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SO, I woke up today with a cold and feeling all blech, so I have been drinking tea and watching TOS. Because I'd never seen "The Cage!" And because seeing the new movie reminded me of how much I enjoy old Trek, even (perhaps especially) when the aliens are dogs wearing horns. And thus, I would like to share with you a hilarious scene from "What Are Little Girls Made Of," aka "the one where Nurse Chapel gets to have snarky dialogue at her ex."

Oh, Kirk!

Yes, seriously. AND he plans to hit someone with it. See, he's running away from the android guy, and he has no weapons, so he breaks off a large, rough-edged pink stalactite. And looks hilarious, let me just say.

He seems pretty pleased with himself about it, actually:

And also, while I'm sharing random fannish pictures, I love Leverage a lot you guys. But at first, when I was watching it, I had a small problem with some Eliot-related double-vision. This is what I mean:

Here is Eliot, undercover in the pilot:

And here is my double-vision problem:

Now, intellectually I know that they don't really look alike. But our introduction to Eliot was all coffee-sipping geek with bad hair, and I kept imagining him as Daniel-ish. I'm mostly over it now! Mostly.


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