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I'm such a slow yuletide reader, seriously. I've got thousand of stories left to read, but here is some more awesome:

Sugar and Spices and Explosive Devices, D.E.B.S. This is the totally true story of Lucy Diamond's childhood, her camp criminality. And the tone plays so well with the camp of the film, the genre-play of the lesbian spy story. Tres fun.

Buckaroo Banzai and the Floydada Scuffle, Buckaroo Banzai. More backstory -- in which Buckaroo and Rawhide meet in the middle of nowhere, Texas, and then fight zombies. For reals. And the style plays really well with the original movie and book, with weird asides and funny names and Floydada, Texas. And also, of course, I love Rawhide best too.

Queen of the Cats, Discworld. This is awesome and amazing; it feels like a Pratchett short story. The authr plays with the Discworld notion of stories-as-power, and does it really deftly here. AND it's got all of everyone's favorite characters in it: Vimes and Vetinari having conversations in their silences; Young Sam, taught by all the watchmen to love the city; Granny Wetherwax and Gytha Ogg. And the dialogue is completely spot-on -- there's what I suspect of being a spell-check induced typo in Granny's name, but if you can overlook that you'll find something awesome.

Metamorphosis, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. This is awesome and amazing -- I can't believe the degree to which is sounds and reads like a missing scene of the play, so that the play presses in on the story a really interesting foreboding way. The dialogue is perfect; I didn't even know this was possible.

And a few shorter, less plotty pieces that nonetheless do wonderful things with the text:
Wanderlust, set in Robin McKinley's Damar universe, is a lovely little piece from Jack Dedham's POV.

Sapphism is Catching, Oscar Wilde's Importance of Being Earnest. In which Cecily and Gwendolyn find things to do while the boys are away.

More later, when I ... actually finish even a single pass through the archive.


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