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I've been suspicious about the way tumblr blocking works for primary and secondary blogs for a while, and I just got a chance to test it with [personal profile] chagrined. Turns out it's a) massively fucked up and b) faaaaascinating. Many people have probably investigated this before, but I haven't seen it, so.

Basically, tumblr treats primary and secondary blogs as two separate accounts for the purposes of blocking. Which is ... reasonable in some ways? But leads to a totally broken functionality in others.

We both tested it using primary and secondary tumblrs, and every time we tested it, only the specific blocked tumblr was ignored. E.g. I ignored [personal profile] chagrined's primary, and could still see hir secondary in the tags, and ignored hir secondary, and could still see hir primary on my dash.

This is all very well and good if you use the ignore button the way I often do - "I don't want this person's spider posts in the black widow tag" - then, fine, just ignoring posts made by iheartspiders makes sense. But here's the catch: blocking/ignoring also makes my posts not show up on that user's dash and it prevents them from messaging me. But since tumblr treats primary and secondary accounts as separate, that reverse-blocking fails. There is no way to log in as my secondary account and block someone from there, so there is actually no way for me to remove my secondary account's posts from their dash. And depending on which of their accounts I ignore, they may still be able to message any of my accounts.

And since I can only follow/like/message from my primary account, if someone else blocks my secondary account that does absolutely nothing to my ability to follow/like/message - all it does is take my secondary blog's posts out of the tags and notes.

Which makes this weirdly varying blocking depending on whether you block a primary or secondary account. Like so:

I ignore a primary account: they can't see my primary's posts on their dash, but can still see my secondary's; I don't see their primary account's posts in the tags, but can still see their secondary account's posts; I don't see their notes, but can still see their secondary account's notes; there is no way for me to remove my secondary's posts from their dash. However, they can't ask either my primary or secondary account! The one and only place where tumblr treats those two accounts as the same! No, I don't know either. Reasons. I triple-checked because it was so weird. (And as a result can say that those asks do go into your inbox, they're just invisible, so if you un-ignore an account later, the old asks will be there, but with no new-message flag for a couple days. Suddenly, later, there will be a new message flag!)

I ignore a secondary account: they can still see my primary and secondary's posts on their dash; I don't see the secondary account's posts in the tags, but still see the primary account's posts; I don't see their secondary account's notes, but I can still see their primary account's notes and replies; they can still message either of my accounts from their primary account; there is no way for me to remove my secondary's posts from their dash.

some consequences )

We probably missed some possibilities in testing, and it's always plausible that one of us is affected by a weird tumblr bug, because who isn't. But it's pretty weird, isn't it?
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[personal profile] chagrined just posted an interesting poll about how people navigate tumblr, which reminded me that I wrote this post up like a month ago and never posted it. So!

A while ago, I wanted to un-ignore someone on tumblr that I'd added to the block (now ignore) list months and months ago. Because the block page wasn't paginated at the time, and only showed the last 100 people I'd blocked, the only way to do that was to un-block everyone until I finally made it back far enough. Since tumblr also has a bug where you can't un-block banned or deleted accounts, I knew eventually I'd hit a point where I couldn't go any further back - I'd be stuck with a page of 100 banned accounts - but I hoped I could make it back a couple months before that happened. (As it turned out, I couldn't even make it that far back, because of a separate tumblr bug which reduced the length of my block page to just 10 accounts at a time; that wasn't fixed until they finally decided to paginate. Oh, tumblr, why are you so broken.)

I wanted to re-block at least some of the accounts when I was done, so I started making a spreadsheet of which accounts I'd blocked and whether or not I wanted to continue to block them. I thought I might have to do this again in the future, if I ever needed to work backwards, and tumblr doesn't have a notes function, so since I already had that spreadsheet I started adding all the new people I blocked to it. As it turned out, this ended up being a kind of interesting spreadsheet full of Statistics About Tumblr, so I thought I would reproduce some of the numbers here! Obviously this is very idiosyncratic - it's, like, portrait of a person who is trigger-happy with the block button and sometimes regrets it later - plus it's very specific to the tags I track. But nonetheless, here are the numbers from the last 1000 accounts I blocked (some of whom I unblocked later).

An accidental and non-scientific study of tumblr accounts )

Also, I uploaded this spreadsheet with all the usernames blocked out except those of the spammers, in case anyone is curious about the numbers. Since I started writing this post I've added, like, another 150 accounts or so. Because the ignore button is awesome.

Oh, and I am [ profile] eruthrosish on tumblr, but I don't post/reblog anything using that account, I just follow people, because I'm not really interested in having conversations on tumblr. I do reblog to a secondary tumblr, [ profile] thingsfortwwings, which is for things [personal profile] thingswithwings might like and feeds an rss account on dw; mostly marvel, mostly fanart, some comics pages or movie stills, rarely gifs or videos. I try to tag for tumblr savior; thingsfortwwings tag list here.


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