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1. I received my very first good brace in the mail yesterday -- unlike the ones I get from my doctor, this one actually fits and is lined with smooth fabric. It is like nine times more comfortable than the brace I was wearing this time yesterday. Also, it looks much more hacker!brace and much less like why-is-this-a-hideous-medical-blue? And then I slept in it and only woke up once.

2. I watched an episode of Spartacus and, listen, I just can't do it guys. I don't care how much Lucy Lawless makes out with chicks in it, I can't do it. If there are particularly kinky bits that I really ought to clip, I'd appreciate an "episode four, about halfway through" or something, because otherwise it's not happening.

Also, the blood is so amazingly fake that I kept thinking it was pomegranate juice. Or maybe cranberry. "Spartacus: Pomegranate Juice and Sand" doesn't have nearly the ring to it, though.

3. We had a minor SNOWPOCALYPSE here, and reacted as one should to all snowpocalypses: we went outside half an hour before the sun set and made a snowperson. And then, because we are a [personal profile] thingswithwings and a [personal profile] eruthros, we started to make another snowperson, and in fact a whole snowscene, and then it got dark so we had to come inside before we finished. But I'm sure that they will be completed tomorrow!

4. When I play in the snow, I consider hot chocolate to be my just reward. So! There was hot chocolate! And it was tasty.

All in all, a very satisfactory day!
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I'm back home! Over the last few days I have been:

1. sleeping in my comfy bed (well, as much as the jet lag will let me)

2. eating many meals made with lots of protein (how I ended up working somewhere with a cuisine that doesn't include tofu or tempeh or black beans or lentils or vegetarian protein I do not know)
2a. eating chocolate (I ran out of chocolate-from-home two and a half weeks ago)

3. wearing different clothes (they are ... different! it's exciting.)

4. chatting with [personal profile] thingswithwings IRL! (Having IRL conversations with someone about fandom! \o/)

5. hugging the internet close (I finally caught up on dw)

6. watching Leverage (oh OT3)

7. playing Super Mario Galaxy nostalgically (guys, there is going to be Super Mario Galaxy 2! In January! OMG AWESOME.)

8. working on a [community profile] kink_bingo story (begun in the middle of nowhere; turns out that when you write in hundred word increments in your five minutes of free time, you need to go back and put in a whole bunch of transitions)

So, in short, I am very happy to be home. And to see read all you guys! And to be able to comment on your posts and stuff! It is thrilling.
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1. So, you may think that the conservatives who miss the satire in Stephen Colbert are largely apocryphal, or that there can't possibly be many of them, because seriously, who could think that his speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner was supposed to be in praise of Bush? Well, three scientists at Ohio State University have done some research, and they looked at the reactions of 332 undergrads, and discovered that in point of fact there's a pretty significant correlation between identifying as "conservative" and feeling that Colbert is only pretending to be joking. And, interestingly, both conservatives and liberals say that Colbert is funny, but interpret the direction of the humor totally differently. ANYWAY, I have the pdf of this article -- it's on sendspace here.

2. If you like playing with color schemes, I find kuler kind of fun -- it's a bunch of created color schemes with handy RGB CMYK and hex codes attached, so you can play with color and find combinations of five pinks that are in the same tonal range. If, like me, you are hugely lazy, this is AWESOME.

3. If, like me, you are hugely lazy part II: red alt's I Like Your Colors application, which pulls hex codes for colors from html and css pages and groups them by value. If you look at my journal layout, in fact, and find the colors familiar, that's because I dug out the Celerity css page and popped it into the application -- I'm not thrilled by it, but they're soothing greens, and I was in a hurry trying to make it less orange and blue.

4. I had to pay for my new dw account by check, because paypal timed out on me a bunch of times and I gave up, which means I have only six icons! Until they get my check! This is sad and wrong.
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1. Waiting in line overnight for products or movies. I just don't get this. At all. I mean, I understand that it makes people happy an' all, but -- I waited in line for an hour and a half to see Star Wars episode one, and that was plenty for me. Is it the experience? Is it the camaraderie? I'd rather buy online and wait for delivery, or buy tickets with assigned seats (yay some theaters!), or wait a week. though waiting for SW Ep One was actually amusing because ... )

2. Why the Fourth Doctor essentially always wins favorite doctor contests. I mean, I can get why the First Doctor never wins (patronizing and yick), and why the Sixth Doctor never wins (omg ew the writing in those episodes ew). But I do not get why the Fourth Doctor is the fan favorite even of people who didn't see him as their childhood Doctor.

