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Thank you for making me a vid in one of the small fandoms that we share! I want you to have fun and do Festivids however you want to do it, and if that means totally ignoring this that is fine by me. I like a lot of detail when I read letters, so that's how I write mine, but please don't feel obligated to read this all or to take any of this letter as a strict guideline - I like all kinds of vids (including critiques) and I like surprises and I like these sources, so you're pretty sure to make something I'll like.

General preferences: I'm pretty open! In terms of things people often worry about in exchanges, I'm fine with any rating, with outside source, with kink, with sex (one of my sources is porn, so), with noncon, with villainy, with comedy, with parody, with gen, with slash, with femslash, with het, with canon pairings, with non-canon pairings, with critiques, with hugs, with action, with violence, and with a bunch of other things I haven't thought of. I have a particular fondness for queer themes, for TEAMS and FOUND FAMILIES, for cyborgs, and for places and spaces being related to people and feelings, among other things.

The things I don't like list: I'm phobic about needles, so I would prefer no lingering close-ups of needle-like things penetrating flesh - probably only a concern for Sleep Dealer.

Music: I never really have strong ideas about music, so feel free to ignore any suggestions (where I could even come up with them) – they're just here for brainstorming purposes. I am happy to watch vids to all kinds of music - go with what works for you!

However! I'm hard of hearing in a way that makes it difficult to parse lyrics that are mumbly or obscured by the instrumentation (but I hear volume and instruments and melody just fine). I happily watch vids even when I can't hear the lyrics very well or at all, but it helps me a lot if I can read them after watching the vid for the first time. So I'd really appreciate it if you included lyrics in your post or if you offered subtitles.

1. Automata [movie, safety]

What it is: A near-future scifi slow apocalypse, staring Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, and a bunch of robots. Automata borrows a lot of scifi tropes, which some people find boring, but I think it builds something interesting with those same scifi bones. Something bleak, and strange, and somehow hopeful. Like Sleep Dealer, another one of my requests, this is a climate apocalypse. Content notes: depression, robot sex trafficking, systemic violence of capitalism.


Optional Details: I just saw this movie this year and it is AMAZING. It's the bleak slow apocalypse, with insurance agents and corporate hierarchy and depression, in which we find amazing robots.

I am mostly here for Cleo and I would love a Cleo-centric vid! But honestly all the robots are amaze; I'd like a vid about all of them or about their relationship with Jacq. I would love a vid about the way the robots find hope and the future together, faceless in the radioactive desert. I'd also enjoy a vid about Jacq - his depression, his uncertainty, his reaction to the violence, his lack of trust in his corporation and the way he finds that trust with the robots.

Music: Something bleak? Or something hopeful.

2. Black Panther [Still Image]

What it is: A long running (sorry!) set of comic books that feature the Black Panther (often but not always T'Challa) a superhero from a fictional African nation called Wakanda. He's a genius, a skilled fighter (in the jumpy acrobatic superhero school), a king, a spiritual leader, a scientist, an Avenger, a bazillionaire due to Wakanda's vibranium resources, and basically an all around amaze superhero. (For background, [ profile] tchallainthebathtub did a great T'Challa intro post with panels.)

A panel from Black Panther #5
[Image: A panel from Black Panther #5. T’Challa is riding a hover-scooter-thing; the Black Knight is attached to the scooter by a rope and is being pulled through the air.
T'Challa: You said your success was because god was on your side. Now that you’re losing, has god abandoned you?
Augustine: Blasphemer!
T'Challa: It was just a philosophical question.]

Details: Here's the thing: there is a ton of Black Panther, it's contradictory, people write him in all different ways, it's a mess. I love T'Challa so much, though, even (especially?) when he's being written as an asshole, that I don't even care.

I would love a vid about: T'Challa pwning other Avengers; T'Challa pwning everyone; T'Challa in Hell's Kitchen (T'Challa/Daredevil query?); T'Challa and Wakanda (and reactions to imperialism, and monarchy, and difficult choices, and being awesome); T'Challa/Ororo (though I hate the parts of that arc where Ororo has to be less awesome so that T'Challa can be more awesome than she is because hello Ororo); Shuri (<3<3 Shuri); T'Challa talking to his ancestors and what that means to him; or What Happens When You Invade Wakanda (spoilers: it does not end well for you).

I would love a vid about basically any arc in basically any volume. I was thinking of this as 616 Black Panther titles only, but if you want to pull from other comics / other media / other universes that is fine by me; if you want to narrow your source down to a mini or a single volume that's fine by me too. At the moment I'm really enjoying the Coates & Stelfreeze & Sprouse Black Panther, and if you want to do just the recent arc that would be awesome.

