Jul. 4th, 2010 01:27 am
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Things that are making me happy right now:

1. The Racebending Revenge Challenge archive opened yesterday! I have only read two stories so far but I have a bunch open in tabs. Recs to come.

2. Every time I see someone make a caveated rec that warns for *isms or for potential ptsd triggers. I love that (my corner of) fandom(s) is a space where I can say "I love most of this movie, but it goes all Celluloid Closet with the queer childhood friend character" or "this was one of my favorite books when I was a kid, but be aware that it's a fantasy novel that characterizes evil as swarthy and often as from the south" or "I like the basic premise of this story, but there's a really ableist section in the middle."

3. I have watched a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds based on ... someone on the rlist's rec, and I am just completely charmed by Morgan and Garcia's phone-sex-styles phone calls. Had I but known about it when we were making the [community profile] kink_wiki!

Also I love the way that Morgan's style of profiling is all about embodiment and using and moving around the space. I like bodies, okay.

4. I have talked about Avatar with [personal profile] chagrined to the point that zie just watched the pilot yay! And sent me a hilariously awesome email about it! That was yesterday, and now zie's watching like 1x09 or something. :)

And I'm watching it again with T'wings, too. Which is great, because I wasn't paying all that much attention to the first several episodes the first time I watched it. I don't know if she's into it yet, but I hope that she'll like it because she was just talking about wanting new femslash fandoms. And there are so many awesome ladies on Avatar! :)

5. The garden! There are tomatoes and peas and lots and lots of beans that will be ready in just a couple more days. And chocolate mint, which I shall put in mojitos.

6. [personal profile] thingswithwings recent post some things to think about in this VVC discussion, which looks at the argument as a whole and makes a lot of points that I was really glad to see made.

Things that are mildly entertaining:

1. This is only a source of minor amusement, but. Has anyone else seen the new lj 404 message? Because it has a cgi-style Frank-the-goat who I swear is planning to eat the brains of anyone who types in the wrong url.

2. As point (2) above may indicate, I recently decided to reread Lord of the Rings as my five-minutes-of-familiar-reading-before-bed book. I haven't read it in several years, though I read it fairly frequently as a kid, and so now I find myself consistently startled by it. I first read LotR with my family, out loud, so in my head the barrowdowns scene goes on for ages and is very creepy; I read the first page of it a couple nights ago, turned to the next page, read a couple paragraphs, and then went "what? we're done? that's all?" (Also, I remembered the "swarthy" southerners, but I had forgotten how early and how consistently they're referenced as indicators of evil. Like, that there's a southerner at the inn in Bree.)

Things that are making me sad:

1. I wrote up a whole post about ways to make embedded video more accessible ... and then forgot I had it in semagic when I restarted the computer and lost it. I had talked about transcripts and paraphrasing and subtitles and lyrics and descriptive titles and warnings and everything. *frowny face*

2. -- out of spoons error -- redo from start -- (reference shamelessly stolen from someone who posted it under flock)
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