2a. Why people think RTD's series is really all about how he hates DW, how he hates companions, how he hates women and people of color and plots and fans and ... wtf.

3. Automated menus. "Automated menus simplify your access to our customer support service!"

Or... you end up doing what I did this morning. See, I wanted to change to a veggie meal, which involves phoning the airline.

Automated menu: We only need a little more information! Now, what is your reservation number?
Me, speaking slowly and clearly: Z N X W C 2
Automated menu: Got it! Was that ... D M X W T Q?
Me, speaking slowly and clearly: No!
Automated menu: Sorry! Let's try again. Because some letters are hard to tell apart, try saying common words after the letters, like "C as in Charlie." For numbers, say "the number three."
Me, speaking slowly and clearly and trying the NATO phonetic alphabet: Z as in Zulu, N as in November, X as in X-ray, W as in whiskey, C as in Charlie, the number 2.
Automated menu: Great, got it! Was that ... Z M X W T Q?
*repeat five more times, using different words*
Automated menu: Got it! Was that ... O P R T O R?
Me: How about ... I don't know my reservation number!
Automated menu: Sorry! Let's try again. Because some letters are hard to tell apart, try saying common words after the letters, like "C as in Charlie." For numbers, say "the number three."
Me: *cries into phone*

It took me a mere twenty-five minutes, but eventually I talked to a person. Who, inside five minutes, located my reservation, registered my veggie meal, changed my seats, affiliated my frequent-flyer number with my reservation, sent me a confirmation by email, etc. After twenty-five minutes of "because some letters are hard to tell apart..."

Five things

Apr. 6th, 2007 05:47 pm
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Five random things about me: fannish, personal, ridiculous, serious, all of the above

1. why reality tv is scarier than doctor who )

2. my flist and fandom analysis )

3. typing )

4. now redacted )

5. earworms )

Random links:
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have a new motto on their website: "defining San Francisco values since 1979." Ha! Also they are having an Easter party.
Other ways of updating Jane Austen: someone has vidded two versions of P&P to a Justin Timberlake song.
The most hilarious election day story of all time.
Apparently we make the gorges safe by ... rappelling down the sides and knocking off loose rocks. AHHH.
Geraldo Rivera doesn't take Bill O'Reilly's shit.
Commentary on the Sun op-ed suggesting Cheney should run for president.
A three minute preview for tomorrow's Doctor Who.

I have stolen this random links idea from [ profile] svendra, because if I don't stick unrelated things at the bottom of my posts, I fail to share the awesomeness that is Alanis Morissette doing "my humps" with everyone. I mean, I feel like all my random links don't deserve single posts, so then the only people who see them are the people who are on IM when I find them. (If you still haven't seen the Alanis video, it's here. Also awesome. SERIOUSLY.)
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*ponders [ profile] 50bookchallenge*

Would it be declasse of me to reveal that I've already read fifty books this year? Would it ruin the challenge? I hope not, because I'm going to do it anyway. The first ten are a direct copy from a post in January.

What I've Read )


Jan. 24th, 2005 12:52 pm
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Because [ profile] lysimache made me think of it, I present things I have read so far in 2005 )
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Am tired and tweaky. Very tweaky. No, even tweakier than that. Hence meme.

I have no idea where the original list is from, but I got the meme itself from [ profile] friede. I followed the meme back through many users before it dead-ended, and I still don't know where the original list is from. Such is the Way of the Meme, I suppose, but I'd like to know whose list of classic books this is. And whether it's supposed to be "best" classics or "most popular" literary works or what.

Oh, and before I forget -- I will probably be hustling to SC and back all in one day, this Saturday, although I also might return at the crack of dawn Sunday. I'm going down to see my cohort! The fabulous J. will just have finished his QEs, poor guy, so we're going to have lunch and then go hiking somewhere so he can remember that the sun exists. I hope to see [ profile] sineala too since she said she had Saturday free. Will anyone else have a moment or two?

classic books meme )


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