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Jun. 2nd, 2010 01:24 am
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*looks at time* *looks at remaining [community profile] kink_bingo card queue* *looks in general direction of [personal profile] thingswithwings who has been stuck in airports* *looks at hands* Yeah, so that's not happening tonight.

In unrelated content I wrote up earlier, I have remembered that I can put hard cooked eggs in salad when I don't want all my protein to be cheese and nuts. I have to rediscover salads every summer, and I've so far gone "oh, marinades!" and "oh, eggs! right!" By August I have usually figured out a routine, and then there aren't enough months of summer left. Eventually I will remember foods like "smoothies" and "cereal" and other warm-weather stuff.

And in other other news, I watched Going Postal and quite enjoyed it. spoilers for the book and movie, probably )


Oct. 20th, 2006 08:58 am
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Okay. So. There's going to be a Hogfather TV movie, yes? With Susan's white hair and Mr. Teatime and the whole shebang?

Well, RHI films finally got their website up. With pictures. And Terry Pratchett himself plays the Toymaker. And you can see him in costume in picture number 12, here. I totally wigged for a moment: "omg they trimmed his beard and sideburns!"
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Books, tigers, whatever.

Potential spoilers are under the cuts.

10. Thud!, Terry Pratchett. Read more... )

11. Memory, Lois McMaster Bujold. Read more... )

12. Komarr, Lois McMaster Bujold. Read more... )

13. Okay, this time I did take the whole Vorkosigan thing as far as Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold. Read more... )

14. Diplomatic Immunity, Lois McMaster Bujold. Read more... )

15. The Loch, Steven Alten. Read more... )

Also, on a book related note, this year the BEA is in Washington, D.C. the weekend of May 18-21. (This is Terribly Wrong, as the ABA convention/BEA should always be the last weekend in May or the first weekend in June. What's up with this mid-May weirdness?) Reed Expos, which runs the website, claims that more information will be available in February (from past experience, this appears to mean "April"), but registration is already available.

ETA: Okay, I said that without going to their website, and then I did, and then I snerked. Because... well, this is their logo this year:

And then their slogan is "this year, it's truly monumental."

Yes, I am twelve. TWELVE.
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*ponders [ profile] 50bookchallenge*

Would it be declasse of me to reveal that I've already read fifty books this year? Would it ruin the challenge? I hope not, because I'm going to do it anyway. The first ten are a direct copy from a post in January.

What I've Read )
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So I want to get PTerry's latest, Going Postal. But, irritatingly, I remain a Responsible Consumer Supporting Independent Bookstores, which is what happens when your family is in the book business. Which means that I cannot in good conscience buy it from, where it's $7 off. *sulks* So you kinda feel like, well, I'd better make the most of my indie-bookstore money -- and get it from, where they always offer new PTerry in a signed first edition for the first few weeks of release. Although I hate the American cover. And I hate the Brit cover, too -- what has happened to the cover art? -- so there's no point springing the extra dollars for a Brit edition.

And then you think well, the PTerry is $25. And free shipping only takes $50! And then you browse.

And then you stare a bit at the shopping cart and wonder how you hit $77.33, and what you're going to take out, or if you're going to pretend it's fine because books are sexy.

(But, okay, I've been nearly buying Report to the Men's Club and Other Stories ever since it came out, and I keep not quite buying it. And Miles Errant is way cheaper than buying all three of the Vorkosigan books. Mmm, omnibuses. And, and, supporting women who right sf/f. And also reading the stories. And then I keep nearly buying Stitch 'n Bitch, which is supposed to have really cool patterns, and maybe I could find neat things to do for Christmas. And [ profile] m_shell was all "oooh, Francesca Lia Block's Echo is on sale in hardback for only $6, and Nymph for only $10," and how can you pass that up? And, well. You get the idea. Browsing is Bad and Dangerous.)
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From [ profile] juniper200, an meme.

Meme instructions:
1. Go to
2. Sign in.
3. Go to your recommendations page. ("Hello, Your Name Here. Explore today's featured recommendations.")
4. Tell LJ what Amazon thinks you should buy. )
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Really, I'm impossibly codependent. I'm sitting here going "yes, yes, yes, but when will it be back?"

