Sep. 23rd, 2009 06:41 pm
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Lo, I am cranky today, because today I was waiting eagerly for reevaluation of my hands, and hoping to be able to take the brace off. (Immobilization sucks.) And instead, I have to use the brace for another week, I popped out two other joints typing yesterday, and I'm possibly going to be referred to a hand specialist more than an hour away in a city to which we have no bus service. (And I am, of course, car-less.)

Also now I am doing about forty-five minutes of hip pt to prevent dislocations, and my hips hurt. Owwww.

Also I read a book by one of my favorite gender theorists today, but it was crappy -- she hadn't figured out her audience and it was boring and patronizing and full of fail.

Also I got dust in my motherboard in the middle of nowhere and now I need a new one, which is covered under warranty but still irritating.

whine whine whine

But at least there is fic to reread! I am currently rereading A Deeper Season by lightgetsin (Vorkosigan-verse), because it is awesome and makes me go awww.

What are your favorite cranky-day stories to reread?


Jun. 29th, 2009 12:09 am
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And now they've lost my bag. Not in a "oh, drat, it didn't make the flight, we'll put it on the next flight" way, but in a "um, bag? you had a bag?" way.

The bag with all my scent- and skin-sensitive toiletries in it, because I can't get them here and prefer not to have my skin peel off.

The bag with my protein supplements in it, because it's hard to be a vegetarian here otherwise.

AND, not incidentally, the bag with my chocolate in it.

(And I guess, like, a change of clothes and things.)

I could cry, seriously, I can live on what was in my carry-ons (that's the point of a second carry-on with a change of clothes), but it's going to suck so much.

Oh please find my bag oh please.
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1. Star Trek recs!

First, two gen stories by [personal profile] laurajv. These aren't officially part of a series, but they are both part of [personal profile] laurajv working out the consequences of the movie. And she's just so good at conceptualizing Vulcans as alien, and at world-building the future as different, and the Federation as a group that doesn't really understand each other, that I just completely fell for both of these stories instantly. These are true stories; this is the Federation, after. They are: The Unveiled Secret and The Word for World Is--.

And What We Don't Talk About by [personal profile] ellen_fremedon. Spock/Uhura, after. I'm not as keen on the world-building here, but I think she's done a really great job of working out what the movie means to Spock, and the choices he has to make now.

2. And now for the whining: I was awakened this morning at six am by street work. Loud, loud street work, and the workers chatting with each other at high volume, and the backhoe scraping along the ground, and the hammers breaking up the asphalt. Which, okay, I could've used a posted warning on the street to let me know -- what if I'd had a car parked here? -- but it is road maintenance season, these things happen, whatever. BUT. THEY KNOCKED OUT MY WATER. SOMETIME BEFORE 6 AM.

Yes. I woke up this morning to discover that I had no water. And since I had no warning, I don't have any in buckets or pitchers anything. So I can't shower, or brush my teeth, or flush the toilet, or have anything to drink. THANKS ROAD MAINTENANCE GUYS I HATE YOU. How in hell did they knock my water out? They're just scraping the asphalt off!

ETA: OH WAIT. Now I have water back. It's BROWN. I nearly brushed my teeth with it, I was so excited. BROWN YOU GUYS. THAT IS NOT A GOOD SIGN.
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I have a new theory. It is:

International travel is like childbirth. Your brain makes you forget the labor pains or you'd never do it again.

Oh my GOD, you guys. So there was the standard waiting-in-line-at-airport, which I did at SFO. Delta is way organized an' all, but also waaaaay busy, and even at 4.30 am the lines are long. And icky. And long. And me sitting there going "oh, please let me have time to fill my water bottles and get a cup of coffee on the other side of security." (As it turned out: coffee yes, water no, as drinking fountain broken. Cruel world.)

