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I haven't read a whole bunch, but I have read a lot that I liked!

First, my two great yuletide stories )

And then some Misc Other Stories, too! Usually I try to read methodically from a random letter, but this year it all went wrong and I've got a bunch of fandoms from all over the place. So this is recs, part one of, like, a bazillion. Indiana Jones, Leverage, Mad Men, Moon, Inuit Mythology, PSAs, Mythbusters, RPF NPR, Nero Wolfe, and Some Like it Hot recs below the cut )

I'm kind of sad about the loss of the most-frequent-commenter stat from the old archive. Not that I could ever be in the top ten by any stretch of the imagination, but because I always enjoyed boggling at how many more stories other people had already read!
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I love [personal profile] thingswithwings's new Mythbusters vid James Bondage so much, you guys. It's charming and lovely and hilarious and full of kink!

The vid is also a beautiful illustration of the show I'm watching, the show where they're always doing roleplay or painplay or obedience that's only tangentially related to the myth but they do anyway because it's fun. And then here's [personal profile] thingswithwings, picking all that up and putting it together into a lovely little package of how Jamie and Adam interact and how Mythbusters is awesome and kinky and adorable as a result! <3


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