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... now updated!. Not as fun as the Mayor's proclamation regarding sundaes, but still amusing. Oh, Ithaca.


Ithaca in the summer is not the same as Ithaca in the winter. I mean, basically the people who are left are adults and hippies (obviously those two categories overlap) and ten undergrads. Recently, I have seen...

... a round-shouldered man named Rodney with extremely poor social skills. [ profile] graycastle asked me, how did you know his name was Rodney? And I said, well, remember how I said, with extremely poor social skills? Yes. He walked up to me and immediately began asking me about my groceries. Did I like ginger beer? What was the best ginger beer? What was in my ginger beer? Was there anything bad for people in ginger beer? What if I made stirfry? What did I put in stirfry? What if I was having a party? Think Rodney McKay if he worked the prepared-foods section.

... Ithaca's (apparent) official Don't Get Heatstroke man. Me: walking from Gimme Coffee to downtown, hot day, a bit red-faced (stupid complexion). Middle-aged man approaches. "Hello!" he says. "Don't get heatsroke!" "... I won't," I say. "Excellent!" he says, pats me on the shoulder, and walks on by. I say "official" because he, or someone very like him, did the exact same thing to [ profile] graycastle the week before.

... nine teenagers hanging out on the commons. Possibly buskers, possibly runaways, possibly just hangin' out. One of them had a guitar, and in front of the case he'd placed a sign: "Parents killed by ninjas. Need money to learn kungfu." As I walked past, he started to play "Kung Fu Fighting" on his guitar.

... a woman wearing a sarong in that "please god don't" way. You know, they wrap around twice, right? Not for this woman, oh no, she'd tied a loose slipknot on her hip and was nearly falling out of the sarong. I noticed her because she was stopped on the side of the street across from me, shouting at a woman in a car. Who I hope was a friend of hers, because what she was shouting was... "I have poison ivy on my crotch! CROTCH RASH! And on my ASS! I have poison ivy IN MY ASSHOLE!" I hope this was, you know, an oversharey answer to "how are you?" rather than just ... random oversharing.

Date: 2007-06-26 04:39 pm (UTC)
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*dies laughing at the last lady*


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