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Some of these are things I've fixed, some of them aren't.

1. New VLC makes me go aaaaaaargh. Every time I start it up or open a new file, it tries to rebuild the font cache. And then it tries to rebuild the font cache some more. And it eventually plays the file, but first I have to wait and wait and wait. I have now read many, many threads over in the VLC forums, and what I have learned is that a) vlc help blames a corrupted font file somewhere, which, okay, but my font manager sees no such thing and I went and checked the font folder and I see no such thing and also ps vlc should not keep checking every time and b) vlc help says that it must be because I'm storing VLC on a network drive or don't have admin permissions (... um) and c) some helpful forum user says that affected people can turn off subtitles.

But I like subtitles.

Oh well, I hear good things about SMplayer. Perhaps it is time to switch.

(Especially since, in other computer annoyances, VLC has taken to responding to the keyboard commands for global computer volume. Bad VLC! No cookie! I have separate volume controls on purpose. And also SMPlayer remembers the place I paused an episode, and the volume and subtitle settings I was using, which is pretty awesome.)

2. So, okay, Helvetica Neue is a shitty web font in Firefox for Windows. (Maybe this is related to how it's not designed as a web font? Gee, maybe!) And yet a lot of pages call for Helvetica Neue as their first choice font (even though many users will not have Helvetica installed, and even though it is a shitty web font in Firefox for Windows), and then they specify font sizes in px rather than ems which makes it even worse, because Helvetica does not scale well, and then in firefox my display is amazingly difficult to read and I have to zoom in and in to find a readable size. So my old solution was to mostly keep Helvetica Neue uninstalled, and just use my font manager to reinstall it whenever I needed it for something else, but that's a pain.

Then I discovered the font replacer add-on. Now I can have Helvetica Neue installed on my system without wanting to rip out some web designers' font-family code. It is like magic. Magic that I shouldn't have to do, but there you go.

3. Websites that don't put a line break between paragraphs. Especially with lots of text. NARGH. I have so much trouble reading e.g. racialicious's link roundups, but readability has trouble parsing the unordered list format, and zap doesn't make bookmarklets for that. I have looked for other bookmarklets to add line breaks to lists, but my googlefu failed me. Anybody else have anything?

Date: 2010-08-28 05:43 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] chagrined
I had the same problem with VLC. I ended up uninstalling it and reinstalling an older version that didn't have that problem. It still works, and still has subtitles! I think right now I went with 1.0.5 which did the rebuilding font cache ~once~ so far the first time I used it, and hasn't done it since (yet), but we'll see, it may yet. Some ppl on a forum just said that was one where the problem didn't exist. But if this doesn't fix it I may just return to 0.9.9, back when there were NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. I have had 1.0.5 shut down on me a few times which was weird but idk if that's a Windows-7-related or 64-bit-related problem or what. But it started back up fine each time so I was like "meh whatever" so far.

#3: With Stylish, you could create a new script for that page (or all pages) and put ul li {margin-bottom: 1em !important;} in it? Tested & works on that racilicious page.

Date: 2010-09-11 08:31 pm (UTC)
gossymer: (* just ducky)
From: [personal profile] gossymer
Over the years there'd be times when VLC would start crashing on me so I finally went hunting for a serious alternative and located KMPlayer - even more customizable in some ways than VLC, haven't had issues with it. TBH it surpassedmy expectation and am definitely pleased :D


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