Feb. 10th, 2007 12:40 am
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Thing that is confusing: Seeing someone post about Elizabeth and her view of morals and expedience, and then talk about how that contrasts with Jack... and only at the end realizing that that was Elizabeth SWANN and Jack SPARROW, not Weir and O'Neill. Ooops.

Thing that is good: Smoked salmon-corn chowder, with many potatoes. (Because I had many potatoes.) Also, it is made with unsweetened soy milk, which horrifies the purists but makes me happy. And it is nummy.

Thing that is hilarious: The episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? in season nine with Stephen Fry and the COOL people who know how the game works (his two episodes in season one were when they were still working out how the show worked on tv). Also he hosts a party quirks in one of the compilations for season nine. Hee! (The American version had "celebrities" like Richard Simmons. I'd rather celebrities like Stephen Fry.)

Thing that is annual: Today is the ... two hundred and fortyish anniversary of the Treaty of Paris, and the end of the Seven Years' War. Which means that today is the two hundred and somethingth anniversary of the day that France said "fine! whatever! you can have it!" and gave Canada to Great Britiain. We must celebrate the Treaty of Paris, because it led to such fabulous things as Paul Gross (speaking English!), Canadian television (in English! ... okay, I'm not gonna do that again), Callum Keith Rennie, the opportunity to pretend that British Columbia is another planet or possibly a Navajo site in the Southwest with aliens and bullshit plots, the RCMP, hockey, an inexplicable Smallville, Kansas with gigantic damns, Maritimes fiddling, k.d. lang, Leonard Cohen, the Headstones, Sandra Oh, Don McKellar, most of the really funny people on Whose Line Is It Anyway, and many other cool things as well. Of course, Canada also gives us Shania Twain and Celine Dion, so clearly the Treaty of Paris needed to be worded a little more carefully, but on the whole: Canadians? I'm glad I can talk to y'all without having to use my mangled French.


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