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Embarrassing admission: So I was showing [ profile] graycastle "The Gathering," the B5 pilot, the other day. (And wincing at Takashima constantly -- man, I always forget how stilted her delivery is.) And so then I sent her a link to the Lurker's Guide, because the Lurker's Guide is awesome.

... and then I ended up happily reading the episode analyses for all of season one. For, I don't know, maybe the tenth time. And these are episode notes that don't contain any plot summary. Just notes. (Bear in mind that I haven't watched season one for at least five-six years.) So there I am, reading about character backstory and analysis of why people do the jobs they do and going all "Oh, man, Londo's song!" and "oh, oh, the conversation at the end of Infection that is the only reason to watch the episode!" and whatever. It's kinda sad.

Also, we were talking, as one does, of those "when I totally hypothetically learn to vid..." ideas. (You know, when I'm going to vid Harry Potter fandom -- fandom, not canon -- to Ani's "As Is" with every verse from a different POV and Snape as the "as is." This would require all of the most sneering, hideous moments from the movies. Whee! Or, you know, when I'm totally going to vid Girlyman's "On the Air" for Lex. Or the Headstones doing "Cemetary for Buffy/Spike seasons six and seven. With an Angel flashback on the line "these kinda things deteriorate.")

I mentioned this Stephen Sondheim song, written for a movie instead of as part of a musical. A song that I still can't believe made it into a movie; I figure the MPAA was only listening to the chorus. I Never Do Anything Twice.

And I think it should totally be viddable, but I can't quite decide what. I mean: Harry Potter fandom? Because that would permit some AWESOME shot selection, especially *coughs* from PoA for the first verse. Except Harry Potter fandom does every vice at least twice. Probably ten, twelve, times. The archives probably even have a genre for it, too!

Or [ profile] graycastle suggested using Farscape source, but a kinda meta take on it, because they really would do absolutely anything once. (Also, as she pointed out, the "baron who came at my command / and proffered me a riding crop and chains" totally = Harvey.)

And, I mean, there's always SGA fandom: I could clip from the discovery channel for the first paragraph, and there would be dolphins! And penguins passing each other stones! But it's not really cracktastic enough.

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Date: 2007-06-06 11:26 pm (UTC)
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There's a movie of the Seven Percent Solution? Dude. Is it good?

And, um, have you considered a multi-fandom vid?

Date: 2007-06-06 11:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I haven't listened to the song yet (I am watching tv while on the internets, because I am that sort of person), but the file name indicates it's "Comedy Tonight" rather than "I Never Do Anything Twice."

Date: 2007-06-07 03:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
...incidentally, I am now of the opinion that it should be a (hypothetical) John/Harvey vid, because with the multitude of costumes and situations in which we saw Harvey, I'm pretty sure he can fill all the roles described in the song. and his mindfucking of Crichton truly was of the "I'll try anything once" variety.

OR, as above, a multifandom vid. OMG, it's a vid about fandom! We'll totally try bestiality at least once.

AND, there's a priest AU? where they're both priests? I've read Trin's AU where John's a priest and my eyeballs boiled in their sockets due to the hot wrongness, but BOTH of them? yikes.


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