocaust, other situations involving slavery, and amazingly offensive and insensitive comparisons of those to taxation.

transcript/paraphrase )

It's the sort of thing that I wouldn't have found out about in the days before the internet -- he's a Tea Party republican running for representative in Alabama, so not a giant name, before blogs I probably wouldn't have heard of him until after the election. But, just, seriously? Seriously taxation is slavery? Seriously comparable to the Holocaust? I mean, I know the tea party has pulled that comparison before, and will again, but there's something about the smugness of this ad, the defense of excise taxes while calling income taxes slavery, and the use of Abraham Lincoln as an anti-government mouthpiece that make me particularly "... what?" and it.
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I recently watched Star Trek TOS 1x25, "This Side of Paradise," aka "the one with the alien sex pollen." Spoilers ahoy below this here cut )
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Things I have found going through old posts:
1. Typos that result in a queue for Snape's cock. Or in Jim wanting to nail the mattress. I apparently made these types of posts frequently, five years ago.

2. A request for Holmes/Cthulhu eldritch tentacle pr0n. (Then I thought, oh man, why hasn't anyone written Cthulhu fic for the tentacles prompt at [ profile] kink_bingo. Then I realized I maybe had a problem.)

3. An amazing illustration of telling not showing.

4. I have a post from 2007 with eight youtube videos embedded. All but one have now been removed for copyright or terms-of-use violation. Including, amazingly, the Activision 1981 annual report. Seriously, youtube? Seriously?

Links I am going to relink here:


2. Henry Kissinger/Deep Throat RPF.

3. An article from 2003 headlined "Justin Timberlake Hazardous To Your Health."

4. I'm totally going to relink to the above-mentioned Activision annual report. Youtubers: uploading nearly as fast as youtube can take shit down.
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1) So, the tea party protests. Okay, so, there's a lot to be said about the fakeness of it, about the way it makes little to no sense, about the Fox News promotions of the tea parties. But what bothers me most of all? Is how some proponents of the parties are calling it teabagging. Like, mostly, they stick to "tea party," but occasionally there's a teabagging or two, and seriously, guys, that's not what I think of when I hear the word teabagging.

Fortunately, Rachel Maddow has already attempted to get through a description of the teabagging tea parties without laughing, and failed miserably, so I don't feel alone in this:

2) The National Organization for Marriage -- an anti-gay-rights group -- is starting a new campaign. It is about how lots of people are against gay marriage. They are calling it "2 Million for Marriage." They are abbreviating it 2M4M. Which, hmm, M4M stands for Men for Men -- there's actually even a dating website named M4M, so it's not exactly UNDERGROUND SLANG. And, even better, 2M4M is when you're a couple looking for another guy to have sex with. Well DONE, National Organization for Marriage! (They also forgot to register possible variations of their domain name, such that now points to a pro-gay-marriage site.)
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[ profile] thingswithwings and I were talking about early R&B songs about unhealthy relationships -- there are kind of a lot. And it reminded me of this Sesame Street routine, which freaked me the fuck out when I was, whatever, five. Which I will now share with you and you should totally watch:


And they even rewrote the song so that he doesn't seem to like it at all -- in the original, at least he's conflicted? But here he's like "aaah I am being chased by a giant muppet letter U."

I checked out some of the youtube comments, and discovered that other kids about my age found it completely horrifying: there are comments from people who say "I used to hide when this clip showed on Sesame Street" and "this gave me the creeps" and "I always thought the U was trying to choke him!"

In conclusion, this is at least as freaky now as it was when I was five. Who could possibly have thought this was a good idea?
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You guys, the degree to which I love Sarah Haskins and "Target: Women!" cannot be textually rendered. Every time there's a new video, it brightens my day.

So I share the latest video with you guys here:

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Today, in random browsing of youtube, I discovered the following gem of accidental1 oh-so-wrong slash:

[personal profile] thingswithwings and I laughed and said "OH GOD" a lot. We particularly liked the moment at 1:07. And at 1:56. And, really, omg.

1 This is billed as "Bridger/ Lucas friendship." I do not think that means what they think it means.


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