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1. So, you may think that the conservatives who miss the satire in Stephen Colbert are largely apocryphal, or that there can't possibly be many of them, because seriously, who could think that his speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner was supposed to be in praise of Bush? Well, three scientists at Ohio State University have done some research, and they looked at the reactions of 332 undergrads, and discovered that in point of fact there's a pretty significant correlation between identifying as "conservative" and feeling that Colbert is only pretending to be joking. And, interestingly, both conservatives and liberals say that Colbert is funny, but interpret the direction of the humor totally differently. ANYWAY, I have the pdf of this article -- it's on sendspace here.

2. If you like playing with color schemes, I find kuler kind of fun -- it's a bunch of created color schemes with handy RGB CMYK and hex codes attached, so you can play with color and find combinations of five pinks that are in the same tonal range. If, like me, you are hugely lazy, this is AWESOME.

3. If, like me, you are hugely lazy part II: red alt's I Like Your Colors application, which pulls hex codes for colors from html and css pages and groups them by value. If you look at my journal layout, in fact, and find the colors familiar, that's because I dug out the Celerity css page and popped it into the application -- I'm not thrilled by it, but they're soothing greens, and I was in a hurry trying to make it less orange and blue.

4. I had to pay for my new dw account by check, because paypal timed out on me a bunch of times and I gave up, which means I have only six icons! Until they get my check! This is sad and wrong.
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If you, like me, find dreamwidth's zesty style unpleasant to read, you might be interested in a dreamwidth-specific style=mine bookmarklet. There's the style=mine text up on the navigation bar, but I often scroll halfway down a page before realizing that if the story is that long, I really need a different style now -- this is easier for me than scrolling up and scrolling back down again.

If you have the same behaviors, make a bookmark and put this in the location field:


After you save, hitting it should do your reload.


Also, if you are not a fan of the current styles, there's a new style -- transmogrified -- which permits more color change.

Or there's this really easy to follow style import guide. It took me about five minutes, and I find styles really confusing, so!

And, there's even a new site scheme for vertical-scheme folks, which you can switch to at the display section of your manage account page. I don't like the fonts much, as one of them is unattractive and the other forces a lot of white space at the top of my display, but I like the colors and I have been using Vertigo on lj so I'm used to the vertical-scheme layout.
eruthros: Wizard of Oz: Dorothy in black and white, text "rainbow" in rainbow colors (Dorothy singing rainbow)
Hex codes and RGB values for all 120 Crayola crayons. Seriously. If you want to use "burnt sienna" now that you know what sienna is? EA7E5D. Missing the odd yellow-green that is Inch Worm? B2EC5D.

This is like the perfect combination of childhood nostalgia (with bonus photos of crayons!) and design geek. I love it.



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