Aug. 29th, 2011

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Okay! So I took the 1400+ nominations and cleaned them up and clarified and pointed some formulas at them to make a 1001 item long list without any duplicates. Here's the prospective long list, if you want to check it out and make sure your nominations are still there, or just look at the list, or check for typos, or tell me to change things, or anything else.

Due to the ~magic of spreadsheets~, this will turn into a poll that looks like these sample entries:

Die 13 1/2 Leben des Käpt'n Blaubär | The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear - Walter Moers (book)

Afraid of Americans - bionic (fanvid)

Age of Misrule series - Mark Chadbourn (book series - includes: World's End, Darkest Hour, Always Forever)

ARMS | Project ARMS | プロジェクトアームズ - Minagawa Ryouji and Nanatsuki Kyouichi (manga)

Some questions:

I was planning to just leave the things where a book and a series (e.g. "The Left Hand of Darkness" and "The Hainish Cycle"), or same-universe manga and anime, or whatever, were both nominated. Then I'd see what happens in the poll, and possibly put them back together on the short list. As a bonus, this way I don't have to figure out what's in the same universe/series for everything, just for the shorter list.

I wanted the titles of things to be consistent (not just because I like consistency - mostly for spreadsheet formula purposes), so regardless of how things were nominated, I flipped them around so that the original title or the rōmaji title came first and was the only thing in the first column. But I'm not sure if things should actually be listed that way - it's going to be a long poll with things listed alphabetically, and I don't want people to be unable to find stuff because it's listed under the least-commonly-used title.

Any thoughts on any of this are welcome!
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I'm considering doing Kaleidoscope this year - I've seen it linked around a lot, but just in case here are the basics:

It's a fanwork exchange for fandoms by chromatic creators featuring chromatic characters/people - there's more info in the official announcement post. And it's for all kinds of fanworks, vids and fic and art and icons and picspams and etc.

The good: I love a fanwork exchange! I love making something especially for someone else and getting something made especially for me. And I love the mods and the concept behind the exchange. And I really do need external pressure of some sort to actually post anything.

The bad: The schedule overlaps a lot with [community profile] kink_bingo's schedule - all of the busiest KB modding times are also the important kaleidoscope times. But that won't mean I'll have no free time! But it probably will mean that I'm cranky and kind of tired of fannish things. It might feel more irritating than fun when I'm looking at an assignment next month. So I don't know.

The difficult: Nominations! People only get to nominate three fandoms, and there are so many cool things not currently on the list, and how would I decide what I want to nominate. I haven't been thinking about doing any multi-fandom exchanges, so I don't have a ticky-able list of Cool Things I Would Nominate For X. It's all just exclamation marks. Sleep Dealer! I want fanworks in that universe so much! Especially if they contain cool speculative fiction or threesomes! Janelle Monáe's Metropolis/Archandroid universe! All the Samuel Delany, all of it! (Except I still haven't read Dhalgren, whoops.) Game fandoms! Whale Rider, which I asked for for yuletide one year, but maybe [personal profile] glass_icarus is going to nominate it! Etc.

Decisions are hard.


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