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One of my Childhood Bookstores is The Other Change of Hobbit, a Berkeley institution since the week Star Wars opened in 1977. It's a tiny, tiny little store, filled with sf/f, and anime, and mysteries, and quite possibly the only place in the East Bay where you can find E.E. "Doc" Smith and Burroughs and all those other Historical Folks. Most of my History of SF/F reading comes from OCoH.

And one of the only places in the Bay Area where you can walk in and say "okay, look, I read this short story when I was a kid, in a collection designed for kids with a pink elephant on the cover, and it was about this evil alien that's telepathic and disappeared when people didn't believe in it." And they'll say ... well, what they'll actually say is "talk to Dave at the back counter," but Dave will say "That's a Niven story, first printed in '73, currently collected in Limits, which we have used." Or whatever.

Anyway, OCoH (like many indie bookstores) has a Store Cat. Her name is Shagrat, after the orc who commands Cirith Ungol and captures Frodo at the end of book 4. She's gray and fuzzy and not at all like an orc; she curls up on the Sandman graphic novels or in the front window and is completely pettable. And she's been through a lot -- she's survived cancer and massive surgery after a hit-and-run and all sorts of things. But she just got diagnosed with inoperable malignant carcinoma. And so they took her back "home," to the store, and put to sleep. *sniffles* Goodbye, Shagrat.
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So I want to get PTerry's latest, Going Postal. But, irritatingly, I remain a Responsible Consumer Supporting Independent Bookstores, which is what happens when your family is in the book business. Which means that I cannot in good conscience buy it from amazon.com, where it's $7 off. *sulks* So you kinda feel like, well, I'd better make the most of my indie-bookstore money -- and get it from powells.com, where they always offer new PTerry in a signed first edition for the first few weeks of release. Although I hate the American cover. And I hate the Brit cover, too -- what has happened to the cover art? -- so there's no point springing the extra dollars for a Brit edition.

And then you think well, the PTerry is $25. And free shipping only takes $50! And then you browse.

And then you stare a bit at the shopping cart and wonder how you hit $77.33, and what you're going to take out, or if you're going to pretend it's fine because books are sexy.

(But, okay, I've been nearly buying Report to the Men's Club and Other Stories ever since it came out, and I keep not quite buying it. And Miles Errant is way cheaper than buying all three of the Vorkosigan books. Mmm, omnibuses. And, and, supporting women who right sf/f. And also reading the stories. And then I keep nearly buying Stitch 'n Bitch, which is supposed to have really cool patterns, and maybe I could find neat things to do for Christmas. And [livejournal.com profile] m_shell was all "oooh, Francesca Lia Block's Echo is on sale in hardback for only $6, and Nymph for only $10," and how can you pass that up? And, well. You get the idea. Browsing is Bad and Dangerous.)
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Million Dollar Idea for the day: See, I was talking about my sorta-back-of-my-mind desire to vid Buffy/Spike to the Headstones "Cemetery" -- because I'm just so sick of gooey -- and then started talking about other Headstones songs.

So. Brilliant idea of the day: a compilation album titled "Songs For Kicking Things" (a la "Songs for Romance" or whatever). Kicking off with the Headstones "Fuck You," because that's really up there. And then some other stuff too. *waves hand negligently* Really, the songs don't matter so much as the cover with that kind of compilation.


Also, having just returned, I'm slowly going through my email... including the vidders list. Thus, I have just downloaded and watched Killa and Laura Shapiro's latest, and have fallen in love. Someday I'll be able to say more than "Scully. And. Wow. I mean. Because. Scully and... the sand. And. Wow."

Plus I've got all of these fabulous links to Vividcon vids from [livejournal.com profile] morgandawn's kick-ass reports and yay! I have so much new stuff to watch and poke at and decide if I like and yay! I mean. All this stuff I missed from the summer, plus all the stuff I missed because I just didn't see it announced or know the vidder. Look! [livejournal.com profile] mpoetess doing a Buffy/Faith, Giles/Ethan vid to Ghost! An Indiana Jones vid! Merry doing a Smallville vid! And [livejournal.com profile] gwyn_r has three new vids! *looks at vid reports* I have many happy days ahead. Whee! (Well, except I'm probably not allowed to download more vids until I clean up my downloaded vid playlist by filing the ones I like and trashing the ones I don't. *eyes playlist* *eyes temp folder* eeesh.)

I actually found two of the new Firefly vids practically the day after I got back. Let's just ignore what that says about me, yes? (But Here's Luck doing a FF vid! And Luminosity doing a FF vid!)

It's probably pretty sad that I really missed my vids in the middle of nowhere, huh?


In happy news: Carol Emshwiller is getting published in mass market paperback! YAY! Someone thinks she can kick some serious mass-market ass!

See, Carol Emshwiller is one of the most fabulous writers ever. Ever. And I try to recommend her to people, but they've never heard of her or can't find her or whatever. And now The Mount is coming out in MMPB! Published by Puffin Books! CAROL EMSHWILLER IS GETTING HER FIRST MMPB! I had despaired of her ever getting the recognition she deserves. Plus, her best novel, Carmen Dog, which has been out of print basically as long as ... well, as long as Mercury House has been in the hands of the new editor, is being reprinted in trade pb by Small Beer Press's Peapod Classics imprint (which published The Mount as a trade pb). Even better, it's coming out this November -- as a Christmas book.

Carmen Dog can be used in classes again, just like Ursula K. LeGuin wanted. I can recommend it to people without having to lend them my copy. *happy sigh*

What's even better is that I learned this in Other Change of Hobbit which, as Dave the owner says, survived via a "minor miracle." When I left, they were still employing irritating huffy people who looked at you very "you don't know that?" when you asked them questions, and they were positive that they were going out of business in July. But they're still there, they think they're going to hang on until Christmas at least, and they've replaced Irritating Huffy Guys 1 and 2 with the fellow who worked there when I was going in in high school -- he's got flyaway hair and is going bald and knows the answer to every question ("I read a short story with this plot. Who wrote it?" "That was in Astounding in 1953 but it's been reprinted in World's Best Science Fiction 6.") and is happy and friendly when he answers. He's the guy who will answer you in the same tone of voice, regardless of if you ask "hey, do you have Report to the Men's Club and Other Stories?" or "hey, do you know if Bruce Boxleitner's written a sequel to his fabulous novel?" or "where will I find the Liaden novels?" He rocks. (I thought of Bruce Boxleitner because I just picked up his novel for fifty cents at the library booksale. It looks like utter crap, but fifty cents!) So I spent more money than I should have, by which I mean I bought two whole mmpbs, because I was really cheered both by the change in the place, and by its continued presence in Berkeley. Woot!

Also while in Berkeley, I continued my Comparative Blended Mocha quest by getting one at Peets instead of my favorite place (Java City, which is ugly but does real blended mochas). And that was depressing, as it basically tastes like a frappucino. I mean, it's chemically and doesn't seem to involve real espresso. And they can't make it non-dairy as it's a mix with a dairy-based thickener. So I'm very disappointed in Peets. If there's no real espresso, I'm just incredibly bitter. I'll stick to the two independents -- Java City, with both bubble tea AND fabulous bread AND blended mochas made with fresh-we-just-made-it-espresso, and Berkeley Espresso, which has free wireless net and real blended mochas with ditto espresso. So nyah to Peets.


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