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So, okay, I've been reading many of the yuletide letters linked in the main post, because they are full of fannish joy. I read them in fandoms I don't know, in fandoms I love, in fandoms I've barely heard of, and I rejoice in the glee and the fannishness and the yuletideyness of yuletide. And so, because I thought some of y'all might enjoy this, too, I've pulled out some cool requests I've seen recently. Presume that there are spoilers for all the fandoms behind the cuts, because sometimes I have no idea what the source even is and can't warn more carefully. (To my shame, I have never read Mercedes Lackey.)

Eddie Izzard - Stand-Up Routines, request by googlebrat.

The new stand-up routine, Stripped, is awesome and everyone needs to see it. Eddie points out that if you stick all the animals in the world on a really big ship in pairs, what you get on the other end is. two really fat tigers. And a shellshocked squirrel. (It was horrible, man! It was awful!) It strikes me that this could be very funnily done as a horror story -- perhaps in the style of the Blair Witch Project?

Indiana Jones universe (movies), request by eisoj5.

I'd love to see something about an archaeological expedition that features nothing supernatural or extraordinary whatsoever. Surely Indy must have conducted a plain, boring field school for his own research at some point, right? Not that field school is ever *boring*, especially when Marion is involved...

Okay, I totally love the Indy movies, but here's the thing: I teach archaeology to students from fourth grade on up, and I teach very specifically that the way Indiana Jones treats the field is seriously unscientific and highly glamorized for the sake of Hollywood (um, duh!) In fact, there's a very amusing commentary on that very subject here. So I would really love a story about Dr. Jones doing completely ordinary archaeology things, like running a field school or just fricking writing a report, either as he was coming up as a professor or after he and Marion are married.

Total Eclipse of the Heart (music video), request by maradao.

Please oh please tell me what in the name of dancing ninjas is going on in this thing, and /why/? If you can pull any kind of coherent story about any of the characters -- crackfic, darkfic, cheesy horror, kinky fantasy, anything, everything -- out of this magnificent overflowing crockpot of the surreal, I'll be so very grateful (and impressed!).

Mercedes Lackey - Valdemar series, request by vom-marlowe.

This is my childhood favorite and a comfort read. I would like Vanyel to have a happy relationship ending *while alive*, because I am sappy that way. I'd love an exploration of what would have happened if Tylendel didn't kill himself, for instance. While I enjoy the universe, it's the characters that make me happy. I would especially love (I can't believe I'm admitting, but this is Yuletide, so when else?) a highschool AU featuring Vanyel and his soul mate, with or without the shiny white horses.

Aristophanes - Lysistrata, request by kinetikatrue.

My prompt on this one is simple, but hopefully awesome: Rave Lysistrata! Tell me the story of how that plot would go down in a world of techno and drugs and dancing 'til dawn. What's Lysistrata fighting for? Who's getting in her way? And just how many sex jokes can you make in one yuletide story?

Enid Blyton: St Clare's, request by doyle.

I should say that I love, love, stories about girls' boarding schools, with all the trappings of that genre - midnight feasts and practical jokes on Mam'zelle and all that. I was torn between this fandom and Malory Towers and St Trinian's, and finally went for this because it's rarer. So whatever characters or plot you go for, it'd be great if they were still at school. Apart from that? Go mad. If you want to stick to canon and the style of the books, that's fine by me (something from the teachers' POV could be fun?), but if you want to veer off into crazy genre-crossing antics, I'm more than on board with that. Elder gods in the grounds! Ghosts in the attic! Someone finds a time machine! Plucky schoolgirls fending off velociraptor attack!

Note: my velociraptors-in-yuletide-requests count is up to five, and none of them are xkcd. Or Jurassic Park, actually. See below, in fact.

RPF Misc Actors (George Lazenby), request by aris_tgd.

I'd really love a story about George Lazenby fighting velociraptor-riding ninjas in space. Possibly involving lasers.

So, um, a little backstory.

If you don't know, George Lazenby is basically only known for being James Bond after Sean Connery left the franchise, for one movie which critics panned. But he was an accomplished martial artist, a male model, and had served in the Australian army. He races dirt bikes and was going to make movies with Bruce Lee. (If Lee hadn't died, George Lazenby's career would have been a lot different.)

So what I want is really a story that takes George the actor and sends him off on a wacky adventure. Not *necessarily* velociraptor-riding ninjas in space, but something that pulls in the fun and the craziness of the 1960s. I'm less interested in the details of his life or the actual work as an actor and more interested in crazy adventures.

My Little Pony, request by canis-m.

Stuff I love: You know how back in the '80s Hasbro eventually started making boy ponies, so that the little ponies could have little heteronormative pony families? I prefer a theory of Dream Valley as bucolic lesbian utopia whose denizens engage in pastel-colored non-explicit romance and reproduce by magical parthenogenesis.

