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Jun. 9th, 2005 11:33 am
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So no tickets to Serenity for me again. I called the theater, and they said that they'd go on sale this evening. Then they went on sale five minutes later, and when I tried to buy them they were already sold out. I called the theater again, they confirmed the sold-outness, and said they'd sold out in about ten minutes because people were buying the maximum number allowed.

In a way it's good, because everyone I know with a car will be gone then. And I really have no desire to come back through twenty miles of industrial wasteland on the bus at 1 am on a weeknight. (Picky, I know.)

Here's hoping for July!
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Squee! And also: squee!

Universal has green-lighted the film based on Firefly. It's gonna be called Serenity. And it's gonna have almost everybody from the series in!

The only actors not confirmed are Alan Tudyk (Wash) and Ron Glass (Book). Which saddens me, but otoh it's early yet, and it's impressive that everyone else is confirmed, and it doesn't say that they are absolutely not going to be able to be in it. If that makes sense.

*goes back to work, but continues squeeing. quietly.*
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I was attempting to explain to someone why I was excited about Firefly on DVD, but basically I just bounced and went "oooh oooh" a lot.

So. Why I'm excited about Firefly on DVD:

Kaylee Kaylee Kaylee! Kaylee = adorable! She wears pink ruffles! She talks about ships at fancy parties! Well, party. She can't hold a grudge in the face of neat spare parts!

Mal = fabulous! Bitter! Yet fabulous!

Zoe = kickass! ass-kicking! She's the tough guy! A girl is the tough guy! And she says things like "big damn heroes, sir!" And she mocks Mal!

Wash = funny! he plays with dinosaurs! He loves Zoe! He says "a hoot!"

Inara = Space Whore! With silk and incense and sensual massage! And she kisses Kaylee! Eeeeee!

Simon = shiny-vest-wearing! Or at least that's what most people would say. Er, I mean, he's all soft-seeming and then he plans raids! And he gets all ironical at Mal! And he's all competent doctory!

River = crazy! she shoots people without looking! come on, you've got to admit that's cool!

Book = Mysterious past! He has a mysterious past and he kneecaps people because the Bible doesn't specifically prohibit kneecapping!

Jayne = ... ... ... ... Um. He's very... Jayne-like. Which means. Um. Damn. Well, I'm sure someone else can come up with something good to say.

And, and, and, there are lots of extras! There's commentary on basically every episode! And, and Joss Whedon singing the theme song! And, and, and a gag reel! And, and, and deleted scenes! And, and, and Kaylee and Inara and Mal and Zoe and Wash and Simon and River and Book and I guess Jayne too. The cast! The writing! The funny! The sad!

And right now the Firefly DVD set sales rank on amazon.com is 23. Take that, Fox!
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Wow. So [livejournal.com profile] sineala and I worked out this way to crossover Babylon 5 and Firefly, if one should desire to do so. It requires, of course, that the B5 be AU-ified (else how to explain the whole no aliens/ppgs/jumpgates of Firefly?) but this AU requires only the change of a single, tiny event. And that changes the entire B5 history. Like, ever moment of B5 history. Down to the political structures of non-human worlds. Down to the difference between the Earth being used up and the Earth as environmentally sound. Does that not rock?

This post is mostly just here to remind me to discuss this later.


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