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1. Things I hate: power outages. Especially power outages that were the result of a huge storm with big threatening clouds that made it dark inside even at six pm yesterday. Especially since I could find candles, but not matches, which required me to use one of [personal profile] thingswithwings lighters. And lighters are hard! They involve far too much thumb strength and all the bits are too small -- and as usual it took like ten tries to every one that made a flame, and then several attempts to manage to hold candle + lighter in the right positions. As a consequence, I dripped hot candle wax on my fingers, which reminds me a) that context is important for erotic/not erotic pain, b) that owww, drops from an inch are too close even for white paraffin, and c) that I somehow always manage to blister the knuckles I need to tape in order to type of COURSE. And I ran my hand under water and everything, geez.

2. So last night's Mythbusters (possibly 8x11? they need to have episode numbers on this show) is called "Top 25 Mythbusters Moments," and so I went "ugh, clip show" and nearly didn't watch it. Then I did anyway, because I didn't have anything else to watch tonight, and as it turned out I was glad that I had! Because it was pretty hilarious! Largely because it's not just a clip show -- they also do interviews, and some behind-the-scenes stuff, and some clips that haven't aired before. Plus the clips are very short, which makes it feel less clipshowy.

And I actually laughed out loud at a couple of points, so. Especially when Grant was doing Jamie's-moustache-in-various-situations.

Plus they do a segment on hilarious costumes, and a segment on how the Mythbusters producers always push their emotional buttons and weaknesses, and a segment on memetic mutation, and a segment on the ways in which Adam and Tory get hurt on the show.

3. [personal profile] chagrined and I were talking about [community profile] death_bingo, and agreeing that it has a great premise, and then zie mentioned the possibility of deathfic postage stamps. And proposed one. So I chat-spitballed it, and have included it below the cut because zie asked me to.

chagrined: altho now I think about and lol about
chagrined: postage stamps and single line extras
chagrined: would they, like

eruthros: I think they didn't do them

chagrined: try to think of a death for a SINGLE CHARACTER that combined everything?
chagrined: like, shot from a cannon, then stampeded by an elephant, then burned alive, then become a zombie?

eruthros: actually, I just went and looked
eruthros: and they ttly did do postage stamps
eruthros: soooo I guess the answer is yes

chagrined: haaaaaa
chagrined: like alternately I guess you could have FOUR DIFFERENT CHARACTERS all die different ways
chagrined: they are both kind of ridonkulous tho
chagrined: tho the first one would be super lulzy

eruthros: I would ttly read the shot from a cannon and stampeded by an elephant and buried alive and turned into a zombie fic
eruthros: it would happen in a circus
eruthros: like, okay, instead of running away to become a lawyer at Stanford

chagrined: hahaha

eruthros: Sam Winchester runs away to join the circus when he's fifteen

chagrined: it's true that could all happen at a circus! lol

eruthros: And he's trained by the Great Whatsit
eruthros: who gets fired out of a cannon and shit

chagrined: hahaha

eruthros: and is like, Sam, dude, you have a hard head, this is ttly the job for you!

chagrined: XD XD XD

eruthros: (after Sam has spent some months sweeping out lion cages and whatevs)

chagrined: his epic forehead is perfect for the job

eruthros: maybe the Great Whatsit has been talking to him about how to do it and then he gets INJURED so Sam must take his place so the SHOW CAN GO ON
eruthros: and after that sometimes when the Great Whatsit is bored or drunk or whatevs, Sam does his routine for him
eruthros: in addition to the sweeping-lion-cages job -- he thought he was going to get to be in a trapeze act when he ran away, but the circus was like haha NO
eruthros: SO ANYWAY

chagrined: lolol

eruthros: this one time
eruthros: something goes hilariously wrong
eruthros: the cannon's sides are weak and shatter with the explosion or whatevs

chagrined: lolol
chagrined: they didn't use enough duct tape in their cannon :x

eruthros: and although it shoots Sam across the ring into the safety trampoline thing
eruthros: it spooks the elephants who are waiting to go on
eruthros: and they run around the ring
eruthros: trumpeting wildly!
eruthros: and getting more and more spooked by all the people trying to stop them! and the screams of the audience!
eruthros: until finally, the LEAD ELEPHANT with the MOST AWESOME GLITTERY HEADDRESS
eruthros: knocks Sam off of the safety trampoline thing and onto the ground, where it steps on him!

chagrined: XD XD XD XD XD

eruthros: and then all the OTHER elephants running BEHIND the lead elephant ALSO step on him

chagrined: oh dear
chagrined: ahahahah

eruthros: and a couple of them poo in a panicked fashion
eruthros: thus burying Sam under the dirt-and-sawdust-and-poo floor


eruthros: of the circus arena

chagrined: I like it

eruthros: I read your thing at first as buried alive :)
eruthros: and I liked it better

chagrined: haha yeah I saw that

eruthros: AND THEN

chagrined: it works well, with the elephants

eruthros: the combination of hunter with weirdo powers + elephant dung + sawdust
eruthros: combines in the moment of Sam's death
eruthros: to turn him into an evil CIRCUS CLOWN ZOMBIE
eruthros: and he digs his way up and out of the sawdust

chagrined: ahahahahahaha

eruthros: and reveals his hideous circus clown zombie grin
eruthros: to the frightened audience

chagrined: I think this is the most beautiful postage stamp deathfic there could ever be

eruthros: who aren't sure if the whole thing is an ACT
eruthros: and applaud hesitantly
eruthros: and then Sam eats their brains.
eruthros: THE END.

chagrined: *SNORTS FOR REAL*

eruthros: tho seriously
eruthros: I think a circus clown zombie would be the scariest thing ever
eruthros: and I don't know why we haven't had that zombie film yet.

chagrined: didn't they go to a carnival or something in Zombieland? I never actually saw that yet but I think it was in the trailers

eruthros: hahaha that is my favorite kind of fannish production! the spinning-a-ridiculous-yarn type.
eruthros: I haven't seen it either

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