And then, you know, six hours on an airplane. And then a transfer in JFK, where I nearly got bumped but then the Delta dude got distracted. (I wouldn't have minded being bumped; they were promising a good night's sleep at a hotel and four hundred Delta dollars, whatever those are.)

And then, of course, another ten hours on an airplane. Where I did not get a window seat as I'd specified, and was instead in an aisle, where it is harder to get solid sleep. And where they kept showing ads and things all night, bright flashing Delta logos and awfulness.

And all of the other things about international travel as well: long lines at passport control, being reminded that people can smoke everywhere here, and another ten hour bus ride ahead of me. (On which I at least get a window seat, yay!)

Oh, and that bus ride? I can't get on it until 10 pm. It's 12:20 now. I might actually go back to the airport, because it's just over a dollar to take the metro, and the airport has air conditioning. And free wifi.

Basically: the world is kinda spinny and I don't care for it.

Also: y'all should be on IM and say hi before I get to the middle of nowhere and vanish forever.


Feb. 24th, 2008 11:37 pm
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I went to bed about an hour ago, and woke up ten minutes ago, because I swear to god that my upstairs neighbor is doing the furniture-moving kind of spring cleaning. I'm afraid she's actually going to fall in through the ceiling, she's making such astonishing thump-clatters.

*grumpy* I don't want to get dressed enough to go tell her to stfu. Maybe she'll stop dropping desks filled with forks on the floor soon! Could be!

Le sigh

Jun. 9th, 2005 11:33 am
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So no tickets to Serenity for me again. I called the theater, and they said that they'd go on sale this evening. Then they went on sale five minutes later, and when I tried to buy them they were already sold out. I called the theater again, they confirmed the sold-outness, and said they'd sold out in about ten minutes because people were buying the maximum number allowed.

In a way it's good, because everyone I know with a car will be gone then. And I really have no desire to come back through twenty miles of industrial wasteland on the bus at 1 am on a weeknight. (Picky, I know.)

Here's hoping for July!
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Grrrrrr. Tinhats on list drive me bonkers.

Notjumpingin. Notjumpingin. Someone else will say what I would. I don't want to spend the whole day defending a position that should not have to be defended. Not jumping in. Really, really not.

Really, really not.

Well, maybe I'll just write a post just in case no-one else says these things. But I won't post it. Really. Really.

Oh, damn.
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Have not had dial tone since Sunday. Thus, have had no dial-up or dsl or ANYTHING. Now have dial tone again. World is good.

I never lost my dial tone in SC. And certainly not twice inside a month. Here, it's an option on the main menu for customer service. You're all "I have no dial tone." They're all "oh? Well, one of these days we'll get around to that." You say "But I thought we had this deal where I give you far too much money and you give me phone service." They say: "I don't recall the bit about phone service being in the contract..."


May. 4th, 2003 01:02 am
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Rebecca Riots is doing a pair of reunion shows in Berkeley this fall. September 4th and 5th and the Freight and Salvage. And I'll probably be 3000 miles away...

No matter how much you like a band, flying 3000 miles is probably a bit much.
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Can I just say how irked I was Monday night, when I was trying to only sort-of watch the news -- thirty seconds of news, five minutes of channel surfing, thirty seconds of news -- that the scifi channel had preempted the standard Monday night that is all Stargate SG-1, all the time, for friggin' Children of Dune?

I mean, please. Why do people think epic novels must of necessity be made into 27-hour long tv movies? And whose brilliant idea was it to do yet another version of a Dune novel? Because I really needed to channel surf past what looked like the same scene every five minutes, with people standing in the desert and looking intense. Whee.

I read the Dune novels in high school. They were kinda fun, but they didn't make me want to suddenly buy them all and see them on the big screen. I was all "Worms. Spice. Pain. Death. Bene Gesserit. Gotcha. Now, where's my next set of short stories by Ursula K. LeGuin?"

Also, I like Stargate, and I didn't get to see it much in its original run, because in my area it was in syndication at what seemed like a different time each weekend. Pfui.


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