Stuff I'd like: PONY FEMSLASH. DO IT DO IT DO IT. Or, you know, pegasus BFF having gen adventures together over the rainbow. The not even remotely gay rainbow. Pr0n in this case might break my brain, but...go where the wind takes you, I guess!

Listen you guys, somebody has to write this, and I don't know enough about My Little Pony for it to be me. PONY LESBIAN FEMINIST UTOPIA WITH PARTHENOGENESIS. I WANT THIS NOW TOO.

Also, the entirety of kiki-eng's Canadian Politics request, which is too large and picspammy for me to reproduce here.

Date: 2009-11-21 10:31 am (UTC)
cesare: a drawing of cesare borgia by you higuri (.cesare borgia)
From: [personal profile] cesare
To my shame, I have never read Mercedes Lackey.

She's basically written the same Valdemar trilogy about nine million times, plus some other stuff that also all gets pretty samey before long. :-/

But her Valdemar trilogy The Books Of The Last Herald-Mage (the series starring Vanyel) were the first genre books I read with a non-vampire gay hero, and I've heard other people say the same thing about them.

So I'm really glad you spotlit that request, because after Yuletide I'm going to check and see if anyone wrote her that high school AU. :D

Date: 2009-12-24 12:29 am (UTC)
executrix: (doughtykitty)
From: [personal profile] executrix
High school AUs are so much better with shiny white horses.

Date: 2009-11-21 12:05 pm (UTC)
anatsuno: (Hannah smokes ya)
From: [personal profile] anatsuno
These are so cool. Thanks for sharing with us! :))

Date: 2009-11-21 06:06 pm (UTC)
livrelibre: DW barcode (Default)
From: [personal profile] livrelibre
I'm glad I'm not the only one who's saving other people's yuletide letters. I have a lot of these bookmarked and can't believe I missed some of the others (Rave Lysistrata! What?! I'm so there.). I am sincerely hoping *someone* will write some of these because it must be done, like the call for rickrolling by steelneko!

Never Gonna Give You Up (music video)

(Rick Astley)

The universe is headed for certain doom, and only rickrolling can save it.

Never Gonna Give You Up is an 80s music video. If you've been on the internet, chances are that you've seen it at some point. :) Yes, you have been Rickrolled! This is probably the easiest by far of my four fandom choices. I'm just looking for a fun story. The video itself doesn't really have a plot, so you can wander as far away from it as you feel like, down any story path that interests you. Go crazy!

Date: 2009-11-21 06:09 pm (UTC)
livrelibre: DW barcode (Default)
From: [personal profile] livrelibre
Oh and

Web 2.0 Anthropomorphic : HOW had nobody requested this yet??? Tragic. I am forced to bite the bullet for you all.

My vision for the story you will write me is something about DW that could slot into the same universe as china_shop's Making Up Is Hard To Do. Especially if the DW character you create emphasizes the site's commitment to diversity. And it ends up being poly.

But really, the coolest thing about anthropomorfic is that you can go anywhere you want with it, and please do, and bring in as many characters as you'd like, and be as cracky and off-the-wall as you want, and basically have fun! I would prefer that if you can't say something nice about Dreamwidth, Journalfen, or Librarything, you don't say anything about them at all, because I love those sites beyond logic, but other than that, go wild.

Date: 2009-11-21 11:32 pm (UTC)
livrelibre: DW barcode (Default)
From: [personal profile] livrelibre
DW/LJ would be brilliant (beginning with DW deciding to leave to fulfill potential but never really breaking up with LJ; the sharing of friends and the exchange of patches, etc.). So would internal workings fic (FB applications moresome!).

Date: 2009-12-23 06:59 am (UTC)
mific: (Mandelbrot)
From: [personal profile] mific
Maybe they could have a threesome with AO3? The attractive and politically active newcomer?

Date: 2009-11-22 02:41 am (UTC)
toft: graphic design for the moon europa (Default)
From: [personal profile] toft
Ok, the George Lazenby one is the best thing I've ever seen. Also, the My Little Pony lesbian utopia.

Date: 2009-12-23 03:23 am (UTC)
oliviacirce: (Default)
From: [personal profile] oliviacirce
Oh my god! [personal profile] toft linked to this post, and I had to read about the magical utopian lesbian My Little Ponies, and it is SHEER GENIUS. is in fact so genius, that I emailed it to my mother, who worked for Hasbro in the '80s and headed up the My Little Pony development team. Now she lives in New Mexico in a lesbian utopia. I am not even kidding. /o\

Date: 2009-12-23 08:56 am (UTC)
bliumchik: (Default)
From: [personal profile] bliumchik
I love that maradao posted a still from the Total Eclipse... Literal Music Video in that post. That thing pretty much makes my day every time I watch it. Mullet with headliiiiights!


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