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So Festivids reveals were like ... a month ago, but I am slow to post about things. I said on twitter that I made two vids, but I actually made three:

the heart is a beating drum, a The Losers Aisha (Zoe Saldana) is awesome vid. This was my assignment, though I actually matched on a different fandom and had to give up on it after I had a series of hilarious and ridiculous problems. (Like, at one point a Dell repair guy accidentally snapped the only copy of one of the movies that Netflix owned.) Fortunately I'd figured out a backup idea early after getting my assignment, so I was good to go for this. This vid is partly me vidding one of the movies I wish The Losers had been - when I originally saw it, I felt like it was secretly three different movies trying to coexist in the same two hour space, and short-changing all three of those movies as a result. I wanted to vid Aisha's narrative arc, Aisha working on her own and then finding, and maybe even sort of trusting, this team, but the lack of footage for it was sometimes pretty frustrating. And I basically had to ignore one plot entirely to make this vid make sense - Rogue (Idris Elba) almost doesn't appear here because even though they have great scenes together, Rogue is mostly off in one of the other movies in The Losers having separate plots. Sorry Idris Elba!

Also, this is the vid for which [personal profile] thingswithwings made up the vidder's musical when I was trying to figure out how to fix a codec display problem in Premiere.

I also made two treats, both for t'wings:

more chaos theory, less failure, an Avengers: EMH T'Challa pwns ppl and also there is imperialism vid. This was ... one of those weird exchange situations, where I came up with the song and told t'wings about it back before assignments went out. And then I considered making it for the only other person who had asked for EMH ([personal profile] settiai) but I wasn't sure if it really matched her requests? And so then I wasn't sure if I should make it at all, but [personal profile] thingswithwings said I should make it for her. So I did. And she betaed it, because the surprise factor was kind of lost by then. But it was a ton of fun to make! I also used a bit of the BET Black Panther series, which is a mess, since it's a motion comic done for cheap. Also it's based on the Hudlin arc. But it was useful here because we rarely see the technology of Wakanda in EMH and because EMH is not really interested in animating armies. I considered doing some comics panels as well, but then I would never have been able to stop, so.

Anyway, it was convenient that I had told t'wings that I was doing that vid, because it let me keep the other EMH vid I made an actual secret! I clipped while I was clipping for "more chaos theory, less failure," and then vidded when t'wings was asleep or out walking the dog. Mostly what I learned is that it is hard to simultaneously try to make two different vids for the same fandom. And also that it's hard to never ever hum your vid song in front of your housemate. Anyway! The third vid is:

Touches You, an Avengers: EMH villains-nonconing-heroes vid. Once I thought of making a noncon vid to this poppy Mika song, I fell in love with the concept and found the whole thing delightful. Except for the part where I got really cranky that heroes in EMH often don't fight their own damn comics nemeses. For vidding purposes, the villains are fighting the wrong superheros all the time. Like. Zemo actually says "kneel and call me master" to Thor, Hank fights Klaw, and Clint and Thor take down The Leader. So frustrating! Not that there isn't still enough footage for many, many vids of this nature. [personal profile] chagrined betaed for me and patiently downloaded many drafts as I dithered.

And [personal profile] frayadjacent made the awesome Whale Rider vid Sons and Daughters for me! It's beautiful and totally made me tear up a little.


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