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So yesterday I got together with [ profile] thingswithwings and watched all six episodes of SGA that I missed, what with being in the Middle of Nowhere. (It was ... kinda a slog, you guys, six episodes in a row. Especially since we got the vividcon vids in the middle of the day, thus necessitating some vid watching as well.)

So here is something I have observed about Woolsey. And John.

So we were watching the Ronon episode, in which Teyla has Angst about Motherhood, and Teyla asked Woolsey if he had kids. "No, but I had a Yorkie. My wife got him in the divorce," he said.

Me: *pauses tv* OMG, [ profile] thingswithwings, don't we know as much about Woolsey's personal life now as we know about John's?

And she looked thoughtful and tried to think of something. Really hard. And couldn't.

We were like, this is what we know about Woolsey's life:
1. Was married
2. Got a divorce
3. Had a Yorkie

And this is what we know about John's:
1. Was married
2. Got a divorce
3. Has a brother

I mean, sure, we know about John's military and work history, that he had this rescue in Afghanistan, whatever, but in terms of personal stuff... not so much.

And then we saw "The Shrine," and Woolsey started talking about his father's amnesia, and I said "wait, wait, we now know MORE about Woolsey's personal life than about John's!"

And in six episodes, too.

Oh, John Sheppard, you repressed weirdo.

Next in line: six episodes of Doctor Who. I'll get there! And then I can watch "Handlebars" and other Vividcon vids! It'll be awesome.

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You are right about Woolsey. That's frightening. Well, we do know a bit about his relationship with his dad, but he didn't actually tell anyone that; we had to see it.

Have you read [ profile] dr_dredd's "Kate Heightmeyer's Five Most Difficult Patients" ( Sheppard isn't actually one of them, but in passing Kate thinks about him and his "mild alexithymia". I had to look that one up: inability to talk about emotions, basically, if I've understood it correctly. I've learned a new word! And it so fits.


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