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During a conversation with [ profile] friede, I suddenly realized that all (on-deck) tech people really want to be ninjas. Possibly ninja assassins, even.

They'll climb walls to go in through a window rather than look for the keys, which are probably in their pockets. They prefer to wear all black, and claim they like it even under stage lighting. They get smug if they can do a scene change in half a second in no light, or if the can climb the ladders to the grid and change a filter while hanging upside down, or if they can paint hanging off a platform by one hand. It's practically a training program for ninja assassins.

*considers* Okay, maybe they really want to be the bastard love child of a ninja assassin and Macguyver. It says something about the personality of most techies that they believe as an article of faith that any problem can be fixed in the five minutes before curtain with duct tape, WD-40, or a Leatherman. (And the funny thing is, most problems usually can be.)
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I think I might be willing to do theatre again. I've added it to my interests, which I was thinking I wouldn't do. I've stopped denying that, even was I was over-worked and under-paid, I really enjoyed it.

As a hobby. That was my problem with everyone who wanted me to do a show or two in college; I don't like pro theatre. I don't like the training for pro theatre. I don't like the actors (mostly) and I don't like the directors (mostly). Both sets are pretentious and hate that you're in their way when you try to do your job. I don't like the way you're expected to do just one job and no-one appreciates you for it.

But there's a little, tiny community theatre maybe three blocks from our flat in Philadelphia, and I'm thinking of checking it out. I can paint, and sew, and build sets, and use power tools, and stage manage, and asm, and organize run crews. And I like to do lots of that at once. What's the fun in just being the stage floor painter when you can work in a community theater and attempt to work out set design for $200? Why should the fact that I can stage manage prevent me from running backstage and taking soda to my crew and fixing the broken trellis during intermission?

In a community theater, they actually appreciate people who know how to use jigsaws, reupholster a chair using a staplegun in three minutes, hand-hem velvet, change gels, and call cues. Golly. I could be unappreciated, work for free, garner remarkable bruises, and run around like a chicken with my head cut off when the feather duster prop goes missing three minutes before the show. Where else could I do that?


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