Jun. 29th, 2009


Jun. 29th, 2009 12:09 am
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And now they've lost my bag. Not in a "oh, drat, it didn't make the flight, we'll put it on the next flight" way, but in a "um, bag? you had a bag?" way.

The bag with all my scent- and skin-sensitive toiletries in it, because I can't get them here and prefer not to have my skin peel off.

The bag with my protein supplements in it, because it's hard to be a vegetarian here otherwise.

AND, not incidentally, the bag with my chocolate in it.

(And I guess, like, a change of clothes and things.)

I could cry, seriously, I can live on what was in my carry-ons (that's the point of a second carry-on with a change of clothes), but it's going to suck so much.

Oh please find my bag oh please.
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Is anyone in the U.S. or Canada awake and willing to call an 800 number for me? I ended up on two different airlines, and I've only been able to contact one of them regarding my lost bag -- KLM/Northwest's overseas number is being a pain in the ass.

If you'd be willing to spend ten minutes on hold, comment here and I'll pm you the information.

I'll probably be on the internet for the next two-ish hours, until just after 9 am EST.

ETA: Got some help, thanks!


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