That's right, my laptop is In The Shop. Metaphorically speaking, of course, as it's more likely In Transit or On An Airplane or Dropped in a Vat of Boiling Acid Never To See Human Hands Again or something similar. I have crucial data backed up, of course, but still... laptop! Laptop not here! Laptop gone! And someone else is going to touch it! Clearly this is a horror that cannot be accepted.

Sadly, I must put up with it, as the connection of the AC adapter to the laptop itself was what is politely referred to as "loose." Meaning "sometimes I could maybe get power if I wiggled the plug and then held it right. there." And the battery only held a charge for 15 minutes. Between the two ... well. It was getting very frustrating. And I am a reasonable person. Really. So I took my laptop out of its safe case and gave it to some weird kid who wasn't even sure how to plug it in. And now it's gone.


And at work today, similar computer stuff going on. I have a terminal, see, not a real computer, so I can connect to a "desktop" via citrix or to accounting software via telnet. And I got in this morning to find that -- surprise suprise! -- neither connection was working. Helpdesk stories )

Oh, yes, computers are the wave of the future, whoo boy. I can see them improving my work ethic e'en as we speak.


At least my very productive work day left me enough time to bookmark one of my favorite quotes from Small Gods, one that really says something about PTerry to me.Pratchetty goodness )

Actually, Small Gods is the first first Pratchett I ever read. Loaned to me by [ profile] copperbadge. In return, I believe, for my copy of The League of Frightened Men, the second Nero Wolfe book, which I feel obligated to point out I never got back. *clears throat* A-hem.

And, okay, so there were like ten DW books before it, but SG came out in 1992. I was eleven. I think I'm doing pretty good in that I'd read every DW book before they were all published in the States. (Thanks for the loans, [ profile] copperbadge; really, it's okay, you can keep the Rex Stout.) I feel comfortable in my fannishness. *g*


In other Random News, that being all I'm doing today, Robert Heinlein's widow donated his personal library, including letters and manuscripts, to UCSC. And also funded a position to do research and organizing. How's that for weird?
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I found the most fabulous thing at Pegasus when I was in Berkeley yesterday for (yet another) optometrist appointment.

A copy of The Fifth Elephant. In hardback. Well, all right. But this one had a Josh Kirby cover -- unusual to see one of those in the U.S., especially in a used book store. So I took a look.

It's the first printing, Australian edition. And they were charging three dollars for it. Why? Because there's no price printed on the dust jacket, so they just went "whatever." I was very amused to see, right next to it, the hardback American edition of Night Watch -- for which they were charging nine dollars. New, this sells for thirty-nine dollars at Other Change of Hobbit in Berkeley; Night Watch (American) sells for twenty-four. So. Just sayin'.

I've never had an Australian edition of a PTerry before. British, yes. Australian, no. Woo!


I haven't been signed onto ICQ in a really long time. It's big, it's clunky, it's stupid. But since I'm using Trillian, I thought "well, I do have that one friend who never uses anything but ICQ..." and signed on.

Today, I got my very first ICQ junk message! It's been more than a week -- I don't know what was keeping people. Honestly. And it wasn't about XXX nude school girls underwater XXX either; it was about protecting your computer from Evil Hackers. Has ICQ changed this much?


The web page where I check on my tickets informs me that "weather is cooperating with airports." Jolly good, that. No compromise possible on this issue. So glad weather decided to cooperate; avoided unnecessary mess, with warrants and whatnot, by coming quietly.

I've always found that phrase amusing. More so when the object is "airports."


I wonder what it would be like to be one of those enviable people who have 20/20 vision throughout their entire lives. What's it like to be able to see the instant you wake up, before groping for glasses? What's it like to always see the world with the clarity of a new prescription? Do you even see it that clearly, or is it not as noteworthy? When I get a new prescription (new contacts last week, new glasses yesterday) I notice everything again. Space seems different somehow. I've had glasses since I was, like, two years old, so it's just ... a weird thought.


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