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Includes spoilers for Kindred parts I and II

So, as it turns out, I could explain to people in four words why I don't like Carson Beckett (Watsonian), or the way the SGA folks write him (Doylesian). Also, what is wrong with these writers. These are the words:

"Samantha." "Colonel." "Big man." That is how Carson addressed, in turn, the woman running the expedition who we have no evidence he met before this episode; the man he worked with for two years or more, and who he expected to come rescue him; and the (notice person of color) man who he knew for slightly less than a season. SAMANTHA. Nobody calls Sam Carter Samantha. It's rude and ridiculous for him to use a name for her that she doesn't use for herself, unless it's a nickname of long standing or whatever, but when there's no evidence that they met before? ARGH.

I mean, I have been irked by "love" and "lass" for seasons now -- "oh, but it's so sweet!" the writers seem to think -- but those three in a row was the best example I could have, I think. Because, how should Carson address those three people? Oh, as "Colonel," "Colonel," and "Ronon." Or as "Doctor Carter," "Sheppard," and "Ronon." But no. SAMANTHA. And don't even get me started on "big man."

Also, I had thought this was going to be an episode about Teyla, and about the team looking for her. Apparently, instead, it was an episode about Carson's man-pain. He had so much manpain that we had to do a long goodbye sequence! Even though every minute counted towards his death! And even though Teyla might've been dead somewhere!

Other things in random order:

1. Rodney shot a dude and was competent! And nobody made a big deal about it!

2. Seriously, Teyla as the pregnant woman chained to an table for experiments? And the writers thought this was a good idea why? And nobody told them, "um, maybe not?"

3. Halling is not only alive, he's also kinda hot. A little bit Chris Eccleston, now that he doesn't have the facial hair. Oh Halling! The writers haven't cared about you for four seasons, but it's nice to see you're still alive! And it's nice to see that Rodney recognizes Halling's voice, which means that Athosians weren't just sitting out on the mainland being ignored for all those seasons. Rodney and John went out there and surfed! Or something!

4. Ronon = the grief counselor of Atlantis. I stand by this statement! It is so true that it is the truest thing ever.

5. While I do kinda appreciate the idea that beginning-of-third-season-character's nightmare is Atlantis now, without Dr. Weir, and as well as David Hewlett did the scene in which the nightmare was revealed as such? I want this episode to NOT BE ABOUT CARSON. And instead to be about Teyla. Who was awesome and ripped my heart out.

6. This was actually a good opportunity to Sam to mention SG-1. I mean, the part where, when they found out Carson was a clone, she could've pulled Keller aside and said "we've had lots of problems with clones on Earth -- they tend to break down, lose their memories, be unformed, need constant supervision, whatever. Check him frequently, huh?"

Date: 2008-03-03 03:33 am (UTC)
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I wish I'd had a bottle of tequila before I watched this sucker. How much Carson-schmaltz can one fan be expected to take?

Date: 2008-03-03 12:37 pm (UTC)
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yeah man. I also like that, although he didn't call Keller anything at the end, the last thing he called her before this sequence was "love." in fact, I don't think he said her name once in the episode. *beats head against wall*

also you forgot about #2 how we were suddenly watching a 70s B scifi movie! With shiny clothes and high collars and beautiful (pregnant) women strapped to tables and Michael doing his evil evil evil explanation of how he only wants the best for her baby. And vials of green goop! perhaps with this footage and the footage of John looking like a Bond villain in Travelers, plus some other stuff, we can do a vid where SGA is 70s B scifi. Perhaps to "Science Fiction, Double Feature." :D

and, of course you know that I agree with you, but I take this space to say again: ARRRRRRGHHHHHH why do I have to watch TWO episodes, TWO where Carson dies and we're all really really really sad you guys, really sad, because we loved Carson! He totally had a purpose on the show and wasn't annoying and was sweet and kind and not a mad scientist at all, plus he is in no way responsible for thousands of deaths in Pegasus! I'm surprised there wasn't a bagpiper standing in the corner in that last scene.


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