Music: I feel like music by African or African-diasporic people would work best for T'Challa. I keep thinking about some Jidenna songs, like Hail to the Chief or Classic Man, maybe because I just watched Luke Cage? Wakanda moves around a lot (thanks, Marvel) but seems to be mostly east or northeast African, so perhaps music from that region? Or basically any kind of pop, hip hop, rock, blues, etc.

3. Brother to Brother [movie, safety]

What it is: A 2004 queer indie film about Perry (Anthony Mackie), a black gay art student who just wants some intersectionality in his classes. He meets Bruce Nugent (Roger Robinson), a gay writer and painter in the Harlem Renaissance, and they talk about history and the present. Also Lawrence Gilliard Jr plays Perry's friend Marcus. Also, Anthony Mackie has a shower scene in a bathhouse, because the film is set in the early 80s (probably). Content notes: racism, gay bashing (from strangers and family), poverty, character death.


Details: I love this movie! To me, it's about queer legacies and about queering history: the way Perry finds himself in James Baldwin, in the beginning of the film, and Bruce Nugent and Bruce's friends towards the end of the film. I feel like the movie rejects the progressivist narrative at the center of a lot of gay histories - it doesn't get better - or at the very least just doesn't give any fucks about that narrative. Instead it's queer nostalgia, queer familiarity, queer stories that Bruce and Perry tell each other and write down and reenact. There's this moment in the film where one of Bruce's contemporaries steals his writing, and Bruce refuses to be bothered, rejects the ownership of ideas and the idea that his story is different from Wallace Thurman's - he is more interested in commonalities than in keeping his stories as singular possessions, and I feel like that is sort of a theme of the film, finding resonances in other people's queer stories. ALSO okay I am only human and Anthony Mackie is topless a LOT and Bruce and Wallace have makeouts and all of that is wonderful.

Music: I think some of the contemporary queer music - of Perry's time or of Bruce's - would be lovely! (Queer Music Heritage has some great shows on specific eras of queer music, if you're interested in that and want to find something.) But as always basically any music would be great!

4. Crash Pad series [DVD, web]

What it is: Porn! Queer porn with a large, diverse, rotating cast - the basic concept is that there's an awesome crash pad that is outfitted with all the lube/equipment/etc folks need for great sex and or kink; a bunch of different people have keys and meet up there or take their partners there. Some of it is available on DVD, but mostly only for purchase, not for rental; there's a membership level that includes the ability to download the episodes (USD $37/month). Also a few eps are available at the dw vidding source comm.


Details: I love this series - so many sexy people and diverse bodies and excellent makeouts and exploration and porn. The series is huge, so if you want some guidelines to pare it down to a more manageable canon, I'm particularly a fan of kink - all kinds, but common kinds on Crash Pad include leather, d/s, bondage, consensual nonconsent, and painplay, and they're usually flagged in episode descriptions. Off the top of my head, some of my favorite performers are Jiz Lee, J-Bird, Lyric Seal, Indigo, and Papi Coxx. I have not seen anywhere near all of the eps, and I don't know all the performers, but I'm a fan of the concept of the series overall and I won't mind at all if you cherry-pick your favorite performers or episodes, though I would appreciate it if your vid preserved the diversity of the Crash Pad cast.

Music: Anything?

5. Daughters of the Dragon [still image]

What it is: A terrific superhero duo! The Daughters of the Dragon are Misty Knight and Colleen Wing; they're both martial artists, and Misty has a bionic arm (reasons) and Colleen has enhanced strength and a sword (reasons). They are a street-level team, working together as private detectives, solving problems, fighting bad guys, supporting each other, being awesome. (I nominated this as the team rather than as the title because, confusingly, only one of their titles was called Daughters of the Dragon.)

A panel from Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
[Image: A panel from Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #32. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are face to face; Colleen is crying, and Misty’s hand is on Colleen’s cheek.
Misty: Hey, Colleen — hey. There’s no need to cry! It’s all over, baby, all over, an’ we won.
Colleen: I … know. It’s just that — everything that happened — to us … to you … I feel … I … oh, Hell, Misty — you know…
Misty: Yeah. I do know. I feel the same way. And I thank you for it.]

Details: I ship Misty/Colleen so hard. I love their power and their skills and their interest in helping people. I love Misty and Colleen back to back in an alley, trusting each other, and I love when they're suspicious of each other, and above all I love them roller-skating with Dazzler. There are a lot of their individual plot elements that I eyeroll at - like when Colleen gets forcefully addicted to heroin - but then they show me Misty rescuing Colleen and I do not even care about anything else. In terms of other folks who show up in Daughters of the Dragon pretty often, I find Danny Rand boring and don't care at all about Misty and Danny's canon relationship, but I love the Heroes for Hire cases and Luke Cage and the team hugs! Basically I am here for Misty and Colleen having each other's backs and smiling at each other and doing good things in whatever form that takes.

