Jun. 26th, 2007

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... now updated!. Not as fun as the Mayor's proclamation regarding sundaes, but still amusing. Oh, Ithaca.


Ithaca in the summer is not the same as Ithaca in the winter. I mean, basically the people who are left are adults and hippies (obviously those two categories overlap) and ten undergrads. Recently, I have seen...

... a round-shouldered man named Rodney with extremely poor social skills. [livejournal.com profile] graycastle asked me, how did you know his name was Rodney? And I said, well, remember how I said, with extremely poor social skills? Yes. He walked up to me and immediately began asking me about my groceries. Did I like ginger beer? What was the best ginger beer? What was in my ginger beer? Was there anything bad for people in ginger beer? What if I made stirfry? What did I put in stirfry? What if I was having a party? Think Rodney McKay if he worked the prepared-foods section.

... Ithaca's (apparent) official Don't Get Heatstroke man. Me: walking from Gimme Coffee to downtown, hot day, a bit red-faced (stupid complexion). Middle-aged man approaches. "Hello!" he says. "Don't get heatsroke!" "... I won't," I say. "Excellent!" he says, pats me on the shoulder, and walks on by. I say "official" because he, or someone very like him, did the exact same thing to [livejournal.com profile] graycastle the week before.

... nine teenagers hanging out on the commons. Possibly buskers, possibly runaways, possibly just hangin' out. One of them had a guitar, and in front of the case he'd placed a sign: "Parents killed by ninjas. Need money to learn kungfu." As I walked past, he started to play "Kung Fu Fighting" on his guitar.

... a woman wearing a sarong in that "please god don't" way. You know, they wrap around twice, right? Not for this woman, oh no, she'd tied a loose slipknot on her hip and was nearly falling out of the sarong. I noticed her because she was stopped on the side of the street across from me, shouting at a woman in a car. Who I hope was a friend of hers, because what she was shouting was... "I have poison ivy on my crotch! CROTCH RASH! And on my ASS! I have poison ivy IN MY ASSHOLE!" I hope this was, you know, an oversharey answer to "how are you?" rather than just ... random oversharing.


Jun. 26th, 2007 12:00 pm
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Me = at Syracuse Hancock International Airport. (I have always assumed the "international" part to be a joke. Welcome to Syracuse Hancock, home to ... three whole different airlines!)

It took me thirty-five minutes to check my bags. See, I'd gone and printed out my boarding pass in advance, which usually means you just walk up, flash it at people, and hand over your luggage. Not so at Syracuse and with US Airways, where we have no curbside check in and no dedicated line! You must stand in the line with all the people trying to change flight and all the people having problems with seating and glower impatiently at the man who's been at the counter since you got here, trying to change something about his flight... on July thirtieth. Then I spent half an hour in line at security. However, as it turns out, this was not a problem.

My flight was supposed to leave at 11:30. You may note that it is now 12:04. My connecting flight leaves Philadelphia at 2:05. No problem, right?

Except that the plane bain't here yet. It pushed off the gate at Philadelphia at 10:39. Didn't get into the air for an hour after that. Projected time of departure here now 12:50. Projected time of arrival in Philadelphia now 1:50. (Note: this is a lie, because at Philadelphia you are always required to taxi randomly around in circles for twenty minutes when landing. It's a rule.) Man at counter said "this may make connections tight. If your flight is leaving Philadelphia before two pm or earlier" (side note: what is earlier than before two pm?) "please come up to the counter." But apparently my fifteen minutes? Totally aok! I shouldn't bother them!


ETA:Apparently everything from Philadelphia to the West Coast is sold out. There is no seat anywhere. There is a list of ten standby flyers for every flight. I offered them SFO, Oakland, San Jose, even Sacramento. They can't even get me to their hubs in Phoenix or Las Vegas. So if I don't make my flight, I'm screwed. There is no seating anywhere.
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So since I freaked all you guys out, possibly, I thought I would call and let you know what happened. And this is what happened: We were even later than they said we would be, then it took us twenty minutes to get to our gate in Philadelphia, but I still might've made the plane, I almost might have made it, except for one small problem, which was, the door to our plane got stuck. Yes. And my flight was leaving from the gate right next to mine. I could see the plane out the window, but I couldn't get there, and we kept getting these messages: "the door to the plane will be open any minute now!" But... not so much. So I missed it, in total, by thirty seconds. But it worked out okay, because I booked it to customer service, and managed to score the very last seat to anywhere in the Bay Area open today. Somehow had canceled just before I got there. So I'm going to make it, and I don't have to sleep on the floor of the Philadelphia airport, and that is all I wanted you to know.


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