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I haven't read a whole bunch, but I have read a lot that I liked!

First, my two great yuletide stories:

The Outskirter's Quest, a lovely look at Bel travelling the Outskirts. Bel's so good at what she does, here, and the way she puts together clues and songs in the same way makes me go "yay!" It's a really lovely look at Bel on her own!

On This Shore of the World, an amazing little Motorcycle Diaries scene. It's a moment on the ferry, just an evening, that gets at their giant road trip and the way they're changed by their adventure. And it's got class critique, and this deep sense of devotion, and it made me go "...oh!" and "oh, Alberto!" when I read it yuletide morning. Also, Dark Agenda challenge FTW!

And then some Misc Other Stories, too! Usually I try to read methodically from a random letter, but this year it all went wrong and I've got a bunch of fandoms from all over the place. So this is recs, part one of, like, a bazillion. Indiana Jones, Leverage, Mad Men, Moon, Inuit Mythology, PSAs, Mythbusters, RPF NPR, Nero Wolfe, and Some Like it Hot recs!

Indiana Jones:

Respectfully Decline. Indy is invited to deliver a lecture at Crow Canyon. I kind of feel like this is an unofficial sequel to the McSweeney's story denying Indy tenure :)

Leverage! These stories have lots of Hardison and could meet the Dark Agenda challenge even if they're not tagged for it:

The Con Job. In which Hardison has to get Parker and Eliot all dressed up for a con at a scifi convention. Poor Hardison!

The Symbology of Orange Juice. Short, sweet, super adorable. It's totally Parker, Eliot, and Hardison as a found family, a bunch of weirdos who get along. Awww.

Mad Men:

Broken Alphabet, which is a really great look inside (season two?) Peggy's head. This is Peggy making herself fit in the world, modeling herself after Don, making sacrifices, feeling distant, and being really good at her job.


Periapsis. This is the Sam who is woken up at the end of the movie, all alone on the moon. It's a really lovely look at his isolation and what he does about it; I love it a lot.


High Tide, Sedna. This is the story of how Sedna becomes Sedna. It's dark and lyrical and interesting. (Trigger warning for really strongly implied sexual assault/rape in this story.)

Public Service Announcements:

map. It's lovely backstory extrapolated from a tiny little snippet of canon, so that it's all this future and past spiraling out from a hug. Awww.

RPF Mythbusters:

Sailors, Convicts, Scarlet Women, which is an adorable story about Jamie and Adam and Scottie not fitting in in their small-town high school, and hanging out together, and because sweet and awesome. Also there's a puppy.

Robots Need Love Too, which takes place in an elementary school IN SPACE. Jamie and Adam are adorable! And have behavioral problems! And robots! And an awesome Grant and Kari! It makes me go awww.

And Back Out, in which Adam, um, throws his back out. And Jamie is competent.


Wait Wait Don't Eat Me, which has spot-on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me voices and a zombie apocalypse. What more could you want?

Rex Stout - Nero Wolfe:

Dirge, which does really interesting things with the timelessness and continuity of the brownstone. And with Saul Panzer's POV. And with tailing as flirting, awww. (Note: this seems to be locked to people with AO3 accounts, which -- weird. But you can sign up for an invite and probably get one today or tomorrow.)

Dark Horse. Another Saul Panzer POV -- this time a nice bit of backstory, back when Wolfe was looking for a permanent assistant.

Some Like it Hot:

A Perfect Honeymoon, Daphne/Osgood. An interesting post-wedding genderqueer piece; Daphne thinks of hirself as both Daphne and Jerry. (I just wish it hadn't been tagged m/m, sigh. Also I wish that the AO3 had a better tag than "other" for genderqueer folks.)

I'm kind of sad about the loss of the most-frequent-commenter stat from the old archive. Not that I could ever be in the top ten by any stretch of the imagination, but because I always enjoyed boggling at how many more stories other people had already read!
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