Music: Sorry, I can't think of anything! But in universe I would totally vid them to Dazzler :)

6. Different from the Others | Anders als die Andern 1919 [movie, safety]

What it is: A 1919 film about a relationship between two men, which took advantage of a moment in German history when films were not censored. Different from the Others was specifically written to speak to and about German anti-queer laws, especially Paragraph 175. Unfortunately, almost all copies were destroyed by the Nazis; the one remaining copy was recently restored (yay!). Content notes: homophobia, blackmail, government oppression of lgbt people, queer suicide.

Clips / discussion: (contains plot spoilers)

Details: I was so excited this year when I realized this film had been uploaded to youtube! I'd only seen bits of it before and I finally got to watch the whole thing. I find it such an interesting film - combining positive portrayals of queerness with narratives about queer suicide, and doing melodrama and advocacy at the same time. I'm usually a no-queer-films-with-death movie watcher, but when it's pro-queer propaganda it feels different to me than the standard straight ppl love to watch queer pain film tropes. This movie says: yes, but do you love to watch us in pain when you're the ones who caused it? Do you love to watch us in pain when you could change it?

I would love a vid about Korner and Sivers' relationship (and the difficulty people have with being differently out of the closet); a vid that takes this film at its word and turns it into propaganda; a vid about sadness and joy and art and living difficult lives; a vid about queer communities (the gay bar, the lecturers, finding queer friends in boarding school); a vid about Paragraph 175 or about the real world effects of government censorship on the film; or, honestly, a vid that just does the plot of the film but faster and without ninety second title screens.

Music: I know nothing at all about period-appropriate German music, but it might be fun to find out about it! Or something seriously over the top and dramatic for the melodrama, or sweet and loving for the romance?

7. The Get Down [tv]

What it is: A Netflix show about a group of teenagers in the Bronx in 1977 who are interested in various different art forms: hip-hop, disco, and graffiti. Producers include Baz Luhrman and Nas (who also does some of the songs), and Grandmaster Flash was one of the consultants.


Details: This show is just gorgeous! It would be so much fun to see a vid that uses these great visuals - I love the color and the movement of the show, but I also love the way it uses stock footage (and fake stock footage) to build a sense of the Bronx.

Some brainstormed possibilities: A Zeke/Shaolin and Zeke/Mylene or Zeke/Shaolin/Mylene vid - these three characters are the main heart of the show, and I would love to see some Zeke/Shaolin added to the textual Zeke/Mylene. Shaolin and Zeke are obviously so entertwined - they idolize each other for the skills that they don't have - and Zeke and Mylene are going in different musical directions but they clearly care deeply about each other. A vid about the two musical groups: Mylene, Shyrley, and Stefanée and Zeke, Shaolin, Dizzee, Boo-Boo, and Ra-Ra. They're making music together and having fun and and hanging out and a team(s) vid would be be great! A vid about magical realism and desire - Shaolin starts out in such a neat magical-realist introduction, and a lot of the visuals are doing interesting magical realist things. A vid about Papa Fuerte - ugh Jimmy Smits is just so good in this role, it's like he was born to wear polyester and try to do good things for his community while also making bad deals or breaking the law, he's complicated and doing his best and it's great. A Dizzee/Spoiler vid about their budding romance and the way they love each other's art and also about the club they go to together. A vid about Grandmaster Flash being sort of Yoda to all these kids who just want to do what he does. A vid about the way hip-hop plays with scifi, about the year being the right year to watch Star Wars, about MC Luke Skywalker Cage and the Imperial March and the Fantastic Four Plus One.

I'm not really interested in Fat Annie and the Les Inferno croud or in Ramon Cruz or in Jackie Moreno (though Giancarlo Esposito and Lillias White are amazing). I'm here for the kids and their dreams, not the people standing in their way. Basically any vid about the kids would be great!

Music: The Get Down comes with music of a really specific place and time period, and it would be fun to see a vid to some of that music. But it also might be fun to find something else that fits emotionally!

8. Sleep Dealer [movie, safety]

What it is: An awesome scifi movie set in the near future in Mexico and the USA; it deals with globalization, technology, immigration, cyborgs, and story-telling. The cyborg stuff is AMAZING. Content notes: war, violence, systemic violence of capitalism.


Details: Sleep Dealer is one of my favorite scifi films of the last decade - it's just so smart about globalization and war and bodies and the future. I love it to bits.

I would love a vid that revolved around Memo & Luz & Rudy and their complicated set of relationships, and how those relationships work around and within complicated class and national power structures. Or about them as an OT3 who go off to become revolutionaries! I'd also love a vid about the world of Sleep Dealer - the politics and the systems of oppression and the cyborg technology, the impenetrable borders of nations and the penetrable skins of people.

Music: I've been thinking about Mexican or Latinx-American border music recently, because of the way the film negotiates with borders - but other music, like political songs or songs about love or songs about water or whatever, would be fine by me.


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